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A Run on the Bank

We live in a factional reserve banking world, where only a fraction of the money that is created exists as cash. All the money from your paycheck gets deposited as numbers in a bank account, backed by cash, allegedly. You can withdraw cash from your account, and even take out all the money. The problem is if everyone wants to […]

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Shooting Ourselves in the Foot by Leading with a Carrot

Many people, from employers to employees, believe in the extrinsic motivation of rewards to get people interested in something. This is despite evidence showing the opposite is true. source, sourceMany people think money is most important, or that other people think money is most important, so they try to lead people with a carrot to get them interested in doing […]

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Capital to Capitalism? Mind Control Through a False Proxy

Words. They shape our perceptual reality. Capital (etymology link) from Latin capitalis “of the head,” hence “capital, chief, first,” from caput (genitive capitis) “head”, from PIE *kaput- “head”. Meaning “main, principal, chief, dominant, most important” is from early 15c. What does “capital” (chief, first, principal, most important, etc.) have to do with “capital”-ism? Why use the word “capitalism” to define […]

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