“Don’t Tell Me I’m Immoral!”

You want me to stop talking about the Truth and Morality because you don’t want me to? Well I don’t want you to be engaging in creating evil and immorality, but you don’t seem to care about that, and your actions that create harm are wrong while my speech action to speak Truth and Morality into existence for others to hear, is not wrong but is right. You are wrong, I am right. Yet you won’t listen to me talking about right, good and morality, and you want me to listen to you telling me to shut up? Fuck you! If you want me to stop telling you about the wrong you are doing, the errors and evil you are creating, then stop doing it like I say you need to, and then you won’t hear me bother you about your immorality anymore, because you won’t be doing it anymore! Period. If you want me to not ask you to stop doing evil, then I need you to stop doing the evil. You want me to stop calling you out on your bullshit while you don’t give a shit to change and stop doing harm? You are a coward!