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I have more left-brain leaning capabilities well developed, but the right-brain modalities of consciousness are also functioning well, such as holistic thinking, pattern recognition, creative thought, imagination, care, compassion, empathy, conscience, morality, etc. My assessment, analysis and diagnosis of the popularized form of “meditation” is primarily based on indirect secondary experience and logical imagination to envision the reality of others experience, as described and based on the primary experience they have expressed. I have only touched lightly in altered “meditation” many years ago, and felt the feel-good, calming, relaxation high, the best I have ever felt in my life in terms of being at peace and relaxed. No drug has ever been like that. I have not returned to it as the purpose did not seem high enough in my priorities, I wanted to expand my awareness of waking reality that we live in, on the ground. I had other priorities to focus my active conscious awareness upon to evolve consciousness, which is what I call primary true meditation, contemplation, reflection, active in the development of intelligence and evolving consciousness through psychological shadow inner-work and the de-occulting of the reality we actually live in (not another dimension or realm). This will be shown in the etymology later. Inner-peace, feel-good, calm stillness, etc., is not a focus for me, as I don’t have that much stress, turmoil or interference to deal with. For those in inner turmoil, or mental interference, the draw of secondary altered “meditation” to alleviate this unease can develop into an attachment through dependence in its calming effect. If you already consciously manage your life-turmoil, energy level, or interference, you do not need altered forms of “meditation” to take you out of hyper activity, hyper tension, stress, depression, worry, etc.

You can dismiss the capabilities of consciousness I have evolved to understand altered “meditation” simply because I do not “meditate” your way every day, which is your choice to ignore the understanding I have gained through indirect experience. Many of the things we learn about is through secondary indirect experience, through television, movies, books, art, etc. We can speak of wars accurately, their evil, their manipulation, their deceptions, yet never having been in one. We can speak of the conception of government and its wrongs, yet never having worked in one. We can speak of the evils of slavery yet never having been an overt slave. We can speak of many things we have not done ourselves, because we, as humans, have abstract capabilities in mind to understand things and experience them in a secondary imaginative capacity of the realm of mind, the inner world we can create. I have developed my skills to discern reality through dedication and effort to uncover the cognitive distortions and mind control that prevent me from accurate perception. I am able to describe an understanding of altered “meditation” as a result of knowing what it does and what purpose it serves in its use, as described by others who have used it more than myself. We have amazing mental powers, and can come to understand things deeply while never having directly experienced what others describe to us from their own experience and conceptions.

I can learn about a subject, as experienced by others, and understand what a thing is. I can understand what something is described to be, what others say about it, what they use it for, etc. I can do this for “meditation”. I will present information on meditation. Anyone can learn about other people’s conceptions if they want to learn about it, it only takes time to read, contemplate and understand what this concept of popular secondary “meditation” involves. People have expressed what they view as “meditation”, and what it does for them, why they use it, etc. I will be describing what people view as their forms of “meditation” they engage in, and how useful this actually is in the evolution of consciousness, in developing intelligence, morality, psychological integrity, and so-called “spirituality”. I judge things for myself, and the people describing “meditation” choose to represent their particular form of “meditation” and why they use it. Judge for yourself whether my analysis is accurate or not.

Anything can be demonstrated by those already doing it. They represent what they are doing. Meditators represent the effectiveness of their particular form of “meditation”. For altered “meditation”, when I look to see its benefits and what it provides, I look to what other people have to say about it, and what it has done for them, to them, and how they act and think about things as a result of their form of “meditation” being engaged in.


Descriptions of “Meditation”

Wikipedia refers to various forms of “meditation” and its purpose in general, such as healing, feeling-good, calming, stillness, but their etymological breakdown is simplistic and lacking. Here is a part, read more if you wish:

Meditation is a practice in which an individual trains the mind or induces a mode of consciousness, either to realize some benefit[1] or as an end in itself.[2]

The term meditation refers to a broad variety of practices (much like the term sports) that includes techniques designed to promote relaxation, build internal energy or life force (qi, ki, prana, etc.) and develop compassion,[3] love, patience, generosity and forgiveness. A particularly ambitious form of meditation aims at effortlessly sustained single-pointed concentration[4] meant to enable its practitioner to enjoy an indestructible sense of well-being while engaging in any life activity.

This page mentions the aspect of quieting, silencing, stillness, calming “meditation” that most people think of, and its reason for use, that of on an undisciplined mind. If your mind is well developed without altered “meditation”, you do not need altered “meditation” to do what you are already doing.

Meditation is about becoming wholly in the world and quieting the incredible static of the undisciplined mind.

The point is to be able to control what the mind is doing. If it’s time to work, work. If it’s time to spend time with loved ones, then that’s what you can do. If it’s time to sleep, don’t toss around in bed all day. Actually be able to sleep! If it’s time to be creative, then brainstorm away!

This is Mark Passio’s Walk and Talk video describing contemplation and altered “meditation”.

The interviewer has an accurate, simple description of meditation as it truly is: “seeing reality as it is… not as we want it to be.” That is the true purpose of real authentic meditation, to align perceptions with reality/truth. If your altered form of “meditation” is not doing the things contemplation, reflection and pondering do, then it is not in line with the true purpose of meditation and not helping you evolve consciousness, which is to understand the reality we live in more accurately (not other realities we don’t live in like many people waste their time on “discovering”). Altered forms of “meditation” can be used to heal aspects of self that need healing in order to perceive our reality accurately, but they are not required. As Mark says, it is to get out of imbalanced left-brain modalities, but if overdone, can get you to the polarized opposite imbalance into the right-brain.

This paper has a good description of the accurate purpose that forms of “mediation” can potentially bring one to accomplish:

“Citta is programmable.” … “Yoga is a process of terminating the habitual activities which have been seen to be painful.” … “Nirodha is the force that continuously purifies citta.” … to “override the complex programming of self preservation and survival, all the mechanisms an individual has developed to seemingly preserve security, repeat pleasure, avoid pain and deny an inevitable death of one’s body.” … “Since yoga is the process of consciously terminating activities (v‡tti) which define and limit citta, this process results in the experience of citta in a purer and purer condition.”

That says it right there, to face the shadow and heal. I did this without altered “meditation”. Some people who do altered “meditation” still can’t do this correctly when the Truth is presented. That is why I say True Meditation is contemplation, reflection, pondering, thinking, as is its true meaning from etymology. This is how you come to be a “vegan” after living a life of carnism since birth. The form of meditative practice described above is akin to alchemy, which is what much of my major work talks about. I searched for “meditation from Sanskrit” and the above PDF came up. It describes my previous understanding of true meditation well. If you are already doing this process, then you are using meditation, contemplation, reflection, etc., the true source of meaningful self-work. The altered from of “meditations” are less conducive to this work immediately, but can be brought to aid the primary true meditation.

Here is a page detailing some pitfalls of altered “meditation”, such as the psychological self-work limitations and possible damaging effects that can result, so be cautious.

Bill Joslin has practiced several forms of altered “meditation” and presented an analysis of it here.



Definition of Meditation and its Original Purpose

Everything I have read and experienced about the altered form of “meditation” has not drawn me into it. I was drawn into it in my early days of initial “awakening” into the falsity of secondary reality, when I was focused on the powers of the mind and body, super powers, other realms, remote viewing, astral, etc. Now, none of that interests me, honestly. I see what mediation has done to other people, despite the benefits of its proper use when you need it to heal. It seems people can easily get mesmerized and infatuated with this inner-state modality of being, and it inhibits their higher order intelligence development in many cases, keeping them in this attachment to “meditation” as a solution when they fail to actively develop consciousness in relation to the external world and occulted aspects of reality, Truth and Morality.

Everyone I have met who promotes the outstanding must-do benefits of altered “meditation” has only demonstrated to me their inability to develop the courage to face the mirror honestly and of the real inner shadow work to evolve and better themselves through contemplation, reflection, true meditation. They are so attached to “meditation”, without realizing it, that they fail to discern right from wrong, and if they can discern accurately, they don’t care enough to actualize that rightness into their lives. “Meditation” ends up becoming an escapism from dealing with hard to face truths. I have seen this happen with the hard to face truth of morality and animals that is inherent in “veganism”. Altered “meditation” does not bring you more critical thinking to help you navigate this reality. Over dependence on altered “meditation” will affect the ability to properly develop logical analytical capabilities, reducing comprehension of actual reality in favor of emergence into altered secondary realities through perceptual changes in internal states of awareness. Monks meditate for hours each day for years, immersing themselves in another internal reality, not interacting with the grounded reality. It is mass delusion at this level of immersion, yet people buy into it thinking that is what “spirituality” means. This is mind control through extreme right-brain imbalance, much like other extreme imbalances relate to the left-brain.

There is a difference between what meditation actually does, and what the big pushers say of how great altered “meditation” allegedly is and want you to think “meditation” does. I quote the word “meditation” because the form of “meditation” people adhere to is not the original meaning of the word. It is an altered definition from the original definition, for an altered state of consciousness from the original productive state of active conscious awareness. This altered state is to be used as a tool as needed, with its most efficient use as a healing tool for emotional and well-being issues, or to develop greater awareness of care through an understanding of the similarity of consciousness in other beings. Other tools also exist to accomplish the same results that the uses of altered “meditation” provide.



Let’s examine some etymological sources for various words to get to an accurate understanding of what these words mean. Words are representative of reality. Using a word with its true meaning gives us power through clarity of Truth. Using a word with an altered meaning takes power from us through confusion of Truth. The obfuscation of symbols and their meaning is a method of obfuscating our understanding of reality, i.e. mind control.


c.1200, “contemplation
Old French meditacion “thought, reflection, study,”
meditari “to meditate, think over, reflect, consider,”
from PIE root *med- “to measure, limit, consider, advise, take appropriate measures”

Greek medesthai “think about,”medon “ruler;”
Latin modus “measure, manner,” modestus “moderate,” modernus “modern,” mederi “to heal,” medicus “physician;”
Sanskrit midiur “I judge, estimate;”
Welsh meddwl “mind, thinking;”
Gothic miton, Old English metan “to measure;”

Meaning “act of meditating, continuous calm thought upon some subject” is from late 14c. The Latin verb also had stronger senses: “plan, devise, practice, rehearse, study.”

The symbols middle, mid, med and meta all relate to the inclusive “with” when looked at from the common PIE root *medhi-. The other root for the word middle/mid is from PIE *medhy-, which is related to the center of something, or between two things. However, the root for meditation is directly from PIE *med-, which is not *medhi or *medhy-, which are predicated from the earlier *med-. This means first came the meaning of *med-, then the derivatives thereof.

Meditation can be linked to the center and middle definitions. If something is “with” something else, amid it, then there are relative positions, which can be measured. In comparison of measurements between the current state of something and an ideal, dis-ease and impurities can be detected that require healing. When something is in the middle, center, it is measured as such, in a relative position from other things. When you measure and determine a position, you judge that position to be what you think it is, i.e. center, middle. Meditation can be linked to middle, center, but not as evidently as the etymology for concentrate shows.

We can see a connection with measurements, limits and medical. Physician in Latin is medicus, and physicians diagnose, which is a discernment process, much like that required to judge the position of something in relation to other things and determine if it is the midpoint, midway or middle center.

Also note that the later popular convention adoption of “act of meditating, continuous calm thought upon some subject” comes from the 14th century, and not from the earliest root sources for the word. It is an altered definition.


“act of looking at,”
to gaze attentively, observe,
“to mark out a space for observation”

com + templum

together, together with, in combination
beside, near, by, with


templum “piece of ground consecrated for the taking of auspices, building for worship of a god,”
PIE root *tem- “to cut” on notion of “place reserved or cut out” (tome)
or to root *temp- “to stretch” on notion of “cleared space in front of an altar” (tenet)
Figurative sense of “any place regarded as occupied by divine presence”


sight with the eyes of the mind
mental vision, understanding,
penetrating understanding into character or hidden nature


“to bring or come to a common center,”
from Latin com- “together” + centrum “center”
Sense of “mentally focus” is c.1860

If you bring something to the middle in concentration, you pool it into one place, condense it. It relates to unity in this way. If you have trouble being able to concentrate and think about things, you either have severe right-brain imbalance or have physical brain damage of some kind. If you cannot think about something, concentrate on a task, contemplate a subject, then you will not get very far beyond the obvious presentation of reality that keeps us locked into spells and illusions other people have created to control us with.


1640s, from Latin focus “hearth, fireplace” (also, figuratively, “home, family”), of unknown origin, used in post-classical times for “fire” itself
“point of convergence,” perhaps on analogy of the burning point of a lens

Focus is also related to concentrate. Focusing on something brings the attention, the light of focus, onto one thing, to condense the lens of the light and focus it on one point. It is the concentration of attention.


from re- “back” + flectere “to bend”
Meaning “remark made after turning back one’s thought on some subject” is from 1640s.

None of the true meaning of these main words I looked up are defining what is commonly regarded as “meditation”, which is altered “meditation”. All the words interrelate, and are the way I previously understood active true meditation to be, i.e. all related to active conscious awareness in thinking, which is contemplation.

Also, in the Bible, the words used for thinking and meditation are the same, used to refer to the same thing, of contemplating, reflecting, pondering, etc. This should effectively destroy the false conception that most people have of real meditation being thoughtlessness (which is a basic form of mind control) or other forms of altered “meditation” that promote modalities of consciousness contrary to mind and higher order thinking of consciousness. The concept of “thoughtlessness” that is required, is the cessation of thoughts of inanities, past and future worries and stresses, gossip, and other trivial inconsequential things that prevent accurate awareness of reality, that prevent us from taking things in, and also serve to take up room for more productive thought processes that could be engaged in instead. Also, recall that heart, mind, thought and meditation are also related Biblically, as I showed in the previous article on Mind and Heart, Left and Right Brain.

From an unused root akin to H1897; properly a murmur, that is, complaint: – meditation, musing.

Intensive from H1897; a murmuring sound, that is, a musical notation (probably similar to the moder affettuoso to indicate solemnity of movement); by implication a machination: – device, Higgaion, meditation, solemn sound.

From H1897; musing: – meditation.

A primitive root (compare H1901); to murmur (in pleasure or anger); by implication to ponder: – imagine, meditate, mourn, mutter, roar, X sore, speak, study, talk, utter.

From H7878; a contemplation; by implication an utterance: – babbling, communication, complaint, meditation, prayer, talk.

Feminine of H7879; reflection; by extension devotion: – meditation, prayer.

Luk_21:14 meditate before G4304

From G4253 and G3191; to premeditate: – meditate before.

From a presumed derivative of G3199; to take care of, that is, (by implication) revolve in the mind: – imagine, (pre-) meditate.

A primary verb; to be of interest to, that is, to concern (only third person singular present indicative used impersonally it matters): – (take) care.

This relates the terms meditation, thought, reflection, contemplation, ponder, mind, imagine, care, interest of, concern, “it matters“, measure, limit, consider, etc.

Meditation in general is about what you focus and pay attention to. There are different methods for focusing on different things to achieve certain ends/goals. The altered state meditation is the passive form I view as the altered form compared to the etymology about the source meaning. Given the pitfalls of the passive form, it seems it may a tool to trap non-adept users. The active form is akin to contemplation, reflection, the tools of conscious awareness, to more deeply uncover correspondences about reality, expanding the perceptual web/pattern of interconnection.

In searching for meditation in the bible, I found one saying that reflects the Trivium of knowledge and understanding internally, as either heart, meditation, thought, etc. in various translations. Essentially, meditation and thought are used interchangeably in the Bible, just as heart and mind are as I previously demonstrated. Heart, mind, thought, meditation, all relate as we see in the English etymology and Biblical definitions of words.

This one passage, in different translations, demonstrates how various words can be transliterated.

Psalms 49:3

(ASV) My mouth shall speak wisdom; And the meditation of my heart shall be of understanding.
(BBE) From my mouth will come words of wisdom; and in the thoughts of my heart will be knowledge.
(Brenton) My mouth shall speak of wisdom; and the meditation of my heart shall bring forth understanding.
(CEV) I speak words of wisdom, and my thoughts make sense.
(Darby) My mouth shall speak wisdom, and the meditation of my heart shall be of understanding:
(ESV) My mouth shall speak wisdom; the meditation of my heart shall be understanding.
(GNB) My thoughts will be clear; I will speak words of wisdom.
(GW) My mouth will speak wise sayings, the insights I have carefully considered.
(ISV) My mouth will speak wisely, and I will understand what I think about.
(JUB) My mouth shall speak wisdom; and the meditation of my heart intelligence.
(KJV) My mouth shall speak of wisdom; and the meditation of my heart shall be of understanding.
(KJV+) My mouthH6310 shall speakH1696 of wisdom;H2454 and the meditationH1900 of my heartH3820 shall be of understanding.H8394


Further Analysis on Meditation

Etymologically, concentration brings to the center, if you are imbalanced and need to bring it to the center. Imbalanced how? Imbalanced towards extreme right-brain modalities of being, that has you in undeveloped analysis and logical processing capabilities, understanding of language and how to read or listen accurately, discernment of reality, how to think properly, etc.

Altered forms of “meditation” can bring to the center, if you are imbalanced and need to bring it to the center. Imbalanced how? Imbalanced towards extreme left-brain modalities of being, that are not conducive to freedom, which has you in undeveloped imagination, creativity, care, compassion, empathy, conscience and morality.

In actuality, the real practical form of meditation is cooperating with concentration in a balanced, properly thinking individual that uses the modalities of contemplation and reflection. Meditation equates to concentration in bringing to the middle. Meditation equates to contemplation, which equates to reflection. Hence, meditation and concentration to bring to the middle is all about activating the contemplation and reflection of thought about reality to conceive, understand, discern, judge, and navigate it accurately.

Meditation is related to observation, just as contemplation and insight are. The passive form of popular altered “meditation” involves observing your thoughts to bring about internal peace, stillness, tranquility, being, awareness, nothingness, etc. The active form of more practical and functional meditation is to observe reality and tune your focus and attention to discerning our collective reality accurately by removing our own cognitive distortions, filters and conditioning into falsity. The latter form of meditation, is as is described in the etymology above, and essentially equates to what contemplation and reflection do. This is the balanced form of meditation. The passive form is more right-brain dominant with the usual focus on cessation of thoughts in favor of stillness, which employs a form of concentration through a negation of thoughts.

The popular forms of altered passive “meditation” are not the active practical form of meditation that equates to contemplation and reflection etymologically. The definition of “meditation” as “continuous calm thought upon some subject” is from the late 14c. This is the form most people “enjoy” and are “pleased” with the sensations of. This is not the practical kind of meditation in harmony with contemplation and reflection. This 14c. form of “meditation” is a convention from culture and is about healing your distressed state of mind and body with specific techniques that have been developed. It will calm you and bring peace internally. It is not expressly for discernment and judging of reality. The feeling of the conflict, tension and fracture of True Self with the false self is ignored, and instead escapism to the inner-feel-good state is chosen to remove the disharmony we are having with the reality we experience. “Don’t use real meditation, use the new “meditation” that makes you ignore reality. Don’t contemplate, reflect and ponder over the reality and how wrong it is in order to fix it, no instead, go to inner feel-good states and forget about that disharmony society is creating within you.

The real practical form of meditation that I equate with contemplation and reflection, is about understanding and navigating the reality we live in, here, in the physical domain, on the ground. Overuse of the “feel-good” sensational type of “meditation” will rob you of the ability to discern reality correctly. It will become a crutch of constant use because of the feel-good attachment and relief of the stress of the shitty reality we live in. This form of “meditation” also promotes no thought, letting thoughts “float” by, not actively doing something with them, not analyzing them or anything. It’s a dreamy internal state of bliss for many. This is the passive form of altered “meditation” that focuses on your inner state, often promoting attention without thought, and awareness without processing.

That is often good to do indeed, to distress and heal. But this inner-self “meditation” becomes largely about our comfort level in relation to the failure of the authentic, substantive, essential, true self to actualize, realize and individualize the Truth and Morality into our lives and the world. This frustration is not desired by many, since most are not even aware of the source for it to manifest. It is stress and discomfort of the insanity of our way of living that most people do not see because they do not want to see, and are infatuated and mesmerized by the many distractions, comforts and convenience that surround them. People use altered “meditation” to calm themselves from this internal frustration that they are mostly ignorant of and are not becoming more consciously aware of through real meditation. And why are they not becoming aware of it? Because they are obsessed with the “feel-good” healing mode of “meditation” that keeps them focused on the current internal state in themselves, and not the practical mediation that can bring them to uncover the hidden aspects of reality and themselves. Facing the shadow must be done with conscious awareness in contemplation, reflection and practical true meditation, not the “feel-good” de-stressor kind to relieve daily frustration, to go on vision quests, to go to other dimensions, to talk to angels, aliens, or anything else. The work is to be done here on the ground. Get grounded in reality.

When people fail to develop the practical meditation (i.e. reflection and contemplation) in favor of the altered “meditation”, they will be less able to consciously process information accurately with logic and analysis. They will fail to diagnose reality accurately. They will not be able to discern and judge reality accurately in order to navigate it to the fullest potential of realizing True Freedom and Peace. The inner “feel-good” form of “meditation” will keep them from facing reality and themselves honestly, because they are not engaging in the higher order thought functional form of true meditation, contemplation and reflection. This is the original form of meditation that is about perceiving, conceiving, discerning, understanding, and navigating reality effectively. Focus on the altered forms of “meditation” robs you of the ability to logically process reality correctly, because you have not developed that skillset enough. You have chosen to focus daily on your obsession with “meditation” of a specific internal sensational “feel-good” kind, and not the practical functional meditation that allows one to discern reality correctly. This is the active meditation that is itself reflection and contemplation.

The active kind of meditation is to heal with thought, with conscious awareness, with critical thinking. The passive form does not use critical thinking. In fact, most of the information propagated on how to do altered “meditation” is all largely about no thinking. This is the form of meditation 99% of people are aware of, and the form of meditation 99% of users engage in. Very few people recognize the practical, functional, active form of meditation which is the same as contemplation and reflection. If you are able to contemplate and reflect upon reality in conscious awareness and think critically about it to discern and navigate it correctly, then you do not need the passive form of “meditation”. You can use it, but use it to heal yourself when you need to, not to engage in daily feel-good sensations, visions, channeling, contacts, etc. The altered form of “meditation” is a tool for specific healing, not for constant engagement because you simply believe it will bring you towards a “balance” of the two modalities of consciousness related to left and right brain functionality. The opposite will happen. You will be lying to yourself in self-deception, believing you are “balancing” your internal capacities towards the proper functionality of the brain to discern reality accurately, but instead you will be bringing yourself into a right-brain imbalance, and away from accurately being able to consciously process your reality, yourself, and your frustrations from trying to do right in an insane world.

I do use meditation every single day, the practical, functional, active form. I do not have any desire for the passive “altered” form. Any conflict, contradiction that produces frustration, stress, etc., I will figure out the root causal factors with my conscious meditative/contemplative/reflective mind and actively overcome my current life imbalance or frustration. The conscious mind, conscious awareness, is where the power to change is at. Facing reality and ourselves, facing the shadow, demons, darkness, negative and evil in us and the world.

Contemplation, reflection, and active meditation, can be likened to a form of daydreaming, as it is creative, imaginative, intuitive, insightful, but also bridges those modalities with logic, analysis, processing, and understanding from the conscious mind to focus on particular aspects of reality. This allows joining, unity and correspondence towards the larger pattern (right-brain) from the many particular attributes, characteristics, properties, aspects and qualities (left-brain) we uncover about our physical reality. The objective real world outside of us is brought into the conscious awareness of the subjective internal world of mind. We merge the physical reality into the imaginal mental realm in order to understand it more deeply, with more clarity of higher definition detail from those particular attributes perceived. To merely observe and perceive is not true active meditation, contemplation or reflection. Observe, but also draw-out something from those observations.

When I was ignorant of what I know now, when I was interested in super powers, psychic things, remote viewing, astral projection etc., well I had this notion that the common notion of mediation was required to ascend or whatnot. But as I evolved consciousness, consciously of my own effort and hard work, I came to understand it differently. I no longer fall for the New Agey pseudo-spiritual conceptions of “ascension” or its alleged required component of altered “meditation”.

Real, practical, functional, active meditation is about seeing reality as it is. This is done with conscious awareness to process the information data collection from reality (grammar-input-stimulus-knowledge). Conscious awareness is required along every step of the process. Logic-processing-thinking-understanding, are in the conscious awareness domain. Rhetoric-output-response-wisdom, are in the conscious awareness as well.

Insights and intuition are very helpful. But they function with less analysis and more of a conglomerate amalgamation bigger-picture, wide view flash of inspiration, a grasp at something in the darkness that needs further processing to shed light upon it. To really understand that flash, you need conscious awareness to process it. The flash of insight or intuition itself is based on the available data and understanding you have developed in conscious awareness anyways. Conscious awareness is the place to develop and apply solutions, to develop intelligence, and evolve consciousness.

I have healing to do that could possibly benefit from the passive form of meditation. I do not deny that the passive meditation can have benefits. I am more talking about primary meditation as an act of contemplation and reflection as rooted in its original meaning in etymology.


from Greek etymologia “analysis of a word to find its true origin,” properly “study of the true sense (of a word),” with –logia “study of, a speaking of” + etymon “true sense,” neuter of etymos “true, real, actual,” related to eteos “true,”

The meditation I engage in is as described by the existing historical roots in etymology and corresponds with the related meanings from the Bible. The modern popularized altered from of “meditation” is not rooted in etymology to see the true meaning of the word as it was invented. Active meditation is primary, and the altered forms are secondary “meditation” practices that vary in use and purpose.


Is Altered “Meditation” the “Number One Thing”?

Some people make claims such as “you must meditate to balance the left and right-brain modalities!” As I have shown, no you don’t.

There are some other big claims made about altered “meditation”:

“Meditation, the doorway to higher consciousness”

If you want to meditate in the altered form that is not related to etymology, go ahead. I do not see the need to. I have reached my understandings that “meditators” do, without the altered form of “meditation” they engage in. The difference is, they may also engage in the primary active meditation of the conscious mind while in the secondary “meditative” state, and they think this is more effective than simply the primary form in active conscious awareness. Why do you continue to insist you need altered lotus-position, closed-eyes “meditation?” I reached levels of higher consciousness without altered “meditation” that meditators I know have not reached. So, why the ultimate insistence on this passive modality by some people? What is not mentioned is the potential for attachment to altered “meditation” itself despite detachment from illusions. Also, why would you first engage in passive secondary altered “mediation” that has you in feel-good high, and then activate the primary focused attentive conscious mind to contemplate, when you can simply go into contemplation, reflection, active meditation from the alert conscious mind and not need the altered feel-good state? It seem it can act as a distraction, especially for newbies who are learning it.

Why mix in an induced emotional, sensational inner-state when I am trying to uncover more about reality and myself? All the conceptions derived in contemplation, using simple active meditation or combining the active and passive together, is a correlation of existing datasets within your specific consciousness. New connections can indeed be created, but they are based on preexisting ones. It is progressive, graduating, in degrees and levels. You don’t simply get the higher level understandings if you don’t have the prerequisites that build up to that understanding. The altered form of “meditation” adds another layer of emotion and feeling to the equation that is not required, but does have other usefulness and benefits. If you need to use the altered form with its benefits, then go ahead. This would include emotional healing, stress, and other issues, but existing capability to contemplate is not dependent upon altered forms of “meditation”. The altered form of meditation can help or hinder that process. It is helpful when you have trouble with your mind. If you have too many thoughts in your mind that are not about the things you want to be working on, you can develop concentration capabilities yourself, or induce the internal altered “meditative” state to help you concentrate on certain things and gain more clarity, since you lack this ability in the normal conscious awareness.

Other people do not have this issue and can concentrate on specifics, contemplate about them, imagine things, create new connections, etc. without going into an altered internal state. It is to be used for the specific purposes that it can help with. The help provided can create conceptual dependence (attachment) on this altered inner-state form of “meditation”, having one believe they need to continually engage in it in order to achieve higher states of consciousness. It becomes a crutch to replace their active conscious mind’s ability to do it without the accompanying stillness and internal state to help them. Closing the eyes, clearing the mind, can be very helpful to concentrate and focus on specifics when you lack the ability to focus on metaphysical things while in a normal active conscious awareness. If you cannot deal with the interference of regular life, either in thought or emotion, then the secondary form can help you deal with that. If you can already deal with it, then the secondary form is not as helpful, but can still be helpful for other things if you require it.

I can “listen clearly” with music playing, video, etc., but not all distraction, granted. This has been shown in scientific research recently, to explain why some people are able to study and do their homework, possibly better I don’t recall, while there was ambient noise in the background. I did my schooling this way as well. Many secondary “closed-eyes” meditators I have met have not reached the levels of understanding I have, even though this form of “meditation” they allege allows them to “tune into the natural vibration of nature”, but it is all belief about their self-image and how great and grand this altered form of “meditation” really is, while it actually is keeping them from facing greater truths, which I presume is due to its altered internal feeling state and other capacities to have “visions” and see other dimensions, realms, etc. This “ability” gets confused with actual evolution in our own consciousness, with real intelligence, with psychological shadow work. The secondary internal state of “meditation” seems to pull people away from this higher order purpose to grow, evolve, and better ourselves with our conscious mind in the physical reality we exist in. They prefer the escapism of the relaxation, feelings, calmness, stillness, “listening to their soul”, visions, astral travel, remote viewing, seeing other beings, going to other dimension and realms, etc. They do not really want to do the hard work that is required by the conscious awareness in this reality, in active, practical, functional, primary meditation, contemplation and reflection. The primary meditation is the real way to evolve consciousness, intelligence, and work on ourselves internally, psychologically, etc. The secondary form can help to assist the primary form.

The conception  of the word meditation can be viewed in the dichotomy of etymological meaning vs. conventional meaning. The etymology reveals the true meaning of a word as it was created, and the convention is an imposition from a later period that alters the meaning in some way. The popular convention from society is the closed eyes, altered internal state, calmness, feel-good, relaxation, etc. that has the word “meditation” attached to it by conventional imposition. The etymological definition is the real, active, practical, functional primary form of meditation that we all engage in everyday to varying degrees of activity and intensity. The former has its specific uses to help us, while the latter is an inherent part of being a human being with higher order consciousness, as part of our default conscious capabilities. The more we use and develop the latter active kind, the more powerful our consciousness becomes, our “minds” and “hearts” develop. The active primary meditation can also be developed with the help of the secondary altered from of “meditation”. The second form can be called something else other than meditation to make the distinction clear, but double quotes will suffice to distinguish them.

This is an example of what meditators purport for their form of “meditation”, and make it sound like it is required to achieve the things they propose. “If you want this, then you have to meditate!”

“The mind must be kept totally receptive, because we can’t think our way into deep meditation. Nor, indeed, can you think your way to true guidance and inspiration. You can only receive wisdom: you cannot concoct it.”

This demonstrates the common popular promotion and over-emphasis on the importance of altered inner-state “meditation”. Thinking is portrayed as limited and constricting to the evolution of higher consciousness. They fail to understand the true meaning of the word, as derived from historical uses and etymology. Thinking is the first important tool to evolve consciousness. Thought is the originating, emanative, generative essence for consciousness that progresses to other expressions such as emotions and actions. Thinking in the form of contemplation, reflection and true meditation, will get you to uncover things from pattern recognition, correspondence, analogy, etc. I have gained much wisdom, have been inspired and have inspired conceptions and have guided and realigned myself with Truth in a much clearer capacity with thought, than people I have met who do altered “meditation”. Many people do “meditate” and are on a great path and are doing better than me, but they aren’t big time pushers of “meditation” either. They use it for their particular needs, and put it away afterwards. They engage in the active conscious awareness of the normal state of meditation, open eyes, to uncover the truth more. There are big claims made that only “meditation” can provide for you. I have reached many of the understandings that they claim are only possible with their specific practice. I do not take “meditation” pushers seriously, as their claims are proven false to my own experience and abilities. Use it if you want, don’t push it as a required component to evolve consciousness. Do you know what is required? Thinking. Mind. Altered “meditation” is not.

If all these claims by the “meditation” pushers were true, I would not be where I am. So, again, why are they pushing it? It’s part of an agenda to confuse people without them knowing they are confused, with them actually thinking the opposite will happen – that clarity will automatically come to them, and away they go into “meditation”, carried off into the feel-good modality, and not developing their conscious mind which is more important. “Meditation” pushers insist on “meditation” as being required, because they believe it is, since they seem to have evolved consciousness (or at least believe they have) with the use of altered “meditation” and not independently of it, and now believe their form of “meditation” is required. “Meditation” does not guarantee confusion, but it doesn’t guarantee clarity. The confusion arises in the failure to develop the active mind, conscious awareness, to uncover more of reality and Truth, as a result of the attachment to the various things altered “meditation” brings. Then instead of focusing on Truth, Morality, evolving consciousness and true intelligence, people get sucked into the altered internal state of being and don’t move very far in the correction of cognitive distortions that is achieved with the conscious awareness of reality developed in thought and contemplation. As I said earlier, this primary form of true meditation (thought, contemplation, reflection, etc.) can be done in the secondary form of altered “meditation”, but is not required.

This is the problem with sayings like “Meditation, the doorway to higher consciousness”. People automatically associate mediation with the popular secondary altered form, and not the primary form of greater significance. In addition to this confusion, the concept of “higher consciousness” is also projected onto the visions and travels into other alleged “higher” realms and dimensions. This creates a strong correspondence between altered “meditations” into “higher” realms being the state of “higher consciousness” or the way towards it through knowledge of other dimensions, beings, etc. “Journeying” to other planes and realms is equated with higher states of consciousness. Is that increasing conscious awareness of reality? No. The end result of engaging in this “journeying” often, is running away to another realm and not learning and doing what needs to be done here on the ground. It is fantasy-land living. Higher consciousness comes with greater interconnectedness and pattern recognition in understanding the reality we live in, and ourselves here as well. This allows us to realize, actualize and individualize our potential and value in creating the True Freedom and Peace we all deeply yearn to have.

The process of dissociation and disassembly of the ego-personality-identity construct can be done through alchemy and conscious awareness of true active meditation, instead of the “meditative” internal realization of awareness as self, the “I”. This awareness can be achieved without secondary “meditation”, and the inauthentic false self of appearances, the mask and persona of the ego-personality-identify construct can be dissociated and detached from in order to break it down from all the false ways of living that prevents our potential and value from realizing the True Freedom and Peace we want. To become, do, embody, exemplify and live Truth, Love, Good, Right, Morality, Natural Law, True Self, Higher Self, Higher Will, etc. How could I have come to know and understand this without secondary altered “meditation”? Because, as I have been explaining, it is not required to attain higher levels consciousness, to evolve consciousness. This is the realization I have been expressing throughout my work since December 2013. I didn’t have all the information on altered forms of “meditation” that I currently have, that some altered “meditation” practices were doing the same thing in their own way that I have done in my own way. Some people seem to go into altered “meditation” practices for a long time and deeply. I view this as a trap, especially relating to the “feel-good” Pleasure Trap.

I have explained what the word meditation truly means. So then, why has the word had its meaning changed and different processes applied to alter its original use? Why is this always done to things that help us evolve truly, like meditation, trivium, occult, anarchy, where the good aspects of freeing oneself is replaced with aspects of control and manipulation. The conscious mind can be manipulated away from proper thought, contemplation, reflection and true meditation. The altered form of “meditation” is not without its pitfalls and negative consequences to misuse. The modern trivium teachings are the Classical Trivium of classical education in western society, that teaches how to be a good manipulator and conformist to the existing social construct. Altered “meditation” is used as a passive tool of inner emotional and energy self-control, stillness, calming, relaxation, feeling-good, visions, remote viewing, astral travel, or other possible escapist modalities people become attached to. Neither the current classical trivium itself, nor altered “mediation” itself, progress true evolution in consciousness towards psychological understanding and empowerment. The original Trivium Method, not the Classical Trivium, and the original true active meditation, not the altered form, are the true methods for evolving consciousness. The hidden manipulators have hijacked and replaced original things, with proxies as the true form to confuse the playing ground. Goodness and Morality, duty and privilege of moral living in Natural Law is replaced with the man made legal system, the trivium for freedom, true contemplative, reflective, meditative thought for passivity and pleasure trap confusion, anarchy as chaos, occult as evil. We need to reevaluate what tools we are given, and use them with greater purpose than the conditioned convention meaning and use. The conception and use of meditation most people have is that of the overt popular “meditation”, and not the occulted true meditation (contemplation, reflection, pondering, thinking, etc.) that is subtly used in their daily lives and requires more development. Thoughtlessness is promoted as a form of mind control, knowingly or not by those pushing the “thoughtlessness” concept.

So, am I wrong in my description of mediation as derived from etymology? No. It comes from etymology. Everyone else in the world who wants to use meditation to mean something other than is expressly defined in its etymological source is using the word incorrectly. I have accurately defined the word meditation. All those who use the word meditation devoid of its etymological source are using the conventional imposition of the word as derived later by culture, and applied to the passive altered form of “meditation” that supplanted the intelligent form that truly evolves consciousness.



As I already mentioned with regard to the alleged greatness of “thoughtlessness”:

“Thinking is the first important tool to evolve consciousness. Thought is the originating, causal, emanative, generative essence for consciousness that progresses to other expressions such as emotions and actions. Thinking in the form of contemplation, reflection and true meditation, will get you to uncover things from pattern recognition, correspondence, analogy, etc.”

Thought is to be productive and purposeful in the discovery of quality meaning about our reality, not superficial trivialities. Thought is like talking to ourselves. The Greek word for “I meditate” is phrazomai which means “I speak to myself”. The Greek logos pertains to speech and reason.

from Greek logos “word, speech, discourse,” also “reason,” from PIE root *leg- “to collect”

From Ancient Greek λόγος (lógos, speech, oration, discourse, quote, story, study, ratio, word, calculation, reason).

Is logos simply speech? No, it is speech with reason. Why is the word logic rooted in logos? Logos is directly related with a specific form of speech, the speech of Truth as expressed by the Law of Logic, i.e. the ability to reason. Reason does not impress upon us falsity, but truth instead, the truth from non-contradictory thinking. Contradictory false premises or propositions would not be considered reason, hence, reason is about truth, and so is logos about the reasoning to use logic to express speech of Truth, not falsity and lies, deceptions, manipulations, etc.

from Latin rationem (nominative ratio) “reckoning, understanding, motive, cause,” from ratus, past participle of reri “to reckon, think,” from PIE root *re(i)- “to reason, count

The reason we do things, what matters, is the motive and cause for our actions, for creating into the world. “God” is referred to as the Logos. We can see why. Motive, cause, understanding, reckoning, speech, word, calculation, collect, logic. Logos is the speech of Truth, which is what Logos of “God” is supposed to represent as well, Truth. When we reason, use logic, we require the collection of at least two things to perform some mental calculation upon, a judgment, analysis, diagnosis, assessment, evaluation, etc. This is the power in thought through contemplation, reflection, true meditation, pondering, etc. Thoughts relates to mind, mental, and so we can see a link between the Law of Mentalism and “God” in another way with Logos and logos.

Thoughtlessness is not the solution to the reality we live in here on the ground. Without internal dialog you go crazy. But often people think talking to yourself means you’re crazy and so this creates a stigma. Even the New Age and New Thought pseudo-“spiritual” groups, and some altered “meditation” practices, promote the cessation of thoughts and internal dialog, to quiet the mind in the perfect stillness of pure awareness, to reach source, feel oneness, etc. The truth behind the “quiet the mind” axiom is all about quieting the mind from useless chatter and superficial thoughts, worrying about the future and obsessing and becoming depressed over the past. That is the Truth and purpose to quiet the mind. After that junk is removed, then you can engage the mind in full use for purposeful tasks, such as evolving consciousness and ending evil. People misunderstand these axioms, and then they think “no thought”, “no mind” is the solution towards so-called “spirituality”, “enlightenment”, “illumination”, etc.

Instead of internal dialog that is encouraged and developed, we then immerse ourselves into the social culture, activities and distractions of entertainment to integrate into cohesive relational bonds with others to promote our social success. This provides us with an external reference for the construction of the relationship based on some aspects of the social living we have constructed, rather than it being on commonality of metaphysical substance, like Truth and Morality. We have churches and their rituals to divert our attention from inner dialog and inner-work, self-discovery, self-realization, etc. There are many social constructs that keep us from deeper connection to Truth and Morality, from our True Self. The inner dialog is ongoing, but we are encouraged to do external things to remove our time, attention and focus from self-development and self-work.


Psychological Understanding and True Intelligence are Largely Untouched by “Meditation”

Understanding Psychological Issues Is Absent in Meditation
A primary problem with meditation as a path to spiritual maturity is that it doesn’t address the assumptions and perspectives the person has that are creating realities that are counterproductive and frustrating. Masters in Buddhist practice such as Jack Kornfield have acknowledged that even if someone is successful in having a consistent meditation regime, it is not enough to address the issues that make people prisoners of their childhood.
… Ream more

The greater development of true intelligence and psychological understanding (through real inner-work of facing the shadow and evil in us) are untouched by passive altered “mediation” alone that people are familiar with. They use it for stillness, calmness, relaxation, feeling-good, oneness, visions, traveling to other realms, etc.

Users of altered “meditation” that I recognize are not “balanced” don’t go anywhere towards more morality, towards facing the Truth honestly and developing True Care to do no harm, yet they cling to altered “meditation” as though it was the best solution in their lives, or very important in their daily routine, or some other importance about it being so helpful to them and may be even required for everyone else to do. They do not understand psychology deeply enough, nor are using their time to develop and evolve consciousness towards true intelligence and harmony with Natural Law.

Passive, absent-from-reality, altered “meditation” is not the way to pattern recognition and correspondences, although it can be a part of that internal “meditative” process it is not automatic and engaged by everyone. Conscious awareness of various aspects of reality simultaneously, complex thought, abstraction, is how we correspond reality and evolve consciousness in greater degrees. Concentration on one thing in so-called “meditation” is not the way, but free flowing interconnection and correlation between various thoughts and ideas is required, a structured thinking to interconnect and process the various components. Maybe for other people who did not have this processing rigor developed, the calming form of “meditation” helped them get rid of the useless clutter of less meaningful thoughts. But if you already don’t have this issue, then you don’t need “meditation” for that. If you already use thought for navigation of reality rather than superfluous thinking, then you don’t need to get rid of those crap thoughts with meditation either. Altered “meditation” is a tool that can be effective when needed. If you don’t need it to do what it does, then you don’t need it.

The meditation I use is actually backed up by its etymology. The meditation most other people use is an altered form that puts you into altered internal states. I refer to the original meaning as the True Meditation.

This is not to say that if you “meditate” you will not be intelligent. Altered “meditation” does not ensure intelligence, is what this comes down to, and it may hinder its development when not used correctly. The active, open eyes, contemplation, reflection form of true meditation is more direct and practical in evolving consciousness and doing the inner psychological work. The “meditation” for an undisciplined mind is not required if your conscious mind is already disciplined and capable of dealing with thoughts effectively.

The closed eyes, inner altered “meditation” and awareness of I-awareness being eternal, oneness, etc. is sensed, intuited, known through this inner-journeying state of sensing. This understanding and awareness can also be accomplished with open eyes, in thinking, contemplating, reflecting and meditating upon the question: who are you? The altered meditative state can sense and feel the awareness of “I” and oneness more deeply and fully in the calmness and stillness. Once this is sensed and known, mission accomplished. The secondary form of “meditation” would only be required for healing purposes, and not for this emergence into oneness over and over. The various sensations and feelings of relaxation, calmness, stillness, oneness, etc. can become an impediment to self-discovery and self-realization of our actualized self in the real world, and thereby becoming a detrimental attachment. I am wary of altered “meditation” for this reason the most. It can become a trap. You can experience the oneness and visions with DMT based substances. Some people get attached to that and want to continually revisit this plane, realm, domain of awareness. This trap happens in entheogen experiences and in altered “meditation” experiences. People get hooked on it. It is related to the Pleasure Trap. Some people promote blissful living, stillness and calmness, “love and light” subjectivity, as the enlightenment path. This is a false path into the pleasure trap of feel-good distractions that prevent conscious awareness of reality.

I am not anti-meditation. I am anti-altered-“meditation” abuse and misuse. I am against the claim that this form of “meditation” is required to evolve to higher consciousness. I am against the claims that popular meditation promotes, such as the removal of thoughts, thinking, just observing them, no-mind, etc, as they are bastardized forms of the practice to quiet the mind from the interference of daily life in order to think properly. I am very much pro-first-order meditation of active conscious awareness. I am pro-secondary “meditation” for the specific modalities it can provide those people who require or think they need it to help them. I am not interested in the altered states it provides though. Those are distractions to me. I view the secondary altered from as a useful step in gaining knowledge of Higher Self Oneness in order to promote the growth of True Care, compassion, empathy, conscience and Morality (which can be done without altered “meditation”). Other than that, the other aspects do not interest me. I have developed these capacities in me through my own willful conscious awareness, and actualized my way of living to greater degrees of alignment with these values than others who do “meditate” and promote how allegedly great and needed it is to evolve consciousness. They have fallen into right-brain imbalanced modalities and are trapped in the attachment to altered “meditation”, and cannot see how it is holding them back from true self-discovery, self-knowledge, self-realization and self-actualization in this reality that counts, here on the ground.

There are valid applications for altered “meditation”, but it’s not all that is going on. The point of it all is to understand the self better through that specific methodology of healing, to then get on the battle field, into the spiritual war on the ground, not another planet or reality or whatever else escapism. What hangs in the balance is human freedom and evolution, or our enslavement and destruction. If that isn’t what is ultimately important, then what is, “meditation”? No. Morality and Truth are the most important things!


Left and Right-Brain “Balance” – Addendum Relating to “Meditation”

“Meditation” in the altered from, is helpful to balance out extreme cold left brain dominator master consciousness. This form of meditation can help you expand your identification from self to others, and expand your empathy, compassion and care for other beings, maybe, potentially. It is not guaranteed, as some meditators I know of are not “vegan” and lack True Care for Truth and Morality. If you are not stuck in dominator master think, then altered “meditation” won’t be as useful to you, as its purpose to “bring you to the middle” is not required as much. If you already removed yourself from extreme imbalance, you don’t need meditation to remove you from extreme imbalance. Maybe it could help you with others things, emotionally, stress, etc., but not for severe imbalances if you are already out of them.

Altered “meditation” is for left-brain chronic imbalances. It is to bring to the middle. The middle mode is contemplation and reflection, which are essentially the same thing, which is also a form of meditation, the true active meditation as etymologically described. Most people want to classify “meditation” into one particular categorization of the typical lotus position or some reference to yoga, relaxing, getting rid of negativity and tension in us, calming the mind, oneness, etc. But the most productive form of meditation is also found in reflection and contemplation. Real meditation is about uncovering reality, not another reality. Some forms of “meditation” help to heal imbalances or trauma, etc. They can be used to heal. They provide sensory experiences and feel-good. This form has its use, but is not required to uncover the reality we live in. Those who over-emphasize the use of this latter form of “meditation” are in a form of infatuation due to the feel-good attachment it provides them in life. They do not understand the original true meditation meaning, and continue to express a necessity for their specific form of “meditation”. This is a right-brain imbalance, infatuation with the feelings, visions, etc., while thinking they are “balanced” while expressing the inability to use logic correctly to contradict their own claims.

If you are out of the extreme imbalance of the left-brain, then you do not need the popularized passive “meditation” modality. If you are in this extreme chronic left brain dominator physical living, then the use of mediation can be beneficial, but is also not required to bring yourself to balance. If you are already in a state of relative balance, outside of either extreme falsity, then you don’t need to use meditation to help bring you out of the left side, you are already out.


Thought and Emotion

One thing I completely forgot to include in the previous Left and Right-Brain article, was the link between thought and emotion. Emotion = thought + meaning (expressed as feeling). The emotion is only experienced with consciousness, as the “mind” and thought to process the meaning of the feeling. You cannot have emotion without thought, despite all the right-brain imbalanced people claiming otherwise, or New Agers, or whoever else.

“Thought is encoded information. Emotion is a response to what that information means… The body’s response to that meaning is expressed through the physical sensation of feeling.”
Emotion = Thought + Meaning (Expressed as Feeling)

BrainOpeartionWordlessBoth thought and emotion, as the meaning of feeling from the input-stimulus-response of reality, are required in order to produce actions. That is why the Trinity of Consciousness has thought, emotion and action, with thought and emotion having an internal feedback loop between each other until the proper affective motivational drive gets us moving to accomplish what we care to do.

If the claim of balancing the left and right brain leads to a more evolved consciousness, and that altered “meditation” is required to do this, then those who “meditate” should be able to demonstrate their real-world consciousness capacities to understand reality better than those who don’t “meditate”, since those that do “meditate” should have a “balanced brain” compared to others who don’t “meditate” and don’t have “balanced brains.” This falls on its face when you do an evaluation of the expressions of consciousness from various people who push “meditation” and those who don’t. People blinded by “meditation” show me their own inability to perceive, conceive, understand and navigate reality correctly, while those who do use it properly are doing very well in the alert, active, grounded reality of understanding Truth and Morality properly, just as those who don’t do altered “meditation” are also capable of aligning themselves with Truth and Morality.

Care for Other Beings and Ourselves
Cleansing the Body to Evolve Consciousness