Belief in Bullshit

You can believe whatever you want, within a limit, as long as it doesn’t substantiate, validate and justify immoral wrong-action in the world, i.e. evil. Belief is required to think up ideas and then check them more carefully to see if it is a good ideas or if it is false. If there is actually no “God” and everyone believes there is, so what, as long as they don’t create other bullshit on top of that belief that justifies evil wrong-action. Truth and Morality need to be understood as foundations. If you want to believe in a purple elephant, go ahead and believe, but don’t expect me to. No, I am not likening “God” to a purple elephant, merely stating that certain things cannot be proven in the physical world and belief in them is “ok” as long as it doesn’t create evil. You can believe in bullshit, like a purple elephant, and not do evil, it’s “ok” in the sense that it doesn’t do harm, but it’s not beneficial to your positive evolution in consciousness. Accepting falsity as truth can lead us down a wrong path or cul-de-sac, and prevent us from seeing the real evil in the world while we are trapped in the illusion of “truth”, thereby allowing evil to continue while we are blind and infatuated with belief.