The Good and Being Better

I am not “good”. I am “generally good”, doing the right I know about, but I am not “good” itself or its fullness. I do work to embody more aspects of “good” though. I am not “balanced”. I surely still have right and left brain imbalances. I also work to become more “balanced”. I may be “more balanced” than many other people though. As far as the major imbalances that lead to slavery of other beings, I am not embodying those particular active (left brain imbalance) or passive (right brain imbalance) infections. I am able to recognize certain imbalances from having escaped them and also having learned about others. You can “see” it in the expressions of consciousness other people put out into the world. All you need is the discerning eye to see.

No one can be “perfect”. I don’t make any claims about being the best there is. My work is about what ‘is’ reality and Truth, and speaking it. If something is moral, it is moral. If it isn’t, it isn’t. If it’s wrong in a certain way, then it’s wrong in a certain way, and it is wrong. You can’t make a right with “mostly right” and “some wrong”. That’s false “balance”

I can call out any immorality that exists. That does not make me the bad and wrong one for doing so. To view things this is way is to have a poisoned worldview. This view is the fear and cowardice of not owning up to the personal responsibility to face the truth in self-respect and honesty. This view is not caring enough about morality, about right and wrong, to stand up for Truth/Good/Right and call out the evil being done. Some people prefer to maintain their appearances rather than Stand for the Substance of Truth that brings controversy, conflict, inconvenience and discomfort.

People can view it as “arrogant”, but they do not understand what I am saying, what I do, nor what the real meaning of arrogant means (a false claim). I don’t make false claims to be doing something or not doing something. I don’t make false claims of understanding, I can express what I understand. I make claims to posses certain aspects of Good, Right, Truth, Morality, etc. That is all. Some people think in extreme terms about how I present myself. I am nowhere near perfect nor will I ever be. I work to become better than I am, just as I am better than I was. Better, improve, heal, purify, change, evolve, transmute, etc. It is such a wonderful journey! Truly! Everyone wants to become something greater. No one really wants to stagnate and stay where they currently are. They just may not have found the Path and Way to Realize, Actualize and Individualize themselves towards Truth, Good, Right, Morality, Natural Law, etc. This core nature is there whether we are aware of it or not, it is a deep aspect of our being, our True Self. This is evolving consciousness. It is an important part of our purpose and meaning.

My work is to help people understand this aspect of embodying characteristics, attributes, properties, qualities, aspects of Truth, Love, Good, Right, Morality, Natural Law, True Self, Higher Self, Higher Will, etc. Everything I do is about that. Dualistic Conceptual Framework for Perceiving and Navigating Reality. Truth is Love. Judgments. Etymology of words. Reality. Perception. Mind control. Trivium. Alchemy. Natural Law. Veganism. Etc. It’s all about Truth/Morality and living in Truth/Morality, and finding your way to Truth/Morality. That is how we End Evil. That is what Morality is about. It’s just a word we invented to represent something real in us that needs to be embodied in order to create True Freedom and Peace, to End Evil. All of the other things are peripheral for me. There are interesting topics, but unless they relate to morality, I am not too concerned with them. I am trying to focus my time, attention, energy, effort, determination, dedication and persistence on this fundamental core aspect of what is required to End Evil and achieve True Freedom and Peace.

I will hopefully be getting into language, logic and Trivium based methodologies soon to further help in the navigation of reality to achieve more embodiment with Moral aspects of living.

The Good and Being Better