Stand in Truth

“As long as I’m not being murdered by police, or brutally beaten, or being stolen from by the state, then I don’t care.”

People let evil continue until it comes knocking on their door, then they expect others to give a shit about them and their injustice when they didn’t give a shit about other people’s. When their is a conflict between people, most others avoid getting involved, as no one wants “drama” in their lives. So, someone is wronged, someone is hurt, but other people don’t want to get involved and support the one who is on the side of Right and Truth.

Everyone pretends to Care and support each other, but when something happens, let’s say in a family, well people are very reluctant to get involved. They want to be like the talking heads on the news, they want to be “impartial” and not get directly involved in “taking sides”. Boy oh boy do people ever not like getting involved and “taking sides” in Truth. They are very focused on not alienating people in their lives by choosing right over wrong, truth over falsity. That is quite a tall order for many people. Unless one of the people involved has a strong identification and relationship with us, we tend to not want to get involved. And in those cases where we do have a relational identification, many people choose to maintain and sustain their relational connection even when the other person is wrong, instead of choosing the Truth to stand beside.

Truth is secondary for many, and they don’t stand in Truth. They choose to stand in the maintenance and sustenance of falsity through their ego attachment with other people that they don’t want to “offend”, “hurt” or lose a “connection” with. They choose to blindly “ally” or “unite” in falsity, for the sake of attachment and “feeling”. We all know how uncomfortable a conflict can be, and certainly if we get involved and go against someone’s delusions of being “right”, things can get even more inconvenient and not “feel-good” to us.

We either Stand In Truth, Unite in Truth, together. Or we are often divided in falsity amongst each other, where we are standing alone when there is a conflict, because many people don’t Care for Truth.

Truth is Love. Love is Truth. Truth unites. Lies divide. Embrace Truth. Care for Truth.


Stand in Truth