Importance of Thought Continued (book excerpt)

Of course the physical labour on any project is absolutely necessary, but nothing can displace the primacy of thought.

Thoughtlessness. Thought is capable of foreseeing any kind of accident. In thought there are no unforeseen situations. Yet all sorts of accidents and irregularities do happen. Why? Because of haste in turning the project into material reality; not allowing it to be sufficiently thought through.
– Ringing Cedars, Energy of Life, pg 13

If your thought is insufficiently developed, or prevented by some cause from freely making use of its inherent energy and speed capabilities, your life situations will be influenced by somebody else’s thoughts – possibly the thoughts of your family, acquaintances, or society in general.

But note that even in this case your life situations are determined aforetime by human thought. And you have only yourselves to blame if you have choked and imprisoned your own thinking, thereby subjecting yourselves to the will of another person’s thoughts, meaning that your successes or failures in life are already dependent on this other person or persons.

Every Man has within himself creative dreams. The question is only: in which direction are they aimed?
– Ringing Cedars, Energy of Life, pg 24

I knew that residents of the taiga took care not to interrupt each other’s train of thought. And I began to realise on just how high a level this culture of communication actually was. It speaks of the great respect they have for each other’s thinking.
– Ringing Cedars, Energy of Life, pg 29

It is now well known that the feature that distinguishes Man from all other life growing and thriving on the Earth is his capacity to think. But thought is found in creatures and plants too, albeit in embryo. Man distinguishes himself from all others by the speed of his thinking.

Perhaps you have heard such expressions as slow-witted or with you it takes a long time to sink in. What is the meaning here? It means that it is difficult or boring to talk with someone whose thought operates at a slower speed.

A significant superiority in speed of thinking may enable one Man to conquer a great many people, even whole nations.

He will learn something new, acquire knowledge faster than the rest.

Now let’s imagine that all people on the Earth are given a problem that takes a thousand years to solve. They start working on it. But one Man has three times the speed of thinking of the others. That means he will know all the intermediate decisions of mankind before everyone else. What takes humanity 900 years to work out, he will solve in 300 years. That means that for 6oo years he will be in a position to control and direct the actions of everybody else. He will be able to reveal to someone the correct intermediate decision which will help him further his goal or, alternatively; give someone a false hint, thereby throwing him backward. Or, what would even be easier for him, give the wrong clue to everybody at the same time, driving them all to a dead end, and then later ‘make a discovery’ in front of everyone – in other words, rule over them.
– Ringing Cedars, Energy of Life, pg 47-48

As far back as seven thousand years ago the priests realised the tremendous advantages available to any Man who possessed a higher speed of thinking than all the rest. They took it upon themselves to significantly widen the gap. They tried to increase the distance between their own thinking and that of others by using special exercises, but they failed to achieve any significant difference in those times. And so they thought up a system which would slow down the thinking of every child coming into the world. The system they inculcated kept improving over the millennia and it is still operating today

Take a close look at the lifestyle of the majority of people of our time. If you analyse it, you will see the multitude of efforts directed at stopping the operation of your thought.

Anastasia began revealing the priests’ secrets to people. She told about how even a small child should not be distracted from what he is doing – in other words, the operation of his thought should not be stopped.

Then she showed you a series of exercises aimed at accelerating a child’s thought. She told about how education as we see it begins with the correct presentation of questions to the child.

When a child is presented with a question, his thought begins to search for the answer and thereby gains more and more momentum. This means that the speed of his thinking is increasing minute by minute, and by the time he is eleven it will be many, many times faster than that of someone raised under a system designed to slow thought down.

Let us take a look at what is happening in the world today. Right from his mother’s womb a child is surrounded by artificial objects. Any object is the embodiment of someone’s thought. So the child is presented with somebody’s thought – a primitive thought at that – a rattle, for example. A child just a little older is given a doll or a mechanical toy car. Children love to play, but they are still dependent on others, so they play with what others present to them.

Think about the difference, Vladimir. Your daughter, when she was little, kept shaking her rattle, and later got interested in dolls. Your son, on the other hand – the one Anastasia bore you – also likes to play, as all children do. But what he played with was a squirrel, a wolf, a bear, a snake and a lot of other creatures made by the Creator.

Now compare the two, only be sure to picture to yourself the degree of discrepancy in the speed of thinking between the one who created the child’s rattle or doll and the One who created the squirrel.

So it turns out that one child comes into contact with an object comprising a primitive thought, while the other communicates with an object created by God. The vast discrepancy between the objects the children communicate with means that the speed of their thinking will be vastly different. One of them will have a greater speed of thinking – you yourself can guess which one.

When children in your society begin to talk, you determine for them what they can do and what they cannot. Children are persuaded, in effect, that they should not think for themselves, that everything is already decided for them. This means they don’t have to think. All they have to do is follow somebody else’s thoughts.

When children go to school, a teacher stands before them and explains the essence of things, along with the rules of conduct and the order of the Universe. The teacher not only explains – he demands that the children think the same way as somebody else has thought. And once again this serves to slow down the development of the children’s thinking speed. Or, to put it more precisely, children are prohibited from thinking independently.
– Ringing Cedars, Energy of Life, pg 48-50

Not only for children, but for grown-ups living today too, the system pours forth floods of apparently meaningful information, but in reality practically all communications are calculated to draw Man away from information. Take, for example, the TV you watch regularly. Every news broadcast tells about how one official is meeting with some other official, or how one leader meets with another leader. Their meetings are served up as news. But if you stop to think about it, you’ll realise that there is absolutely nothing new here at all. Officials have been meeting together for thousands of years now, hour by hour. Summit negotiations between various countries have also been taking place for thousands of years. But nothing ever comes from these negotiations, and nothing of substance ever changes as a result. It does not change because they never talk about the most important thing. They never discuss the true cause of war. They talk only about effects. Yet the media lead you astray by serving up every summit meeting as news. Just think about it: the ultimate taboo subject in the whole world is the path of mankind’s development.
– Ringing Cedars, Energy of Life, pg 56

Can you just imagine the passengers of an aeroplane in flight who couldn’t give a care in the world as to where the plane is heading or whether it is even able to land? You may think that passengers like that don’t exist.

Everyone boarding a plane has an idea of how long the flight will last and the destination city. But ask one or two or a thousand people living on Planet Earth, ask a million even, and nobody will be able to tell you just where mankind is heading.

The system created by the priests has blocked up human thought.

Modern Man with his extremely slow rate of thinking is not in a position to determine whether mankind – or even a single nation-state – is on the right path of development. He is not in a position to visualise even his own life.

In reality, all the leaders on the Earth are in control of nothing, absolutely nothing. There is not a single country in the world where you will find a clearly stated plan of national development. Such a plan is impossible without first determining a clear and explicit path of development for the residents of Planet Earth as a whole. As a result of a simple scheme the priests devised in the process of constructing their system, all rulers are mere superintendents watching over the functioning of the priests’ system. They are all wrapped up in their own country’s scientific and technical progress, their military strength and the preservation of their own power. For this they are ready to sacrifice the quality of the air and water in their own country and collectively in the world. They are weighed down under the system created by the priests. Like the majority of people on the Earth, the rulers are active pawns in this system. Their thought is slowed down as much as anyone else’s.

The speed of one’s thinking! Oh how I hope that you or some of your readers can perceive this not just through cold logic but feel it with every fibre of your being – feel how important the speed of your thinking is for the whole Universe!
– Ringing Cedars, Energy of Life, pg 57

When even the most state-of-the-art manufactured computer keeps getting loaded day by day, hour by hour, with all sorts of data – it doesn’t matter what kind of data, only that it is being inputted – eventually it will start to work more slowly, or it may refuse to process any new information whatsoever. This happens when its memory is overloaded to the point it can no longer accept new data.
– Ringing Cedars, Energy of Life, pg 58-59

When I mentioned earlier the monster devouring the children, I was talking about the system which has got out of control. Take a careful look: when a child is born to an earthly mother, what is it that immediately takes it into its mighty clutches? The system. What determines what food is to be given to the child? The system. What determines what kind of air the child is to breathe and what kind of water he is to drink? The system. What determines the selection of his path in life? The system.
– Ringing Cedars, Energy of Life, pg 59

leading a lifestyle favourable to accelerating the operation of thought.
– Ringing Cedars, Energy of Life, pg 59

The early priesthood realised that absolute control over mankind was possible only if they could achieve a considerably greater speed of thinking than other people, but how to achieve this goal? One of the ancient priests once said in a secret conversation with the high priest: “We cannot accelerate our thought to achieve sufficient superiority over everybody else. But we can use special devices to slow down the thinking of all mankind.” “You said: all mankind. Does that include your own thought?” the high priest responded. “Yes, in the final analysis, it does, but to a much lesser extent. The discrepancy will be tremendous. The advantage will be on our side.” “Since you are talking about it, that means you have already found a way of slowing down the thought of all mankind. Tell me about it.” It is simple. We need to conceal from people the existing Divine method of nutrition. We need to have them consume food that does not accelerate, but, rather, slows thought down. That is the main condition. The rest is a chain reaction. The degradation of thought will bring a number of factors into play which will influence the speed of their thinking. Compared to us everybody else will be inferior.”

“How can we conceal what God offers to everyone?” “We promote the necessity of giving gratitude to God for what He offers.” “I have it. You have come up with a monstrous plan, but it is perfect. People will agree to give gratitude to the Creator and will not see anything wrong with it. We shall think up rituals to draw people away from God’s first-hand creations. People will be thinking that they are giving God thanks. But the more time they spend on giving thanks, gathering around the idols we think up, the less communication they will have with God’s own creations, and the farther removed they will be from information coming straight from God. “They will be receiving information from us, but imagining it is God’s will. Their thought will go off in the wrong direction. We shall lead it in the wrong direction.”

Centuries passed, and people spent more and more time on the rituals thought up by the priests, thinking all along that they were simply paying their respects to God. At the same time people communicated less and less with the Creator’s first-hand creations and, consequently, no longer had access to the information of the Universe in all its fullness – God’s information. They caused God pain and suffering, all the while believing they were bringing Him joy.
– Ringing Cedars, Energy of Life, pg 66-67

But to understand reality; we need to reflect, contemplate. However, our prevalent way of life leaves precious little time for reflection, and so by default we use someone else’s definition of reality that has been imposed on us. rulers, who, you see, really do have a reason to hide.
– Ringing Cedars, New Civilization, pg 140

As long as people are content merely to listen to hints and not begin to think about the essence of life for themselves, society will never be free from its cycle of social upheavals. And Man will never be happy.
– Ringing Cedars, Rites of Love, pg 11

What I say will bring you more harm than good if you don’t begin to think for yourself
– Ringing Cedars, Rites of Love, pg 60

“I speak, and you listen, and instead of working out your own conclusions in your thought, you are merely taking note of mine.
– Ringing Cedars, Rites of Love, pg 60

The saddest part is that mankind today is losing its capacity for logical thinking. This is more than just a sad state of affairs. It is a most frightful epidemic, capable of transforming modern humanity into a bunch of mad rodents, devouring one another and destroying their own living environment. Suicide-rodents.

in losing the ability to think logically, the people of the Earth no longer are able to see and understand the unenviable situation they are being pushed into.
– Ringing Cedars, Rites of Love, pg 88

“If everybody who is trying to work out the solution today in their thought takes the hint as ‘gospel truth’, their thinking will immediately cease operations. Then they’ll be expecting even more hints. And you may be sure that the hints will come – in fact they’ll quickly pour down in showers upon them. That is precisely what is happening right now. People are getting hints right and left about what is healthy to eat and drink, how to dress, where the best resorts are, how to live, where to search for God. And what is the result? Life progressively gets worse. God created the order of the Universe with His thought, and He gave thought as a gift to Man. But somebody is constantly trying to bring it to a halt.”
– Ringing Cedars, Rites of Love, pg 210