Pleasure Trap Life Mottos Addendum

How many people do you know — whom are happy with things as they are, are happy living in their reality bubble — that are capable of seeing reality as it truly is and acting upon that knowledge to try to change it? Not many, but some do see yet continue along the false path anyways. They go about their days happy with their position, happy with the privilege and luxury of our little zone of comfortable living while others are not, and while the world is going downhill, and many places already are there and going further.



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Happiness can come from fulfilling a goal. Whatever your goal is, if you accomplish it, you will be satisfied and happy at the success. The success in overcoming challenges brings happiness for most. There is also the fulfillment of wishes or expectations that provide joy, among other stimulants to happiness. Many sayings and ideologies exist for this: following your “inner truth”, follow your “inner bliss”, your “inner guide”, your “vibration”, your “intuition”, follow your “call to adventure”, etc. The problem is we are deeply conditioned into falsities and distractions that prevent us from facing and dealing with reality correctly, to act on the wrongs that we are currently oblivious too.

I find these sayings and life-motto’s support such a false way of living by maintaining the ignorance of the most important, supreme, capital in life: Truth and Morality. These ideologies for life are considered the best: to just enjoy life, have fun, follow your bliss, and many other life motto’s. You don’t see or hear the people expressing those deceptive, infatuating, pleasure gratifying life-motto’s talking about Natural Law, Morality, or Truth as the Way and Path to joy and happiness for all, do you? No, they are focused on personal ideologies of inner “truths”, “bliss”, “adventures”, etc. Go skydiving, paint, make music, bungee jump, hiking, go on trips, travel, etc., become infatuated with the notion of “feeling alive”, and correlate that with “life” and “living”, as your purpose to fulfill these sensations of “feeling alive” in order to “live life”. Yes, those will all help to End Evil and Immorality, to face your demons and negative, to promote Truth and Morality in your life, to help others realize its importance… oh whoops, no they don’t! They just get you to be happy experiencing things, while ignoring what really matters, because guess what, your personal pleasure gratification and satisfaction DOES NOT MATTER compared to the importance of right vs. wrong, good vs. evil, of Truth and Morality. Zero importance by comparison. But, people don’t want to face this or understand it deeply. They want their “feel-good” pleasure gratification to continue, to hell with the Truth and Morality: “I am already honest and moral, I have better things to do than learn about Truth and Morality, that doesn’t interest me.”

The reason people think its just fine and dandy to go enjoy life and do whatever they want to make them happy, is because they live in insulated bubbles of reality due to false perceptual processing of the world they live in. We live in an illusion of falsity,  masking the reality of Truth we don’t want to face. People don’t see the true state and condition of the world and even their own lives. What else to do than enjoy life and focus on those close to you and your collective well-being and standard of living, right? We don’t need to improve ourselves, or our collective condition, just keep up the enjoyment of the pleasure trap and all the distractions the system provides for you. The system provides them all for that very reason, to keep you on the preselected pathways that promote more of the false way of living. Whatever you want, you can get. Anything with pleasure is available for our distraction from reality and the failure to live as an authentic, examined, substantive, essential True Self. That is why mental schisms develop, to cope with the false way of living, and depression develops from the inability to resolve the internal conflict we have within us. We aren’t even consciously aware of these internal conflicts due to not being consciously aware of reality or ourselves enough.