Time, Attention & Learning the Moral Baseline

Shouldn’t the goal be to get people to understand the prime, capital, chief importance in life? So that we can build from there? Properly? Correctly? To actually be united from the ground up? Doesn’t that sound like a very sound and wise thing to do? What is the foundational, core, principle, prime, chief, most important capital? Truth and Morality!

To get people to understand Morality more deeply can show them the contrast between their own behavior and what Truth and Morality actually is. They can see themselves honestly and how they participate in creating evil (self-knowledge, self-respect, self-love, self-responsibility). Imagine the power and effectiveness in that! Stop your gossip, daily events, aliens, time travel, astral travel, remote view, hidden technology, free energy, what ever else talking, and think about focusing on talking about Natural Moral Law directly, or related subjects. These are subjects that directly relate to our participation in evil, but especially the core moral baseline: do no harm to others, all other animals, because they did you no harm and they have the right to life and freedom from you harming them. This is embodying and living in the Sacred Feminine, which coupled with the Sacred Masculine to Act, Stand and Serve Truth and Morality, is part of “enlightenment” and being in unity and harmony with Natural Moral Law.

Most people are indirectly engaging in a convoluted system of obfuscation and euphemisms to hide reality from view. Their participation in evil must be brought to light in order for them to possibly change. Imagine that focus we can create, and how quick the message would get out for real change, no distractions on secondary constructs, but focus on the prime moral baseline. This increase in tension and pressure is required for change to occur.

Morality is the baseline, everything else comes after that in importance. Spend time on learning the depths of Truth and Morality. We need to get priorities straight, what we are putting our “spiritual” currencies into, what are we paying attention to and spending time on. Greater degrees of understanding Truth and Morality are required to progress in True Unity, True Freedom, True “Spirituality”, True Enlightenment, True Happiness and True Evolution!