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Attachment to an erroneous belief construct used as a form of identification, self-image, self-worth, purpose, meaning, etc., is a deeply ingrained condition of the current human psyche. We identify who we are with roles we engage in. A standard topic brought in when meeting someone new, is to ask them what they do, their job, where they live, etc. We are identifying with the lower physical self, and always talking about physical occupancy matters or daily living, and not much of any real substance, such as deeper aspects of consciousness. We do this because many of us orient our lives around roles we identify with.

We think we are a teacher, a cop, a nurse, a CEO, a military officer, a politician, and that is our title. We do this career for a long time until we eventually retire. While we are doing it, we identify with it, and become attached to that thing we do. We are doing certain things, but it is not the totality of who we are. Identification with these illusions as defining who we are in life is ego based identification because it is focusing on the physical self and false belief constructs that we base our ways of living upon in the physical material world. We defend, excuse, and justify many things we identify with, regardless of whether those identifications are accurate, right, good and true or false, bad, wrong and inaccurate.

Our careers, companies, bosses, families, governments, nations, countries, sports teams, celebrities, religions, fashions, etc. are all examples of illusory belief systems people put their time and energy into and associate and correspond with an aspect of their identity and sense of self. We can be putting our time and energy into things that would actually produce positive results we all want, that are in alignment with what is right, good and true, when we understand the root causal factors and nature of the problem in order not to produce the same results. The current ways of living we choose to engage in are not conducive to what we truly want, but we continue to do the same things anyways.

Popular literature wants to convince people that they have to kill their ego, abandon it, cast it aside, etc. This view comes from seeing the ego as negative ,without any positive aspects. The negative ego attachments are what need to be cast aside because they are based on illusions, deceptions and lies. We all have an ego. What purpose does the conception we define as the ego serve? Our sense of ‘I’ is our ego-personality-identity construct. The ego is a tool we have for interaction with the physical reality we exist in. The ego also concerns itself with self-preservation of the organism, survival, defense, etc.

For example, if we were to walk through a forest and a tree branch breaks above us and is falling towards us. Our ego, our sense ‘me’-ness and ‘other’-ness enables us to distinguish the difference between ourselves and the various aspects of our environment. Without our ability to discern, identify, connect and separate, we would not recognize the other tree branch and it would fall on our heads. The ego is a tool for living in reality that allows us to see ourselves apart from the rest of reality. This way I can dress myself, feed myself, and live, instead of being unable to interact with my environment due to a lack of discernment of not being able to see myself apart from the rest of what ‘is’.

Separation, distinction, etc. are also regarded in a complete negative light by many popularizers of New Age pseudo-spirituality. We are free to see the separation, difference, distinction, etc., that exists because everything in universe has varying degrees of comparative similarity and difference. The issue with distinction, difference, etc. is when that becomes the focus in life and one is ruled by them, instead of simply recognizing them as extant. Focusing and being ruled by the differences in all that ‘is’, can lead to great negative consequences, such as those in our past and present who seek to control and dominate others. We are free to recognize distinction and similarity.

The comparisons that help determine the distinction, difference, sameness, similarity, etc. between various aspects of universe, are often avoided by those who fear the negatives that can arise. The negative that can arise from comparison, distinction, ego, identity, etc., is not the fault of the tool at our availability. The negative that can arise, from improperly using a tool, lies in our hands. We are the ones acting, doing, and putting energy into a particular tool. We are the ones that determine how the tool is used. We are the ones who use specific tools for specific circumstances. We can learn how to use a tool correctly, accurately, properly, etc.  Through our ignorance we use a tool ineffectively by not knowing all that it can do for us, and all it cannot do for us, how it works, where to use it, when to use it, and what to use it on. Trying to hammer in a nail with a screw gun doesn’t work. Trying to screw in a screw with a hammer doesn’t work either. Failure to use a tool effectively is our issue, our fault, not the tool’s fault that is here to help us perform certain functions.

Our failure to understand aspects of reality and ourselves (tools) is the reason we are not engaging, interacting and manifesting what we really want. What we really want, even if our ego-personality-identity selves are not aware of it at our particular levels of consciousness, is to be in alignment with our True Self, Higher Self and Higher Will, which is what is right, good and true. Ignorance of ourselves, our internal and external tools to operate in physical reality, is why we are where we are. It is the reason we walk false paths that are not more in alignment with Higher Will, Higher Self, goodness, rightness and trueness.

Currently, separation and difference rule many “hearts” and “minds”. This results in conflict, domination, control, etc. We are the ones who are creating the cultures we live in by choosing to exhibit certain actions, behaviors, habits, etc. As we are born, we are immersed into our environments of family, society, culture, etc. and we begin to accept and reject certain influences that act upon us through our interaction with our environment. This is how our ego-personality-identity construct comes into being. Our egos, personalities and identities get constructed primarily in our early years and become difficult to change later on. This conditioning and programming is written not by us, but by all the influences we experience that shape us in our formative years. We pick role models, movies, music, books, sports, dance, etc. and build a self-concept out of them. We identify with certain things more strongly than others, while others are sometimes strongly opposed. Those aspects we take into ourselves and identify with the most are, usually and unfortunately, those false belief constructs and illusions (because they are so prevalent) that prevent us from learning more about who we truly are, from self-knowledge, self-realization, self-actualization, etc.

Self-knowledge, self-realization, etc. is also about self-control. This is dominion over ourselves and sovereignty, instead of being ruled by something else.  Desires, likes, and attachments develop that can rule us if we do not have the self-control, self-discipline, etc. To have no control over our attachments has those attachments ruling over us. Our ego can similarly lack self-control and rule us, instead of being a tool for our use. Understanding the distinction between our physical body, along with our ego-personality-identity construct, and the higher Self and Will of higher-level awareness, allows us to release our attachments to false beliefs in illusions we base our identity, ego, self-concept, etc. upon and bring ourselves into greater alignment with sovereignty, self-dominion, etc. We can develop the courage and will to actively choose to change how we express our consciousness, to change who we are being by becoming, embodying, aligning, harmonizing, etc. with Natural Law, Higher Will, Higher Self, what is right, good and true. It is a big task, but there are many people who have altered their habits and behavioral programming to become better versions of who what recognize they want to be.

The ego also protects us from dangers encountered in our experiences, such as a predator or dangerous object in the physical world, or perceptions of being attacked by others that promote defensive responses. Currently, it seems the protective tool has usurped the entirety of the self, to keep our consciousness in lower base modalities of being and expression. Perpetual conditions of survival keep the consciousness in a lower state of self-preservation in the physical world, where the ego self will dominate over our capacity to align with the Higher Self. When survival and self-preservation are the dominant way of life (which is Satanism), then energy, thinking, acting and living is directed towards maintaining an existence instead of engaging in higher order consciousness functionality to bring greater understanding of the reality we are currently experiencing.

Satanism holds self-preservation as its central tenant. Survival is the most important law. You can do whatever you want to “better” your position of survival in society. This is Social Darwinism. Lift yourself up no matter who you step on to get there, because you have to make sure you get to survive by being on top, screw the rest, and that’s life. This thinking is based in the fear of death. They need to maximize their rate of survival through control, domination, exploitation, etc., in order to determine and often create the outcome they desire so that they are already in control of it when it comes into being. Recognizing the cycle of life, to get past the fear of death and overcome identification with self-preservation, leads to higher levels of consciousness.

There’s nothing wrong with ego and its ability to discern distinction and separateness, sameness and unity. The ability to differentiate also allows us to see the similarities between things as well as their differences, as opposed to seeing everything as one big web of energy where there is no distinction whatsoever. Like a hammer, it has applicability and needs to be used within the design parameters it was intended for. Compared to a hammer, we are now using a hammer to open doors ,and screwing screws, and change tires and it’s not working. The fear of survival, and exclusive perception with separation to promote survival and control, is the issue. The out-of-control hammer is doing things it shouldn’t, just like the ego is doing things and taking control of things it shouldn’t.

We can discover our Higher Self, Higher Will and Universal Cosmic Natural Moral Law from our current condition by shattering the barriers we ourselves have erected, put there by institutions around us, the generations before us, and the very system we live under. The system is perpetuated and fed by us and those before us who subscribe to the systems of belief that enable it. Our higher goals of peace, freedom, etc. are not being attained because we do not understand Natural Law and keep creating more self-inflicted suffering on the general worldwide scale.

The various forms of ego identification have us attached to many illusions and false beliefs. The illusions in the system are an extension of our identification with self-preservation. We think nature belongs to us and the whole system is there for us to achieve whatever we want. Conquest and exploitation is the general worldview of many people. We are actually a part of nature. Nature is not a dead mechanism for us to exploit. We are all on spaceship earth. To think one part of the body can harm another, and get away with it for long, is ludicrous. We are actually one of the animals that could be eliminated and everything would improve on the planet. Many others, like bees, would result in loss of pollination that would greatly affect our survivability. Our ego too,l is not being used correctly. We are cast in shadows of illusions.

Instead of attachment to illusions that are negative, disempowering and harm us, we can align with what is right, good, true, positive and empowering. We can replace attachment to what produces negative results, to attachment to what produces positive results.

Attachment to the physical body can be used to inform people about the health problems they may be unaware of. Attachment to money can be used to inform someone about the exploitive nature of the monetary system, or the possibilities of free energy can be introduced, since that would reduce the need to pay for an aspect of our lives we are accustomed to. But their attachment to certain ways of seeing things can also prevent them from perceiving the truth about what they are attached to.

Our attachments need to be recognized, identified, and worked with so that we can choose to de-identify and detach from what disempowers and brings us negative results we do not want, and instead align with real things that truly empower us to manifest what we say we want.

Admitting our mistakes and wrongdoings is very difficult at times. Abusers of intoxicating substances have trouble admitting their situation, imagine how hard it can be for someone to confront and acknowledge that their worldview is not based upon what is true. This is extremely difficult because our worldview is a part of our conception of reality. Reevaluating our sense of reality takes a lot of work, energy and courage. Most people prefer to adhere and remain attached to their sense of reality because it is much easier and comforting than to have one’s reality shattered into pieces. As uncomfortable and lost one may temporarily feel in this state, admitting wrong and destroying the lies we base our lives upon is necessary in order to align our perceptions with reality and rebuild ourselves and our view of the world in alignment with what is right, good and true, instead of blindly and tacitly accepting what we are told to be true.

The calcified rigidity of the ego and its attachment to currently accepted modalities of living and being, prevents an honest perception and appraisal of reality. Everyone who accepts, promotes, perpetuates, supports, etc. any institutionalized system (government, religion, police, military, etc.) is locked into ego identification.

Here is an example of how ego identification prevents someone from recognizing the truth by continuously engaging in excuses, justifications and defensive rationalizations in order to maintain attachment to their perception of reality and their self-perception, self-image, self-concept, etc. of seeing themselves as being “good”. A teacher would defend the institution of so-called education because they are involved in that institution. A government official or employee would defend government because they are engaged in its functionality and perpetuation. Perceiving reality honestly is not possible due to the blinding effect attachment with identity has. Through association, participation, correlation, etc., the person identifies an aspect of who they are with this role they have chosen to engage in. They view any negative portrayal of the institution they are a part of, as a negative portrayal of themselves to which the ego-personality-identity construct views as an attack on a component of the structure of who they are. If the institution is engaging in wrongdoings, and they support and perpetuate the existence of that institution, that means they are engaging in wrongdoings which they cannot accept and admit to. Their self-concept is that they are not someone who does wrong, but of someone who is a “good” person.

We are often blinded from seeing the truth of the illusions, deceptions and lies we have bought into because we have correlated and identified ourselves with them. Information is coming in that threatens to shatter our construct of reality, which threatens to disintegrate how we think of ourselves, and it makes us feel uncomfortable about ourselves. This information forces a reevaluation that many people are not willing to face. The process of cognitive dissonance emerges to deal with information that we perceive threatens us. We convince ourselves to accept what we wish and want to believe to be true and essentially deceive and delude ourselves into living in a pseudo-reality of illusions. Attachment to illusions we base our sense of self upon keeps us in denial and avoidance, making excuses, justifications, and defensive rationalizations to maintain the viability, in continued acceptance and attachment, to the lies we choose to buy into.

The roles we engage in are a part of who we are and we are responsible for what we choose to do in our lives, how we choose to live, etc. Engaging in false beliefs of illusions, deceptions, lies, etc. that have us creating our own suffering, is our choice. We can remain ignorant of how all of this functions, or we can educate ourselves out of the darkness and seek the light of truth to show us how wrong and misguided we are, so that we can correct our misaligned paths and get back on track. Attachment to negative/illusory modalities of consciousness, being, living, etc., does not put us in contact with truth, good, right, Natural Law and our Higher Self/Will.

The ego-personality-identity construct, having identified and attached to illusory false beliefs, is a principal force that prevents people from looking at the truth. The evidence is all around but it will not be accepted because of how it conflicts with currently comfortable, accepted and entrenched ways of living. The refusal to accept the truth is the refusal to accept who we really are and who we can be in alignment with, the higher Self and higher Will of Universal Cosmic Natural Moral Law.

We can learn. We can come to greater degrees of accurately understanding various truths. We may not be able to understand the totality of everything, or what some may refer to as the “mind of God”, but that recognition is not an excuse or justification to stop us from pursuing and empowering ourselves through attainment of Truth. Negative ego attachment has people believing whatever they want to believe and thinking they already know everything they need to know to get by in life, not needing to learn anything new from anyone else.

We can admit we don’t know, just as we can admit we are wrong. Elevating and evolving our consciousness by getting over ourselves, and our attachment to false identity constructs, allows us to recognize just how fooled and wrong we were and how much we don’t know. We can begin to seriously question and look into “who am I” apart from these illusions I based my identity upon? Our cups were formerly filled with illusions we maintained steadfast attachment to, but now that they have been emptied to a certain extent, we can reconstruct our understanding of who we are. Emptying the cup begins with admitting we are wrong and we don’t know. Gaining an accurate understanding of who we are can be done. People have and continue to understand the true psychology of how we function and who we are. We can’t simply adopt another belief or faith. We need to learn and validate things through our own understanding to determine whether it is true or not. We can learn from others who have changed themselves into greater alignment with what is good, right and true, and see that process of change work in our own lives.

The attachment to identity is very strong. We all want to have a secure conception of ourselves that we are comfortable with to get us through life. Releasing attachment to the importance of having a happy feel-good comfortable self-image is empowering, because it allows us to face the truth in all its beauty and horror, negative and positive, light and dark, instead of burying our heads in the sand trying to sustain a self-deceptive delusion of ourselves, to validate the current condition and not need to take the time, energy and effort to change anything. Freedom from the illusions we base our false identity upon is possible if we choose to understand ourselves more. We can face reality and ourselves in full honesty and self-respect to see the truth of our shadow, darkness, demon, and negative. Through recognition of the causal factors that create our collective self-inflicted suffering we can have the courage to develop the will to evolve, change, heal, purify, sublimate and transmute ourselves in alignment, harmony and unison with what is right, good and true, with Universal Cosmic Natural Moral Law, the Higher Self and Higher Will.

lost to understand, know thyselfOne of the scariest positions to be in is not knowing who we are. We are so identified with the physical, and the correlations and associations between ourselves and everything else, that when our connection to identifying with something else is broken, shattered, dissolved, etc., we find ourselves without the previous identifier to give us an anchor for understanding how we think of ourselves. It leads to an identity crisis. There is a big ball of uncertainty inside. We then feel lost. Feeling lost and not knowing who we are is an important step towards learning the truth about ourselves and letting go of deceptions. I may not know everything about myself, but I have learned a great deal about who and what I am not, and have let go of those attachments to illusions I had my sense of self tied to. It has been and continues to be very liberating.

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