Attachment to Concepts

Whatever we invest our time in, we will develop an attachment towards. The more correspondence we develop towards substantiating a concept, the more we will be attached to upholding its veracity.

People can believe in bullshit and not let go because they have found many corroborating particulars to sustain its maintenance. Many people induce and impose a belief based on loose corroboration with reality. They have yet to encounter contradictory information that is more solid and will shatter the weak foundation based on falsity that they use to validate other falsity they accept. Accepting negative knowledge leads us on a false path, in the wrong direction. Only by revising our conceptions can we continue to be vigilant and push forward in Truth.


Those who refuse to doubt, question, and revise their own concepts, are doomed to stay stuck in negative knowledge of various kinds, walking in various wrong direction, walking on a false path, even if they have some things right. A single falsity accepted as Truth can lead you completely off course. Think critically about information, especially about the previous information you have accepted as valid and true when you come up against contradictory information.

Attachment to Concepts

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