Psychopathic Living

Psychopaths continue to exist and dominate because we allow them to do so. We allow them to exist because the psychopathic way of life has become our way of life. The only way to remove the psychopathic modalities of living is to align ourselves with Truth and Morality and learn to live in right, good and true ways. Psychopaths sold us their way of life, and people bought into it. The only way their behavior is acceptable is because we allow it to be acceptable. If we become more Moral, REAL, authentic, essential, substantive, human beings, with evolved consciousness, then we can get rid of the psychopathy in society by getting rid of it in ourselves and helping others do the same. The psychopaths are not models of the “survival of the fittest”. The greatest evolutionary survival is co-operation. That is how the fittest survive. Not dog-eat-dog immoral moral relativism. That does not ensure survival. That ensures chaos and destruction. Once we change ourselves and no longer accept the psychopathic modalities of living, then we will not give psychopaths any more power through how we act, how we live, what we buy, etc. We give them our power, we BUY into the lies that they SELL us. We need to stop buying the bullshit.

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