Moral Ownership

Do you own your body? Yes. If you said no, you are diseased in “mind” and “heart”. Who owns your body if not you?

Do you own other people’s bodies? No. If you said yes, you are diseased in “mind” and “heart”. Who owns one’s body except for the conscious being that operates that animal body for its whole duration in existence?

Other animals have bodies. Other animals have blood, brains, hearts, etc. Other animals feel desire, pain, suffering, anguish, joy, happiness, etc.

Do you own the body of a nonhuman animal? No. If you said yes, you are diseased in “mind” and “heart”. Every animal has the right to own and control itself, to be free and have the right to life, free from the degenerate predation and dominator mind-virus imposed by human animals who do not need to live in that immoral way. We have higher order consciousness and responsibilities that comes with that gift and power: to know Morality and act in alignment, harmony and unity with it. Knowledge of right and wrong, good and evil, puts a great responsibility on that power. Create a Heaven, or create a Hell. Your actions matter, clean up your act. Evolve consciousness, care, compassion, empathy, conscience and morality.

Plants are not animals. Get over it.

The Predatory Dominator System
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