My “Freedom”, My “Truth”, My “Life” and My “Survival”

Is freedom, truth, life and survival only about you?

Many of us say we want freedom. What are we saying and what are we doing?

We want the “freedom” to do what we want to do. We want the “freedom” to pursue entertainment, gratifications, pleasures, and other appearances and distractions. “Real freedom? I just want my personal ‘freedom’, not all that other work for everyone’s freedom.”

Many of us say we want truth. What are we saying and what are we doing?

We want the “truth” that allows us to do what we want to do. We want the “truth” that brings us comfort and convenience. “Real truth? I just want my personal ‘truth’, I’m not concerned.”

We want these things so that we can “live” and “survive” however we want. When we focus on that way of thinking, we aren’t interested in truth, but belief believed to be “true”. The belief of believing whatever we want to believe so that it justifies what we want to do.

Are we interested in what is right, good and true for all, or only for ourselves?

Many of us seem to mostly (or even only) want to be responsible for the freedom and survival of our own little bubbles, in our geographic zones of comfort, living in an unreality of ignoring or denying what is happening in reality.

The structure of the system and way of life promotes an expectation and entitlement to have the wealth and luxury that others have. We want to “climb up” the social strata.

We see the “happiness” and “luxury” of their lives, and are infatuated with the affection we have towards it. This desire, want and wish develops into an attachment and craving for that image of “happiness” and comforting wealth we have in our minds.

We want to have more than what we have. By comparison others have more, and we feel entitled to have the same amount as them. The comfort, convenience and opulent status symbols needs to be mirrored so we can feel like we match up or surpass their facade and appearances of material “happiness”. We have an illusory sense of “being better” because we “have more” things in our lives.

We work within the system to climbing the ladder. We want to have more, so that instead of being servants to others, we can reach a position were we are served upon.

This is how the covert, hidden and occulted slavery of the modern era is perpetuated by us, the willing servants. We strive to climb to be master of the plantation so that we don’t have to do as much work as others while reaping more and more. This ensures the cycle continues.

We willingly submit as indentured servants, happy in our servitude and enslavement in the system of co-dependence. We put the chains on ourselves, ensuring that we remain in place in learned helplessness, and unable to effectuate any real, lasting, true change.

We can develop the courage to look at the darkness, shine a light, and learn to let go of our attachment to illusions.

We need to look at freedom, truth, life and survival beyond our own personal lives and bubbles of reality (or unreality). We can encompass a larger circle of care, compassion, empathy, conscience and morality. These capacities are undeveloped and “deadened” within many of us, in our current condition of conditioning into falsity. Recognizing the suffering of others can have us care about reality more, and care for truth more so that we can understand why there is suffering and how to reduce that suffering.

That is the way and path to get the true freedom and peace for all.

Thank you for your time and attention! I appreciate the knowledge reaching more people. Take care. Peace.

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