The Problem-Solution Ignorance Loop

Some people want solutions. When you talk about solutions, they don’t understand how they can work, or reject them outright. Some people can’t handle solutions yet because they are still attached to maintaining the current way of living.

Then you try to talk to them about the problem so they can understand what is wrong and why it needs to change and what it can change into, they don’t want to learn, they want to hear something else, they want to keep holding onto their current convenience and yet demand solutions from you that they don’t want to accept, nor can they accept.

This goes around in circles. People need to work on understanding themselves, because they know nothing about how their consciousness operates in reality. Psychology and reality processing to arrive at Truth are the foundations most people are lacking. If people can understand these foundations, they will be able to see reality more clearly and begin to see the problems that require real solutions that work. Mind control is the problem that prevents them from seeing the problems or wanting the solutions.