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Lockdown Goalpost Moving: Curve Flattened, Hospitals Ready, Yet More ‘Reasons’ for Lockdown

In learning how to think, logic is important. Learning about logical fallacies helps one understand and recognize errors in reasoning/thinking. This applies to the thinking that we or others do. The moving goalpost is a popular logical fallacy. Moving the goalposts is an informal fallacy in which evidence presented in response to a specific claim is dismissed and some other (often greater) […]

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Do what we say or millions will die!

A message from our humble overlords leaders: “We have some troubling news to give you. We are faced with a artifical threat none of us have faced in our lives. But if we stand united, we will overcome this adversity and emerge stronger than before in our commitment to destroying preserving freedom, life and happiness.” Leaders everywhere go on to describe how a threat, X, is […]

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COVID-19 Scamdemic as Steroids for World Government/NWO Control Grid

The push for a globalized new world order under a world government is seeing increased exposure int he media as a result of the coronavirus artificially created fear-hype panic instituted by the mainstream media. James Corbett does a good job of showing some top figure-heads coming out with rhetoric to try to mold the perception of the masses to accept greater globalization, […]

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‘Pandemic’ Drones to Surveil Population for Infection by Detecting Cough, Fever, Heart Rate

With the fear-hype panic for viruses in full swing, the surveillance state is ready to push forward again and introduce more spying. This time, via robots and cameras. One such product developed by drone manufacturer DragonFly, will determine fever, cough detection, respiratory rate, heart rate and blood pressure. The goal, as stated by a company spokesperson in the video below, […]

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Turning Point for Humanity? Will the ‘Safety Measures’ for COVID-19 Be Reversed, or Has the New Control Grid Arrived?

I look around at how people are reacting in fear, and how they are so willing to do what the government says. Compliant consent to the information being fed to them by the mainstream media, and how to behave. Then I see how people are calling police on their neighbors because too many people are attending a child’s birthday party. […]

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Caring for Truth and the Responsibility to Learn

A large part of who we are as an ego-personality-identity self-construct, is socially engineered through our environment. Conformity to the standardized norms of acceptability imbues a certain pattern of thought and behavior. Our conditioning into a certain pattern and way of living produces a level of consciousness. Are we living responsibility if we continue to live through our unthinking, programmed […]

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