Logic, Contradiction and Unity

Logic recognizes contradiction, the real disunity and opposition. Speaking the logic of truth to correct the illogical manifestations brought forth into reality, is the only way to get people to stop manifesting those illogical constructs. It’s not “disunity”, but an actual attempt to bring real, actual, true unity through the only way possible: non-contradiction. Showing people their contradictions by holding up an honest mirror of themselves to see, is required for them to truly face themselves as they are currently choosing to be. This can require a belligerent vitriolic truth to be spoken for someone to face. Contradictions are what they are, and they can hurt you if you engage in them. By your own actions, you judge yourself. Someone else is shining the light on your darkness, trying to get you to do something about it. Do you want to live in fear of the ignorance you have of your own self? Or do you want to become more integrated with reality, and then develop more integrity by correcting your contradictions?

Additionally: Being logical is to recognize contradictions, in order to bring things back to the balance of truth, in equilibrium, congruent and consistent as a reality. If someone says they are X, but they do Y, and being X means negating doing Y, then they are a living contradiction, living in contradiction. If you say you are about love, peace, respect, etc., but then you pay for others to murder animals for you to eat, then you are living a contradiction, living illogically, irrationally, in conflict with yourself. Your self-image does not match the real self you currently are. Until you live what you speak about yourself, then you are in conflict with yourself, in self-opposition. If you say you live one way, but actually live another way, then you are a pretender, phony, liar, poser, faker, who is saying you are one way, but actually are another way, with your actions betraying your own words about yourself. You can’t see how you lie to yourself, because you aren’t being honest with yourself in the mirror, to see yourself as you are currently being.

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