Stopping Evil Is More Important Than Starting Good

The central component, that many people ignore, is the importance of facing the negative, because it holds the key to change our reality. Only by facing the negative, can you remove it, and truly heal. That is why stopping to do what is WRONG, is MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than starting to do something right. If you stop ALL the wrong actions, then all that is left is neutral actions, and right actions. Seek to know and understand the evil and negative. It is the only way to overcome it, by understanding it at the root causal foundations and then be in an empowered position to do something about it. Fear, ignorance, avoidance, denial, dismissal and deflection, of the negative, evil, darkness, demon and shadow we create into the world, is the path to perpetuating evil by our own hands. Face the mirror in truth, or be a coward!