Cogs in the Machine – Willing Slaves to Feed the Golem

Our constructibility is directed towards the available market of employment to provide us with monetary compensation for work done. We could be putting our time, attention and energy into truly furthering humanity, but we are being directed into specific avenues of progression towards an end people do not see.

Most jobs are useless and only provide a market for imbalanced reciprocal exchange of currency in order to allow for each person involved in an aspect of the system to continue to survive within the system. No one can own anything outside of the system. No one can survive outside of the system because of the coercive requirement to continually pay for the right to own something (if you don’t pay the various taxes for your “property”, then you lose it).

No one can use land to live independently, because you have to “pay tribute” to the system for the “right” to use that land. Therefore, you can’t grow your own food freely, you can’t live in your own home freely, and you ultimately can’t survive if you do not integrate into the system. Because then you won’t have any money to pay for the things that are required to live as a serf, not truly owning anything for your survival.

The system does allow for a proxy of “freedom”, the freedom of exploitation, plunder, production and consumption to perpetuate the system of control. Those who learn how to work the system and its control, fulfill their ego’s and get the control and comfort that this system of dependency provides. Feeding the golem of system gets you on the top, above others, and more in “control” of the fulfillment of your wishes, wants and desires. It is very appealing for many spiritually devolved consciousnesses that get indoctrinated into perpetuating this system, feeding the golem.

We are fashioned into universal constructors. One unit, one person, is capable of being placed into a particular position, a cog in the machine or hamster wheel of control and repetition, and perform their duties to ensure the operation of the golem system. Man is an effective work machine. Engender, indoctrinate and condition a disconnection and separation in the heart’s and mind’s ability to discern Truth and reality, and you have yourself, in most cases, a willing slave, happy in their servitude, living an illusion, unable to see the true condition they are living in.

Cogs in the Machine – Willing Slaves to Feed the Golem