Coronavirus Fear-Program to Control Humanity

Darkness is falling. We seem to be at a juncture that can shape the fate of humanity going forward.

Are we going to accept the state/government imposing it’s will upon us? Well, to be clear, we already are, and have been, long before the coronavirus. But, what I really mean by asking that then, is are we going to let it get worse with this manufactured problem-reaction-solution scenario we are facing?

What we are seeing develop though, is an even greater threat to control over humanity. It’s a potential threat to what it means to be human.

As Dr. Shiva posits in this video interview by Derrick Broze, we witnessing a greater push towards medical tyranny and control over the human body.

There are big names and organizations pushing for vaccine to be administered for this overall non-threatening virus that only poses a greater risk to certain people, just like the flu poses a greater health risk to certain people. But they don’t care about informing those people about their health risk, and offering them a vaccine. They want to impose a vaccine on everyone, with social and economic consequences if you don’t take it.

The agenda to force injections into people is what we have been witnessing in recent years, and the coronavirus concocted panic is driving that agenda forward more rapidly. Despite the known harms that can result from the use of existing vaccines, this new vaccine will be pushed through without proper testing.

This establishes a precedent for medical tyranny over humanity by imposing injections of who knows what. We are simply told to trust the benevolence of the medical experts and big pharma masters to do what is best for us, that these injections are necessary, for our own good. They already tell us that vaccines are safe, yet they aren’t as demonstrated by official DOJ reports on vaccine injuries. We are just blind ignorant fools who trust what the authorities want us to believe.

The mandating of vaccines will create a top-down control of our blood stream, injecting what they want without, denying our free will to not have whatever (aluminum, mercury) injected into our bodies. The top-down control is not only over what goes into our blood from injections, but also over our movement, to control how and where we can go.

This degree of control over our lives, brings us closer to being robots, who are told what to do and when. This level of control makes it more feasible for the control grid agenda to be set up, without the need for actual robots to control people. A silicon-based being would probably cost a lot more to manufacture than making turning humans life into robot-like or machine-like living conditions. Control over carbon-based beings is cheaper at this point.

The dominators and controllers are pushing the agenda to control our movement even more. It’s already being done effectively pre-coronavirus, just look at China. China has over 200 million cameras to watch over and control their people, with a social credit score system to reward or punish the humans who do or don’t act like the robots the governments wants them to be. People who fail to abide by the dictates of the scientific dictatorship are denied the right to travel (movement).

China is a great model on how to use technology to make people fall in line like robots. Fear of losing government-granted “privileges” after they have stripped people rights away, degrading their humanity. This is already demonstrating the change to what it means to be ‘human’.

Fear is the mind killer. Fear prevent critical thinking, as you focus on a threat to your survival. Fear is the avenue used for mind control, and physical control. Fear already has some people thinking in different ways as a result of the induced coronavirus panic-hype. And more fearful thoughts will come. Such as:

  • “Yes, we need to get digital certificate to prove I don’t have coronavirus or X, Y, Z other ‘virus’, infection, disease, etc.”
  • “Yes, we shouldn’t be allowed to go the gym without having my thumb scanned to verify my digital certificate.”
  • “Yes, we should not be allowed to drive without my digital certificate.”
  • “Yes, we should not be allowed to go to work unless we have a digital certificate to prove we are safe.”

Some of the fearfully-‘reasoned’ ‘justifications’ will be:

  • “Do you want to crash the economy?”
  • “Do you want to hurt my children?”

We have a medical ‘educational’ system that doesn’t teach nutrition properly. The maniacal big pharma industry influences the mindset of previous and future doctors about how to ‘heal’ people who are sick with drugs, further teaching this mindset. The immune system and the role nutrition plays on it to have us properly fight invaders is being ignored. Doctors only know what they know, and many don’t know the importance of food to make the immune system healthy. When does your doctor ever tell you to eat certain plants to counteract some symptoms or make your body healthy to remove those symptoms? When do they tell you to take vitamins and minerals instead of pharma pills?

These are the ‘experts’ that most people blindly trust to take care of their health for them, rather than taking charge of their health themselves. Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food. This ancient wisdom is lost on many.

Originally posted on Hive, 4/9/2020 7:08 PM