Uncomfortable Truths

People want pleasure, not pain. They want comfort and convenience, not uncomfortable truths. People do not want to talk about things that will confront falsity, wrongs and errors in the way they live, the things that will produce tension, pressure, conflict, and controversy. It takes us out of the “positivity” mask we blind ourselves with and puts us into the affective state of feeling the tension between the falsity and truth, between wrong and right. It is not only those who are confronted on their wrongs that feel the tension, those who call out the wrongs also feel the tension.

This is the burden of standing for truth, from little personal relationship squabbles, to wholesale paid-for wrong-action, such as is the case with statism, of the non-“vegan” participation in exploitation, enslavement, harm, violence or murder of other innocent nonhuman animal sentient beings that feel and have every right to life and freedom from human animal harm that we expect of each other. To pay someone to engage in a violent murderous act, or to do it yourself, still results in the same thing: over 50 billion land animals murdered each year for human predatory dominator mind-virus behavior that perpetuates evil. The action of shooting a gun into a head to murder a being or slicing a blade to slit ones throat and have blood pour out — done to a human animal or nonhuman animal — is the same action. The action is exactly the same, only the degree of violation changes, from the closer attachment to other human animals, to the greater care and compassion of understanding moral actions apply to all animals, not only human animals. To consider our actions towards all animals that think and feel, although differently than us but they still do, is agape greater true care wisdom that leads to right-action, such as “veganism”.

Uncomfortable Truths are antithetical to our desire for pleasure. They take us away from our false positivity masks, our “Feel-good” comfort and convenient worldviews and self-images about how “good” we are. We need to put aside our focus on seeking bliss, pleasure, enjoyment, happiness, etc. and really focus on the primacy of creating True Freedom, Peace, Happiness, Order, Spirituality, and anything good: Truth and Morality. That is the way out of the suffering we create for others and ourselves, even though many do not even understand how that is happening. Open your eyes, seek Truth and Morality above all else.

Pleasure Trap
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