Why Carnism? (Not Why Veganism)

Why do I harp on “veganism” to end evil? It is required to end all evil and create True Freedom and Peace. You cannot refrain from engaging in violent actions against some beings with your right hand, while still doing the same violent actions to other beings with your left hand, and think you are going to create True Freedom, Peace, Order, Harmony, Prosperity, and Evolution. Keep lying to yourself because you can’t face yourself in the mirror honestly in a detached objective mode to determine Truth and Morality correctly and then view your behavior honestly. You need to let go of the attachment to how you see yourself as “good” before you can let go of those programs of evil that have you engaging in immoral actions. Otherwise, all you see is “I’m good, I’m moral, therefore it is not true that eating animals is immoral.” You do not want to accept the Truth of reality you are participating in, much like Statists do not want to accept that Truth of harm and slavery. Carnists do the same thing. I was there, I know, the difference between me and you is I cared more for Truth and Morality than you do, so I got past my bullshit self-image and worldview, and recognized the Moral Truth and looked into it more to verify it was indeed a concrete Truth.

Most people already understand moral violations against human animals that have done no one any harm:

Do you know it’s immoral and evil to murder a human animal?
Do you know it’s immoral and evil to rape a human animal?
Do you know it’s immoral and evil to assault a human animal?
Do you know it’s immoral and evil to steal from a human animal?

Most people do not understand moral violations against nonhuman animals that have done no one any harm:

Do you know it’s immoral and evil to murder a nonhuman animal?
Do you know it’s immoral and evil to rape a nonhuman animal?
Do you know it’s immoral and evil to assault a nonhuman animal?
Do you know it’s immoral and evil to steal from a nonhuman animal?

Then why do you pay others (or do it yourself) to engage in these activities so you can eat a dead body, carcass, cadaver, corpse that you don’t need for survival? Even if there is no assault or rape by “better” farmers, their is still murder by choice by carnists for survival nutrient supply. And there is still stealing by choice by altered “vegetarians” for survival nutrient supply. Both of these groups can survive without animal products they take from others.

The immoral action does not need to be engaged in, but they continue to choose their personal desires over the life of another sentient animate being that has every right to life and freedom they do. Satanism holds self-preservation and survival as the highest tenant. What you do to others matters less that how good it is for you. That is a psychopathic mindset. Carnists are living out the program of Satanism and psychopathy from the predatory-dominator system we are accustomed to, and of domination, exploitation, enslavement, violence, harm and murder, not of human animals, but of the other voiceless and defenseless nonhuman animals.

Only the development of True Care, Care for Truth, Morality and other beings, can lead to the greater wider care of agape, and the understanding of ahimsa, to do no harm because we don’t need to and we don’t have the right to. That is the Sacred Feminine we can grow to harmonize more with. We are higher order beings with higher order consciousness who can live up to that potential in higher order moral living. Or we can choose to remain attached to our animalistic, carnal, beastly, lower base consciousness capacities, to pretend we are not responsible to know Morality and act accordingly in all our behavior, to go all the Way in Truth, to pretend we can be “amoral” by ignoring Natural Moral Law, to pretend our choices magically override and wash away the nature of our immoral actions. Survival is a choice, not a moral overriding justification that makes everything “right”.

Here are dualistic frameworks about our reality and where carnism fits in. SeekĀ  Truth and it will set you free. You have to be objective and not be attached to yourself.

Reality -vs.- UnReality
Truth -vs.- Falsity
Substance -vs.- Appearance
Authentic -vs.- InAuthentic
True Self -vs.- False Self
Right -vs.- Wrong
Good -vs.- Evil
Evolution -vs.- Devolution
Veganism -vs.- Carnism
Individualism -vs.- Collectivism
Morals -vs.- Ethics
Anarchy -vs.- Statism
Responsibility -vs.- Abdication
Natural Law -vs.- Man’s Law


  • Excellent article. I’d just like to point out for the reader regarding what the author, Kris, refers to as “dualistic frameworks”…. keep in mind that within these frameworks, the untruth side Always outweigjts the truth side 99.9% untruth, unreality, mans law, etc. to .1% truth, reality, natural law, and so on.

    It can appear that the duality is a balance but that is merely a perceived illusion in and of itself. Because the fact is that the way of truth is not complicated whereas its antithesis has hordes of tentacles smothering the narrow road.

    Nature is simple, singular, common sense, and right whereas mental constructs are volumous, complicated, and lead to some form of violation against life, freedom, and property.

  • Thanks. And great comment!

    “the untruth side Always outweigjts the truth”

    This is a very important point about the negative, of which I explained in part in the article Falsity and Evil, and will explain in more detail in the coming weeks or months, maybe with the Trivium presentation I will do.

    The wide easy path is also akin to the false path, as it wanders and wavers from the narrow hard trying path of Truth and Morality, the Right Way and Path. When we talk as well, we can wander and waver from the Truth, trying to jump through the various mental gymnastics and barrier hoops people have erected in their minds, to placate their delicate sensibilities, or we can simply speak the Truth as it is that may be hard and uncomfortable to hear.

    The mental constructs can be far off from the natural reality, that is why we must work to observe and interpret correctly so that out map correctly represents the territory we are seeing.

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