Left and Right-Brain Aversion to Judgments

Left-Brain Pseudo-Skepticism
Those into left-brain dominance, may become rigid skeptics, and end up not choosing many things as right or wrong in this “skeptic” delusion. They may have an aversion to “value judgments” and invalidate any premise that uses such judgments. “Value judgments” are those based in morality, i.e. right and wrong. Morality is not objective to them, so all these morals are subjective and cannot be used in “rational” thought about reality. They often relegate emotions to mere “feelings” about a situation.

Right-Brain Pseudo-Spiritual Oneness
The false spiritual blanket of “positivity” and infatuating beliefs, such as “All is One”, can lead people to attempt to coerce themselves into a false blind “unity” in this concept of “oneness”, no division, no comparison, etc. Hence, no judgment of right and wrong actions, i.e. no morality. Any judgment they see as creating division will be deemed “wrong” because it is against their “oneness”, “unity”, “harmony”, “peace”, and other false conceptions.

Both types say it’s “wrong” to use those moral judgments. They both deflect from the core morality of reality by trying to invalidate the legitimacy of morality in life, as though making moral judgments is a “negative”. Ironically, they think this limitation in judgments helps them see reality more “clearly”, but the opposite happens and they end up with a more cloudy, confused and obfuscated understanding of reality and the ability to navigate it correctly.

Mind and Heart, Left and Right Brain