Do what we say or millions will die!

A message from our humble overlords leaders:

“We have some troubling news to give you. We are faced with a artifical threat none of us have faced in our lives. But if we stand united, we will overcome this adversity and emerge stronger than before in our commitment to destroying preserving freedom, life and happiness.”

Leaders everywhere go on to describe how a threat, X, is bearing upon humanity. Experts have weighed in with their white coats, and they are giving testimony as to the credibility and certainty of the threat. If nothing is done, the consequences will be dire. Fear is gripping the minds of the masses and the media makes sure the people believe the threat is very real and very big.

But rest assured, the leaders and the experts have a solution. You must do what they say, and everything will be ok. The sooner we do that they say, the less bad it will be. Millions of lives will be lost if we don’t do what they say. You must do it. You must accept the loss of your rights and freedoms if we are to overcome these tragic times. It’s only temporary though, all will return to normal after the threat has passed.

Over the next few days, leaders give out new orders, commands and dictates for all people to follow. These are new “safety measures”, rules, new “laws”, that everyone must obey. If not, the noble protectorate guardians (hired thugs a.k.a. police) will have to come around and take you away in restraints for the good of society. We need unity (obedience) in these fearful times. Don’t set a bad example for your fellow citizens. Those who disobey are a threat to us all. They must fall in line or be removed so that everyone else can be safe.

Some lives are lost, but it’s the same amount of lives lost as last year or the year before from similar problems in society. It’s not a huge threat as the experts made it out to be. The only difference was no threat was declared, where leaders declared emergency powers to strip the rights and freedoms from the population.

Other experts begin to question the state-approved experts that appear in the media, but they are ignored. Their testimony is not as important, and is even deemed to be false information by the Ministry of Truth and their fact-checkers.

Leaders then come back to give more messages to the people:

“My great people, I am so proud to dominate and control serve you. You have shown great submission strength and compassion for each other. Thanks to all of you cowardly brave people, we have avoided great suffering. Thanks to your obedience compliance with my orders policies, millions of lives have been saved. Some of you have doubted and disregarded our control wisdom. But luckily the majority have not. And the millions of lives saved are proof of the correctness of what we asked you to do. These measures have saved the lives of millions.”

“It’s heartwarming to know that when faced with such a great threat to our world, we can count on you the people to listen to us, the controllers experts, and do what we command ask. We are enslaved united, and will overcome all future made-up threats together as we have recently. As such, some of the new draconian safety measures we have put in place will remain as a precaution to ensure we are not taken by surprise ever again. I know I can count on you to stand obedient united once again as we ensure the control safety of all and keep everyone alive.”

i.e. Do what we say, or millions will die. See, you did what we told you to do, and millions didn’t die. If you didn’t do what we said, millions would have been dead. This proves we were right all along, and that we saved you all from dying. You need to keep listening to us and doing what we tell you to do.

This is what ancient priests did.

“The sun is being devoured by a giant sky serpent. It is a sign of the end of the world. Only I can save you. You must obey me. I will defeat the serpent if you pledge loyalty to me.”

The priest does a little ritual and the eclipse passes with the sun returning to shine bright. The people are safe once again and rejoice.

Originally published on Hive, 4/21/2020 9:53 PM

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  • So funny because it’s so true. They pulled the same old sh** on 9/11.

    We’ve already had a self-appointed do-gooder in our neighborhood, tattling on people at a local restaurant because there were too many, too close, and not wearing masks. She was only trying to help the customers and owner for their own safety. The owners asked her to leave and mind her own business. She called the police non-emergency number to get compliance. Nothing came of it. Then she posted her wonderful actions to the neighborhood to gain support. No one supported her, and boo-hoo, everyone misunderstoods her. She was forced to shut the thread with her tail between her legs. GOOD!
    Not the first time my area neighbors have done this. We comprise of an older generation and most of us see the brainwashed clearly. One young woman complained about a homeless man sleeping on a park bench across her street, making it unsafe and unsightly. Whatever. Feed him. Offer him a blanket or sleeping bag. Some people were very nice about correcting her offense, but no one put up with it, explaining homelessness to her. Even the police did nothing but ask him to move, whereas he was back the next day. That’s when we found out about her crises (what should I do, neighbors?). So we gave her solutions: help the man.

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