Learn from Falsity

Interacting with other people allows us to see what they do and say. People will show you their falsity, which allows you to think about and analyze things that contrast, and develop a greater degree of understanding about certain aspects of reality, such as psychology for instance. It also enables us to understand and see more of ourselves and the falsity we are attached to.

We learn from others whether they are in the right or wrong. If they are in the right, they show us the Right Path. If they are in the wrong, they show us the Wrong Path. If we can discern truth from falsity, we can learn from either experience: learn about the false as well as the truth.

Learning about the wrong way is helpful, we learn what not to do. And we sure have plenty of examples of the wrong way of living.

Additionally, seeing the wrong actions or wrong thoughts that people engage in reveals underlying psychological motivations, barriers to realization and recognition of truth, that have them accepting this falsity, and staying attached to it.

Learn from the truth and falsity, and teach about the truth and falsity.

Discover, Realize and Actualize Truth

We all have so much potential and value. We are kept from the actualization and realization of truer, higher and realer potential versions of ourselves through acceptance and attachment to falsity. Attachment to falsity keeps us trapped as falser lower versions of who we can be.

The process of discovering Truth helps to bring us into greater degrees of self-realization and self-actualization with truth to embody our fuller potential and value as human beings.

Face Yourself by Seeking the Path and the Way

The Right Path and Way to live is that which is in alignment with Moral Law/Truth. I do not walk the path, or try to show others, in order to make friends. I’m not trying to be likable and make people “feel-good” about themselves. However the understanding I share can certainly empower you, and that does feel good in an authentic way to the core of our being. This happens when we find great awakening truth. Understanding more about the complexity of reality, consciousness, and our actions together (morality) brings great joy to my life.

You don’t make friends by I telling people things they don’t want to hear about reality. That doesn’t get people to identify with you, to connect with you, to like you, especially if you tell people things about themselves they don’t want to hear. We are often walking on eggshells around people, being fake with smiles, positivity masks, rosy colored glasses, avoiding conflict, controversy, friction, and tension. It takes us away from our “feel-good” infatuation and trap. Our social success depends on others liking us, and this affects of survival in society at large. Speaking hard truths does not tend to make you popular, not in a positive way at least.

However, those that are on the same goal and objective of finding truth no matter what it is, the “alchemical” and “spiritual” journey to understanding greater aspects of truth, will appreciate information about what is wrong. They are ready to admit what is wrong and also look at themselves in the mirror to see what’s wrong in their own lives.

What matters is truth in general, and the moral, authentic, real, true, maa (Maat) life we can all choose to lead and live by example.

The truth may not be what you want to hear, but it’s what you need to hear to change.

It’s time to face ourselves in the mirror and heal, purify, evolve, better and improve ourselves into better version than we were before. Those that can’t handle being shown falsity are not walking the same Path and Way as those that are. Walk the path of truth with those who understand it’s importance. The others don’t want to join you, but the goal is to show them to importance of truth in life by talking about truth.

This can mean you walk a lonely, solitary path. Most people fear being alone, alienated, ostracized, shunned, etc. for speaking out against the popular ideas in society. We keep ourselves imprisoned. We are our own worst enemies. Truth is the way out of the cage.

Do you want the truth?

The government tries to keep us dumbed down because we alleged “can’t handle the truth”.

Indeed, some people can’t handle the truth. They avoid, deny, reject, ignore, dismiss and refuse to accept or look at much of reality honestly.

But if we want to, we can begin the best, greatest, most wonderful, amazing and joyous journey that feeds our deep yearning for truth in life. Truth is the food of the “soul” (i.e. consciousness, psyche, etc.).

Climb the mountain! Start the journey if you haven’t already. Care for, and seek, TRUTH.

Thank you for your time and attention! I appreciate the knowledge reaching more people. Take care. Peace.