Care for Other Beings and Ourselves

Care for other beings helps us to care more for ourselves. Caring only for ourselves is not caring for others, nor is it really for ourselves, nor our True Selves.


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Self-care/”love” and self-betterment result from caring about yourself and others.  Nutrition and health comes from it.  I didn’t embody self-“love” and a desire to fully better myself more until I understood the truth about the wrong in eating animal flesh.  It seems I needed to care for others in a greater capacity that led me to care more about myself, whereby I desired to improve my own health and life after I focused and realized the rightness of no harm and no violence toward other animals that have mothers, faces, ears, eyes, brains, bones, hearts, etc.

I repeat:  I did not care for my own health and what I ate, even though I was aware of some of the bad things I ate, until I cared about the other species in the animal kingdom to the extent that I would no longer participate and consent to the enslavement, harm, violence or murder of them for food.  Caring more about the other beings, helped me care more about myself.  It brought me closer to self-care/”love”, betterment and improving myself (which lead to greater external care/”love” as well, greater than the initial care/”love” for other beings that brought me to care more for myself).  If you don’t care about the body-vessel hosting your consciousness, then you don’t truly care/”love” yourself. Also, selfish care only for yourself is not true care/”love” for yourself or True Self, as it is void of the care/”love” for other sentient animate beings.

Once you “get it”, once it clicks, you understand what I am talking about. Of course, care comes in degrees as well, and developing care to a high enough degree can take time, effort and energy. That is an important realization to come to, thankfully there are many people who have already realized this and share their insights.  It is thanks to people speaking this information on animals, that I was able to understand this as well. My own changes in actions and behaviors has brought me closer to this understanding in my core being as well.

It is a battle, and there are many temptations and tribulations of the body and mind, such as the 5-sense illusions of taste-buds dictating what we eat: animal flesh, sugars, processed foods; convenience: animal-flesh, processed foods; and conditioning: animal-flesh as “necessary” to be healthy. We validate and substantiate our behaviors through pleasure-seeking and gratification of the “feel-good” sensations of many kinds. We validate wrong behavior that contributes to the harm of other beings as well as ourselves because we are enamored and infatuated with our senses and satisfying the enjoyment they bring us. These enjoyments of pleasure-seeking act as a detriment to our evolution in consciousness by becoming distractions that prevent us from recognizing the truth about what they are doing.

It comes down to the realization that what we are doing is: “I am selfish and I want what is yours, and I will kill you for it.”  It is really that simple once you take the time to think, contemplate, reflect and feel it through.  You can meditate on it too, but people I know who meditate seem oblivious to this truth and ignore it because its inconvenient to their “feel-good” preference of their current existing modalities of living, they don’t want to face the mirror in honesty. Meditation helps them escape the truth more and more. It becomes an obsession and dependence, equating mediation with spiritual evolution, even though meditation is not at all required to evolve consciousness.

Animals are living, breathing, seeing, feeling, have mothers and fathers, have faces, they are in so many ways like us more than they are not like us, as plants are vastly different by comparison.  The mindset of separation and disconnection is what prevents us from realizing what we are doing.  The mind-virus of disconnection and separation to cause harm to other humans is traced back to first engaging in that harm on nonhuman sentient animate beings. That lack of care then spreads. The alternative is to not care that much about the will and desire of animals to live just as we do, to not care about their right to live, and to not care about the actions and behavior we engage in to participate, consent and support the ongoing violence, harm, enslavement or murder in our lives.

It is easier to forget about being a better version of ourselves, to improve our lives and the lives of other sentient animate beings, to align with Truth, Love, Good, Right, Morality, etc., and just keep doing things as we have been conditioned to do.  It is easier to accept things as they are, and go on as things currently are.  To change requires effort.  It requires dedication, determination, persistence and energy, and people are loathed to do that. They do not have true Care developed. Our habits and behaviors become conditioned in us to the point where they become actions based on reflexed conditioning, as opposed to actions based on thoughtful reflection and contemplation in alignment with what is right, good and true ways of living.  Doing whatever we want at our current conditioned level of conscious awareness, vs. doing the right thing to help us evolve consciousness.  The temptation to go on doing what our parents and society have told us to do is more appealing than figuring out if those indoctrinated behaviors are worth keeping or changing.  Many prefer to ardently defend and remain attached to the status quo.  It takes time and effort, curiosity and a desire to learn and understand more.  We don’t take enough time to think about what we are actually doing, because we are often too busy with the many distractions available in our lives, especially those insidious “feel-good” pleasure-seeking traps that play off our base brain, carnal instinctual desires. It’s letting our low base desires and instincts of “feeling-good” to lead us in life rather than using our higher-order thinking to thoughtfully judge the right thing to do.

You can care to want to help yourself, care to want to help others, care to want to change things, but only other people can help themselves in the end. No matter how much you care, and want others to understand the liberating and empowering truth that you understand, they need to want to it, they need to care about wanting to know in the first place for your care to get to them. Sometimes you need to step away from investing your energy into someone that isn’t ready to receive the care you have for them to help themselves, because they don’t care, not because you don’t care. It’s a practical matter of not wasting your time, energy and effort on those who will not receive the message or understand it because they choose not to, because they don’t care, or because they lack prerequisite understanding to comprehend it, and this lack of understanding is rooted in lack of Care for Truth, a lack of care/”love” for other beings, and a lack of true self-care/self-“love”.

Some people care a lot about themselves, so much about their self-preservation and survival that they ignore other sentient beings and their actions and behaviors that harm these other beings. This is living in the Satanic principle tenant that your survival, wants and desires are paramount above all else. They take care of their bodies, but they don’t take care of what their actions do outside of themselves. Their main focus is themselves. This is the selfishness of the Satanic ideology. No true care for other beings or Truth itself.

I still have to do more exercise, but my temptation is to focus on learning and understanding more, while the physical body improvements come second, and I need to work on that. This is my most recent realization that has come with being “vegan”. You see, I have weighed 155 Lbs for 14 years. In the last year, I have been losing weight and muscle because all I do is sit in a chair and seek truth. I used to get away with that when I was part of the enslavement and murder of other beings, as that is the path of least resistance, ease, comfort, convenience, and you eventually reap what you sow from that self-gratification. When you choose the easy path, you are given ease in other ways. You are doing harm and stealing the muscle and protein that the animal took the time and energy to build itself, through the hard work of living its own life. It is not yours to take, and you have no right to that work, to the fruits of its labor, just as another has no right to take the fruits of your labor. But we do, and when we do, the path of sloth and laziness is laid before us. This is the “wide gate” as explained in Matthew 7:13. There is little effort at first, and more ease and comfort is provided in the short term. Maybe later on that path will catch to you in terms of illness. You can always engage in exercise through a selfish care for yourself while still not caring for the life of other beings, as I did in the past. My body weight was sustained without exercise.

Truth, The Way, living it and becoming it, is the hard and “narrow gate” as explained in Matthew 7:13. “Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.” (Mat 7:13-14). It requires effort and energy, both in mind, heart and body evolution. This is exemplified in my life. I continued to do no exercise, but I failed to embody the effort and energy required to sustain my body in health. The Truth will show you where you are failing, if you choose that “narrow gate” of effort, hardship, tribulation, dedication, persistence, determination and energy. It will manifest in your physical life as well, in your physical body. It will force you to take notice of your condition, and force you to care more about your body, to develop that level of self-care/”love”, and not simply focus on the mind-consciousness connection, but to complete the triad of the body-mind-spirit.

The easy living provides the easy way out, of not requiring to take care of the body that much. You are stealing the life and work of another animal, and it seems to sustain the muscle more easily than you taking the honest time, effort and energy to do the honest hard work yourself to collect it from the plant kingdom. The arduous path of the “narrow gate” of Truth, Love, Good, Right, The Way, will require you to put more effort in your body-vessel-temple, into your mind and heart, and develop a proper unit for hosting your consciousness and helping it evolve to greater heights.

You can exercise without doing the Right-Action of abdicating completely from enslavement and murder because you selfishly care more for yourself and your wellbeing than that of others. You can still eat mostly from the plant kingdom, while still eating death, to combat the death you put into your body that makes it into a tomb or graveyard, and not a temple or sanctuary for consciousness. You will temporarily get away with doing wrongs to others and it may not manifest in your body for a long time until you are old, and even then maybe you won’t have anything manifest in your body because the repeated greater plant intake is cleansing out the lesser intake of death and destruction from animal’s dead bodies, carcasses, cadavers and corpses. It’s only your perceptions being fooled because you do not see an immediate or long term manifestation of this practice, since you continue to offset the harmful food with righteous food of the plant kingdom. But it will still have an effect on your body-mind-spirit complex, as well as your ability to truly evolve consciousness to greater heights.

This is an understanding found in many spiritual, occult and esoteric works that people refuse to accept. I can demonstrate it another way. I can show you thousands of people who eat only plants, and thrive in their lives by doing so, some having been doing so for over 50 years. Can you show me anyone who only eats animal flesh and has a thriving body into their old age? Everyone recognizes the benefits of the plant kingdom, it is a Truth that spans millennia, and is a modern fact in scientific medicine. Yet, many people cling to the delusional traditional, cultural and customary beliefs based in the ego-personality-identity construct that animal flesh is required for health, when it is constantly being proven false in recent years. People choose to ignore and reject the age-old wisdom of Right-Action, and they continue to deny and reject the current scientific evidence about these Truths. This is a demonstration of lacking Care for Truth, instead maintaining attachment to preferences of comfortable existing ways of living our lives that do not require us to change, since this change in the Wisdom of Right-Action requires actual energy, effort, persistence, dedication and determination to carry out. People do not want to do the real hard work of changing themselves for the better in alignment with Truth, Love, Good, Right, Morality, Natural Law, etc. They want to maintain allegiance to the false perceptions of lies, deceptions and illusions of tradition, culture and customary beliefs.

Aligning with Natural Law is going vegan. Instead of being a lazy piece of shit like me, where I could do nothing and sustain my weight by stealing the life and the work the animals did to build their muscle, going vegan forces you to do more good, for others as well as yourself. It forces you to get off your lazy ass and build your own muscle mass, rather than steal the life force of another animal and taking their protein that their body built and incorporating it into yourself. Going vegan, going with Truth, with Right, forces you to become a more active person. Doing the right thing, makes you do other right things in more ways than one, and that is to actually do the work to take care of your own body, not stealing the work others did to build their bodies. So I am now exercising daily to make my body-vessel into a proper temple to host and evolve my consciousness. Natural Law is Truth above all, and if you align with it in responsible knowledge and understanding, then you are doing the right thing and man’s science will eventually catch up to that supreme Truth.

Being vegan helps us to evolve care, compassion, empathy, conscience, morality and consciousness itself. Being vegan is about fully embodying the Sacred Feminine principles of nonviolence and nonaggression by doing no harm to other innocent sentient animate beings.