Thanks for all the Errors

Thank you everyone. If it wasn’t for anyone showing aspects of incorrect, erroneous, inaccurate, flawed or wrong concepts, ideas or beliefs, I would not have much of my work done, as I learn a lot from others and then write about it as a generalized understanding of expressions of consciousness, ideas, etc. I also would not have been as able to see many of my own errors in accepting beliefs from imagination, and to correct the errors that I recently have done in my understanding of how to think, which is what the trivium method is all about understanding. I will continue to correct errors in my understanding, and share it. It is thanks to seeing the problems in the concepts and ideas I was being influenced by, and those I already accepted, that I was able to understand and explain their issues and break free from the bounds that these beliefs had on me. Because that is what a belief does, you have trust, loyalty and faith in it being true, even though it cannot be demonstrated and is a product of imagination into possibilities, often about our origins, creation, meaning, purpose in life, etc.

Explaining something in order to reconfigure the errors in other people’s understanding, requires many word symbols to convey all the interconnected aspects of incorrect self-knowledge that allow the flawed concept, idea or belief, to first take root, and then remain bound and attached to consciousness. “Beliefs” that anyone has that are recognized as a belief, a possibility maybe, but not known to be true, are wonderful to have. These can lead to the truth. Then the truth can be what we are actually bound to as it actually is. However, the beliefs that we are bound and attached to come from the trust, loyalty and faith we put into them as being true. This is what the word belief means etymologically, and is related to “love”. It’s an infatuation with an idea, that is as of yet not demonstrable to be called the truth of what is.

The poison of beliefs is when they are taken as reality, as truth, instead of possibility. There is a long line of history about this psychological problem to differentiate between a belief in consciousness and a truth in reality. We have been manipulated by others, and certainly ourselves, for too long. Use beliefs as a theory of a possibility, to then prove and move forward into working on the ground we live in, here and now, in this reality-existence-universe.

Belief in God, aliens, inner-earth, whatever. All of this may be true, but until it can actually be demonstrated as reality, truth and existent, then it remains a belief, to simply believe what others say is reality. UFO’s have been recorded and that is demonstrable, flying objects in the sky that are unidentifiable as current human inventions. They may be man made or extra-terrestrial, or inner-terrestrial. Thanks to cameras you can see some of these things, like orbs, cylinders, etc., and you don’t need to take other people at their word for not being able to demonstrate it to you.

A demonstrable truth to one person, may not occur again for another, and that other person would have to have trust, loyalty and faith in the first person to believe, yes believe, what they were saying about something that was demonstrated to them. You are bound to them through your faith, loyalty and trust to their word, their word of creation through which they made you bound to them. Word symbol magic through the science of imagery. This applies in social situations as well, where you can believe what someone tells you about them, to trust them and do something with them, or you can know to trust them because you already experienced their KAracter/character, who they really are. Belief is not truth/true, nor is it necessarily falsity/false, unless it can be shown to be so weak as to not likely be true and more likely to be false.