Irresponsibility – Can’t Admit Wrong

Those who want to be responsible, do admit wrong, and try to reduce their wrongs by facing them head on. This is the point of alchemy, Natural Law and the Trivium Method. It is about the dissolution of the false self.

Do you have the:
– Courage to face reality?
– Courage to change?
– Will to change with that courage?
– Courage and Will to do right by facing the wrongs?

When you don’t want to take up the responsibility to Care for Truth and Morality, to admit you are wrong, that makes you a coward — a coward from facing yourself in the mirror, from growing, maturing and evolving consciousness.

Do you want to see if someone is responsibly aware? Talk to them about their actions and behaviors that are wrong. Like say for example carnism. Ignorance, is the reason for their behavior, you say? Everyone is still responsible for the actions they do no matter the knowledge they have. The fact that they engage in an action of immorality demonstrates their lack of responsibility towards their actions through the lack of Truth and Morality, a lack of self-knowledge.

People ignore the power of personal responsibility to affect change in the world. They are comforted into being represented by others, and in getting others to resolve disputes and save them from harm. We could do all these things ourselves in a local community, without any centralized authority. Instead of calling the police, you call a network that sends out requests for assistance by people who will help you because they would want to be helped too. Who ever is closest and available responds to help, and many people can respond. Imagine 10 people showing up to help someone who is being truly violated by a psychopath who does not live morally. Reciprocity, as a Natural Law Causal Agent of Reciprocity and Redress, within the Reciprocal Feedback System of the Force of Natural Law.