Hard Questions

Do you understand reality?
How much have you looked into things?
Do you understand how the way we live is based in falsity?
Do you recognize problems and evil in the world?
Do you care to learn about these evils and problems?
Do you care to remove evil?
Do you care to learn and find out what causes evil?
Do you care to understand your own condition and conditioning of living?
Do you care to face yourself in the mirror and your wrong behavior that causes harm to others?
Do you care to acknowledge how you participate in creating some evil?

Do you know what morality is?
Do you know what the objective difference between right and wrong is?
Do you want to learn about Truth and Morality to correct your immoral ways of living?

What do you pay attention to and spent time on?
How important is Truth to you?
What priority does Truth get in your life?
How much time is spent on Truth discovery and inner-work to align with it?
How much do you Care for Truth and Morality?
How much are you sacrificing, serving and standing in Truth and Morality?

Maybe you should find out more about these questions if you are to ever be able to navigate your way out of the deceptions created to ensnare your consciousness.

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