Senses for Input of Reality, not Technology

Taking in something with the 5 senses induces aspects of reality. If you can’t trust your 5 senses then you can’t trust anything. The 5 senses must be trusted and used more exhaustively to provide more data points of input to discern more accurately, not abandoned as unreliable. We need more data points to create more correspondences, more knowledge about reality to connect things together.



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The only way to prove something exists 100% is to point at it, as proof. It is right there in our vision for us to see, plainly. Some things may be optical illusions, but they are created from existing aspects of reality that deceive appear as something else due to limited perspective which limits the dataset. You point to something red to demonstrate the existence of red. We can’t describe the color red other than in a relative description with other correlated aspects of reality, i.e. it’s a primary color that is not blue or yellow, and hence it is red, but we still need to know blue and yellow and what primary colors are. We started with general colors, and deduced down to red. Orange can also be deduced from red. We could also describe red in terms no one will understand, as the 620–740 nm frequency range of light.

To understand the aspects of reality that really matter (Morality, Wisdom of Right-Action, etc.), you don’t need to know anything about quantum physics, or any other branch of knowledge brought about through technological means. All you need are your senses to understand the reality we live in. Quantum physics isn’t important in terms of creating True Freedom and Peace, Order, Goodness, etc. Morality is important. Senses show a specific reality, of a specific frequency of perception, in this reality, for a reason. This is what we need, this is what we depend upon to interface with reality. All the technology is a bonus, but also a distraction. How far has man progressed morally with all the technology? Not very far. Technology has no direct corollary to morality in a positive or negative sense, but tends towards the negative when morality and reality is not understood properly. If we learn foundational principles of Truth first, then technology can help us facilitate moral living to greater degrees of actuality. Senses are what we have, they are the given innate tools and they do great. Knowledge of how senses work and our processing of sensory inputs allows people to manipulate us. That is simply how life works with evil being generated by causal agents. Probe deeper and you will find more knowledge and uncover more that the sense cannot see upon a first impression. More data is required. This is how we get to universal general concepts from the particular individual objects we see in reality. The universals manifest through the particulars.

Senses give us the information of what is around us, but the interpretation is what deceives us. Infrared light, dog whistles, higher and lower frequencies of sound and light that exist that we can detect with technological instruments but not with our designed human eye or ear because we are designed for specific frequency reception. Those other aspects of reality are not required for our immediate evolution in consciousness towards Morality and living without creating evil. Knowing that matter is solid is good enough, you don’t need to know about the underlying energy field in order to live Morally. All secondary detection of reality through technology, is also secondary in importance to understand what matters most in reality. We were given the tools we need to discern reality correctly and navigate it to create True Freedom and Peace. People want to apply technology to detect plants senses in some ways. Plants are not animals, get over it. All you need is eyes. Technology is blinding you to reality. “Everything is energy (quantum), so everything is the same at the fundamental level, there are no morals now! Wo0ho0!” Wake up. Technology can help to facilitate learning by providing mechanisms for doing so (computers, internet) as well as mechanisms that can reduce the labor required to sustain basic survival, which would allow for the pursuits of truth and maintain morality. If you want to create more and more, then use technology for that. But first, start with the senses, then improve upon them with tech as needed. Always remember the basic detectors we are born with: our senses.

Some people let technological data override objective reality. It is all done through belief. People read what others say, and believe it. It doesn’t have to be true. There are experiments with technology, and then there are interpretations of the data. Anyone can provide any interpretation, tell others this is the way it is, and then people will believe them. People are fooled all the time, no thinking properly for themselves, not digging deep enough into the data and info of objective reality. They prefer to create unreality in their minds and believe it as truth, because it “sounds good” or “feels-good” to them, it “resonates” as true. People get lost in the land of bullshit interpretations and take them as “facts” of reality. They have not even developed a grounded understanding of reality and simply fall for manipulations, either intentional or mistaken deceptions on the parts of those delivering these messages. Step away from the fantasy and wonder, and get grounded in the firm, solid foundational Truth of reality we can come to know with greater attention to ourselves and reality. People are getting lost in the minutia of technological detail and information overload. They do not have firm grounding in the reality we live in without the use of technology to do the thinking and detecting for them. Evolve Consciousness. Plants are “conscious” now, just like animals, at least for the confused people out there who cannot discern reality correctly, even though our objective sensory detectors can show how false that is. Wake up people. Learn to use the tools you were born with. Stop relying on technology so much. It is making you stupid, idiotic, moronic, unthinking, and foolish.

Analogy, Balance and In Between (correspondence)