What’s in a Real Family, Community or Society?

Is a community just a place, any place, where people “co-exist”? Are there real and false communities?

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Is a real family where people don’t get along, and they don’t talk to each other? Is that a real family or real community? Or is that more of the appearance of a real family?

What about a house where there is abuse, and wrong doings and injustice is lived by some members of a house? Is that a real family?

Are families just “families” by name or are they a real family? Is a community just a “community” by name or is it a real community?

It seems like most of society is just a hodgepodge mix of people who interact minimally, and aren’t a real community or real family.

Is a real community where no one really cares about mistreatment of others and just lets injustice continue?

Or is there a limit? If it’s just one person being wronged and mistreated, does it not matter? What about if it was 2? Or 10? When does it start to matter?

Someone wrongs another person, but does anyone really care do help them and right the wrong? Or to stop the wrongs from continuing to happen?

Is that a real society or “community” if it operated this way?

Something wrong happens, and no one does anything to help the person that was wronged. There is no justice. Whatever happens, happens, and everyone just lets it be. As long as they aren’t wronged, then it’s not an issue for them. Everyone gets to just do whatever they want.

As long as you’re not the one affected, it doesn’t matter to you, right? Sounds like a great place, right? That’s where you want to spend your time, right?

It’s a great place to invest your time and energy so that you can develop that society/community, right?

Boy, who wouldn’t want to live there and keep getting wronged and mistreated compared to other people in the community, right?

As long as you aren’t the one being wronged… as long as there weren’t injustices against you… would you even care?

What happens when people live like this?

Well, when you eventually get wronged, no one will care about how you were wronged, no one will care about your injustice.

Only people who care about each other will stand together. That’s when there is a real family, community or society, don’t you think?

If people in a community don’t care to stand together to fight against wrongs and injustice, then those who get mistreated, wronged or are victims of injustice, will simply be marginalized and ignored by everyone else who are too concerned with their own lives to bother to get involved standing with others for whats right.

Real communities are few and far between, where people actually care for upholding principles of right and justice, to change the status quo, etc.

Some people do care, and some people are paid to fight against wrongs, but overall most people don’t bother getting involved to stop injustice, wrongs, abuse, etc. from perpetuating against someone or some people in a society or community.

Daring to speak up will put a target on your own back, so it’s “better” easier and more self-serving to be quiet and not rock the boat to draw attention towards yourself, lest you become a target of those who want to be allowed to do what they want and dominate others as they wish. Anyone who speaks out gets to be mistreated in turn.

Credit: Balboa Park Cultural Partnership, flickr
Not standing for common-goals, means people stand for different goals and remain separated when issues arise. Is morality our common-goal? How much moral depth is being aligned with? Are we really on the same moral page?

A community is supposed to solve problems together by sharing knowledge and common goals. When this doesn’t happen, and people let wrongs and injustice pervade, the community is a farce with fake people going along their own personal lives while things deteriorate around them.


Thank you for your time and attention. Peace.