The False Appearance of ‘Good’ Prevents Action to Change for the Better

“Everything is good for me, nothing to worry about in society. I have my job. I have my house. I have my family. I have stability. It’s great! Everything is so good! Life is great!”

“Issues in society? Not my problem!”

“Injustice there? It doesn’t affect me, so what do I care?”

“Everything looks GOOD. Everything looks RIGHT.”

“All I see is how things are going well for me, for ‘my freedom’, ‘my survival’ and ‘my truth’.”

If everything “looks” and “appears” good, is it really?

Wrongs often hides behind a veil of appearing “right”.

Even when something was wrong before, a slight change can improve the situation, but not necessarily resolve the problem. Yet, instead of recognizing the problem still exists, many will be caught up in the joy of “change”, that something “improved” by some half-step or half-measure, and they consider it a “win”.

The appearance of a “good” being created masks and hides the persistence of the wrongs still present.

A band-aid of duct-tape gets applied, and most people think something was done to “fix” the issue, to heal the wound, to repair the broken thing, but in reality only the appearance of a fix, correction or solution was applied, not a real solution.

Then people are lulled into complacency with how things are again, because something was “done”, and things are “better”, so they can just go back to doing what they were doing. “Triumphant” we stand, “winning”, satisfied that something “changed”. Meanwhile, the duct-tape didn’t fix the problem, it only masked and plugged up the visible problem.

We go along with the “change” and go back to “sleep” in our attempt to resolve the problem, but it isn’t resolved.

This sets us up for a see-saw game, the pendulum going back and forth in circles. Back and forth we go, 2 steps forwards, 1 step back, as we continue to ignore resolving the root causal factors. The wrongs get compounded with the right and amalgamate into a “way” or “structure” for living in society. Until we take the time, energy, effort, dedication, determination and persistence to care for truth and learn how and why things are the way they are, we will keep repeating things, keep going around in a circle, keep engaging in revolutions, rotating back onto the same things again and again. This makes for a very slow progression towards betterment.

Each time, people become complacent in thinking they have achieved a “victorious win” as they go back and settle into their routines, until the next time the issue raises it’s ugly head, and they can keep trying to apply band-aids and duct-tape to a situation they don’t have fundamental understanding of how to resolve. So it never actually gets resolved (a real 2 steps forward without any steps back), just more half-steps and half-measures on the road to gradual and incremental changes, in the right or wrong direction. This isn’t simply a matter of trial and errors happening as part of life. A proper understanding can be had if rational thought is applied through foundational principles. Society doesn’t go far enough because we jump on the solutions presented, or accept whatever measures the authorities decide to take on our behalf.

Gradual changes can work, as long as the end-goal is recognized and worked towards bit by bit. Sometimes gradual changes are needed, but often a proper solution can be applied just as much as a half-measure improper solution can be.

Gradualism or incrementalism is how the globalist elite have been incrementally shifting human consciousness for a long time. Small slow changes aren’t easily perceived by people over time, just like a boiled frog doesn’t notice the temperature change that leads to it’s death.

People in societies don’t understand what is even happening to them, and has been happening for generations. Their historical lens if very shortsighted. Even to things that happened in their own lifetime they don’t even truly understand the implications of.

There are “cancers” of corrupt ways of living that spread into many aspects of our lives, and we don’t see them for what they are as we are conditioned into accepting them as the “good” and “ordered” way of life we lead.

Do we want to be content with taking cancers/problems down in size, letting it grow, taking it down more, targeting multi-faceted aspects of the problem, and never getting anywhere because there is always something new that comes up due to not understanding the root causal factors of the situation to begin with?

Or do we want to be taking the problem on at its root and get it done right so that it doesn’t come back?

We all have cleaning to do in our own houses (inner-work) before we can feasibly clean up the outside world. We need to understand situations and improve our thinking and analytical skills before we understand what the root causal factors are and how to resolve them. Until we do this, until we try to change for the better in our thinking (with better quality thinking) the external world will not change, as it is a direct reflection of our collective inner-worlds (thoughts, feelings, etc) which are the cause of the resulting manifestations we co-create into the outer world (actions, behaviors, habits, etc).

We aren’t going into our cracks of the foundation of self and facing our shadow, negative, demons, or darkness that prevents us from seeing things clearly and improving our individual and collective lives. The problems will continue to reemerge so long as we do not face and deal with it as a society/community. No one person can do everything for everyone. When people try that, you get dictators and totalitarian authority to control the lives of others.

Letting some people manipulate the direction we lead ourselves as individuals, or as a community, to determine what happens in society all on their own, is more power and control that other individuals have been exposing for centuries. People think these “leaders” rulers are “good”, so they accept their decisions and actions.

Good ol’ grandma, shes “good”, she can’t possibly be doing “evil”… if she is we’ll just ignore it…

Decentralization towards equal direct representation of ourselves, our own voices, is required in all societies and communities if freedom, prosperity and peace is truly desired. So long as some people have imaginary powers of authority to mess with others unjustly, no true freedom will come about. All that will be, is an illusory image and appearance of “freedom”, “peace”, “justice”, or “truth”. Ignorant gradualism of abdicating our responsibility to learn and understand the root causal factors for issues in a society, will just have us thinking we “changed”, that we “won”, and then we can go back to our daily lives, content with our recent “victory”.

Gradualism appears to work, but it only gives temporary alleviation. The core rotten root foundational lies and bullshit is still there, festering, waiting to emerge once again. These are aspects of our lives that we have not resolved at their core depth in our minds and hearts as a united people (because we aren’t really united), so they will creep back in our lives.

Gradualism wipes clean some parts of the surface, plastering some small “good” over the cracks that eventually start multiplying again. This is especially true if a society/community decides to change things, but not everyone complies, then you sure as hell don’t have “unity” as some actively oppose changing towards what is right by still doing what is wrong. As long as only a few are affected by acts of injustice, the rest of people usually ignore what is happening because it doesn’t “personally” affect them directly. The overall state of a community/society is reflected by all the individuals that make it up, but this overall construct doesn’t seem to be understood as individuals allow wrongs and injustices to perpetuate.

Common-unity happens when there is unity of behavior towards common goals and rules/standards. Allowing the rich and powerful to rule our lives, or work against the betterment of a community, is not good for everyone together, it’s bad for everyone together. Self-appointed masters don’t represent me,w hat about you?

Achieving common-unity through common rulesets to live by, is how individualism and collective cooperation fuse to drive people to become leaders by example of their actions and correct the errors around them. Letting wrongs continue will affect the overall community, even if one doesn’t see it affecting them directly.

Thank you for your time and attention! I appreciate the knowledge reaching more people. Take care. Peace.


  • silverpen

    Excellent points! The only problem I have butted up against repeatedly is: what motive do self-centered people have to do right over wrong, even when it’s legal to do so? When they aren’t directly affected by their wrong behaviors, in fact, maybe even rewarded for the wrong, they will do the wrong, harm others (lie to get your money, or not make a safety recall repair they should that could kill another person). People like you realize that if we cooperate and do the right action for the good, then we all win. You see the bigger benefits, peace, and align with your own integrity. But getting that across to self-centered people is a near impossible job. Suggestions, short of bat across the head?

    • They need to be shown how wrong they are, to face how wrong they are about how the world is, and realize that they need to care fore truth in order to learn more so that they aren’t wrong about things, that they are doing something to stop being fooled, tricked, lied to, manipulated, conned, deceived and manipulated. I don’t get why people don’t are that they are fooled, tricked, lied to, manipulated, conned, deceived and manipulated. They don’t seem to have much self-love or self-respect int hat sense. They are happy being ignorant… I don’t know what it takes for each person to finally wake up and realize how they are wrong and have been made a fool of…

      • M.C.

        Well, a self-centered person’s care is restricted to themselves and what makes their lives go round, such as friends or family, and they do things specifically for their benefit, whether they do it on purpose or not. If bad things happen, no matter how bad they are, they pay no mind as long as it has nothing to do with their world.

        Say, a hunter shoots a deer in a forest, and they think it is great because they won a “prize”. Then, the day comes when all the deer are gone, and all the hunter has to say is “well, it didn’t affect me badly, so why should I care?”

        When I was in class a while ago, my english teacher told the class to make a list of modern day “monsters”, since we had just read Beowulf. I decided to choose war, and talked about how we live in the illusion of peace while war still rages, and we say “it doesn’t affect me, so I don’t have to care,” and we feel relieved. It’s like trying to say a rotten apple is still good to eat, and we feed this kind of apple to ourselves time and time again, although we know something is wrong with it.

        It all starts with the disconnection I guess. Everything is connected, one way or another. Every cause has an effect, and every effect a cause, and the more I think about it, the more I try to remind myself to be careful of what I do. I suppose self-centered individuals need to realize this connection and care for it.

        And if I think about this even more, it truly makes me sad how desensitized we’ve become towards each other. When I was a child, I used to not care about anything bad, really, because it didn’t affect me or my family. Many of us have been raised to think like that. We’ve been conditioned to keep to ourselves and care about ourselves, and to not give a damn about others if they aren’t centered around our life. I’m done doing that.

        • Indeed. The development of concern for those closest to us develops as we are children. If we don’t expand our circle of care as I call it, then we only focus on the condition of those around us, and don’t look further. If something has no negative effect on us or those we are personally attached tom like our family or friends, then it has little relevance to our lives and we dismiss it as irrelevant.

          We can expand care and identify with more, care expansion, to include more others and truly create freedom and peace for all.

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