Alchemical Divorce Pt.2

Divorce, Apophasis, Negation, Deconstruction of False Self, Shadow, Darkness, Demon, Negative, Evil

Facing the Darkness of Reality

Facing the shadow and darkness will allow us to actually reach the light and create with it. It is a weeding out of the garden in order to allow fruitful manifestations to be created, grow and prosper.

Fall to Hell to Rise to Heaven

Continually facing the darkness in us allows us to sublimate the shadow and build ourselves and the world in alignment with Truth. It is a vitriolic, deconstructive, dissolving, disassembling process that takes time, energy, effort, dedication, determination, persistence, True Care, Courage and Will, to realize and actualize more Right ways of living.

Once the shadow is faced and acknowledged, we can then begin to deconstruct, dissolve, sublimate, transmute, shatter, etc. those aspects that do not serve us. We alchemically burn to rise from our ashes, go to greener pastures, better than before.




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