Moral Depth – Who’s Freedom?

People who focus only on the human relative morality in life, another variation of the “my freedom”, “my truth” and “my survival” mindset, focus on the more closely identified human slavery and evil that we aggregately self-inflict and self-impose on ourselves (human animals), rather than the more egregious immoral wrong of the slavery and evil we impose on billions of other free beings that are not part of our way of living (nonhuman animals). These people think that the most important is the secondary manifestation of human-on-human slavery and evil, and not the underlying root causal core foundational disease and disconnection of human-on-nonhuman slavery and evil. As far as most are concerned, nonhuman animals will not help to bring them their “freedom”, only other human animals can help to being them “freedom”, hence their focus is on: “my freedom”, “my truth”, “my survival”, and not the objective moral baseline of ALL FREEDOM. They don’t care as much as others about objective morality and starting from the ground up, not as much as they care about themselves, their “freedom”, their “truth” and their “survival”. Nonhuman animals take a back seat to their own personal enslavement and suffering that they and we create for ourselves in our aggregate participation within this system of living.

Sacrifice, service and standing in Truth and Morality, vs. standing for you calcified self-centered ego.

Your right to be left alone, your desire to not be hassled, is overriden by the Truth and Morality that needs to be recognized, embraced, embodied, realized and actualized. You can only have this full right to be left alone if you do no evil. If you do evil, you can be called out on your evil ways and path, action and behavior, at anytime, by anyone. Once you let go of your attachment to evil and falsity, you can align with Truth and Morality. Some evils are collectively created as part of our way of life and can only be stopped collectively as a way of life, while others are completely dependent upon your direct actions everyday that promote or participate in creating evil that you can choose to not create and make a difference right now. Any immoral violence you create against others can be called out by anyone. There is no True Unity when people cower to falsity and evil and let it continue, all for the attachment to the image of “unity”, “oneness”, “love”, friendship, etc.

There will be no True Freedom, Peace, Order, Happiness, “Spirituality”, “Enlightenment”, etc. for humanity so long as we enslave and harm other animals we have no right to because we choose to live in a psychopathic, predatory dominator way. This evil has primacy of importance compared to the harm we do to ourselves in the aggregate. Maybe you would argue that we need to remove the evils closes to our own identification. So first fix everything about ourselves personally, then or family, then our tribe, then our community, then our nation, then the planet of humans, and then finally we can get rid of the creation of evil, harm, violence and murder of billions of nonhuman animals every year after we stopped every human from harming other humans? We can ignore this self-destruction of ourselves, and the destruction of the planet we create, because our human sphere is more important? We need to always focus on what is closest to us in identification, association and attachment? That is the root of the problem: “my freedom”, “my truth”, “my survival”.

I will focus on removing the greater evil of creating harm onto others who did me no harm and are less like me (sexism, racism, ableism, speciesism), rather than focus ONLY on getting others to understand how we create our own self-inflicted suffering and self-imposed enslavement. One is a root causal factor (speciesism) for the other which is a secondary manifestation. Related to how we create evil onto other nonhuman animals, ourselves personally and ourselves as humanity, is our lack of understanding ourselves, lack of self-knowledge, self-respect, lack of understanding mind control, etc., and these topics I do not ignore either. I will always try to focus and target root causal factors and eliminate the source of all associated problems. I do this in the issue of Morality with animals, as well as other fields such as consciousness, psychology and self-identity, society, and more. This is the most beneficial for all, putting an End to All Evil and All Slavery, from the get go, from the beginning, by not only focusing on all the plethora of secondary manifestations that result from the root causal core foundational corruptions. Start from the solid foundations immediately as soon as possible, without dragging on the corrupted foundation because we are too focused and busy with the secondary constructs that provide short-term gains, short-term results, or “my freedom”, “my truth”, “my survival” attachment to self-gain. I am looking to create a future from the right, solid, firm, integrated, grounded foundation, not the continued crooked, corrupted, disintegrating weak foundation.

Truth is ONE WAY. No compromise. Get it right, or we keep suffering is how I see it. I am here from birth to death, and that is limit of the work I can do. I am tired of the Mary-go-rounds of history, repeating crap all the time. We keep moving the goalpost, inflating the survival mechanisms, never allowing the bubble of falsity to crash and reap the chaos to teach. People have too many distractions to want to learn what is being taught by others. Either learn now, or get ready for the shit to hit the fan. All the comfort and convenience of life are supposed to provide us the freedom to evolve consciousness, but instead we fill in the time with distractions, entertainment, pleasure gratification pursuits, etc. that prevent us from individuating, realizing and actualizing greater degrees of Truth and Morality.

I am ready to go to the root, or else let chaos step in if that is what people allow. I will not focus away from the moral baseline because people don’t want to hear it, or think it is “divisive”, and whatever else lame excuses that result from alack of understanding the core depths of all issues interconnected. This is what is required to create True Freedom and Peace. Dragging things on forever is not my goal. I don’t want people to keep playing these games into the future when I am gone. I want people to understand the depth of Sacrifice and Service it will take to get things done right. No more focus primarily on secondary constructs, no more self-centered “my freedom”, “my truth”, “my survival” of human-only suffering and enslavement we create for ourselves.

It’s time to go for what is right, all the way, the right way, and sacrifice more of ourselves to get things done correctly. The more people who deny this as the narrow Way and Path of Truth we need to walk, the more likely we will continue to mess around in the effects of the world, the symptoms we create from our actions and behaviors that manifested in the internal thoughts and emotions of consciousness. The primary focus, within the most important capital of Truth and Morality, needs to be on the root of understanding consciousness (lower self-knowledge, behavior, higher self-knowledge, Natural Moral Law), and the root manifestations of evil that progressed into greater manifestations of evil. There is a root to the human-animal-only sphere of evil we create, and there is a root to the ALL-animal sphere of evil we create in this world. The deeper root fixes things at the right level. This is where we all need to get, on the same page, on the same level, on the same Moral Baseline.

Imagine the power of people letting go of their attachment to their personal lives, pleasures, desires, wants, and instead attach to the Sacrifice and Servitude of Standing in Truth and Morality. Imagine the power output from voices speaking Truth about Morality and Reality into existence on such a deep level, putting the required pressure and tensional energy into the lives of those who live in falsity in order to catalyze an awakening into the desire to change their corrupted ways of living. Imagine people being Truly United on this foundational moral baseline and building True Freedom and Peace. “Veganism” is an important part of getting things right, it is to DO NO HARM, the Sacred Feminine, do the least harm you can because you can and when you know better then do better! Anyone who denies this necessity in evolving consciousness and future living is deluding themselves.

And in case you are not paying attention, “veganism” IS the future, whether you want to admit that as the moral baseline, or not. We are the dumbest most powerful species on this planet and the planet will not take our abuse much longer. Things are going to change in the near future. By 2030, things will definitely be changing. “Veganism” is the future. Go learn about the world’s current condition and how important this is for ALL of our survival. The secondary constructs we created to enslave ourselves — government, money, religion — pale to the enslavement and murder we bring upon those who did us no harm. “Veganism” is the future of the planet, even if you don’t understand Truth and Morality to that depth yet.

I have already explained why “veganism” is very important in Ending Evil. Here are the main instances I can think of: