Intention is only important to get to the result of right action. As I wrote in the bottom right corner of the Trinity aspects of Consciousness diagram I made: “Cause and effect are central. Thought and Emotion alone get nothing done in the manifested reality, but are the foundations for right-action.”

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Poorly constructed thoughts or intents, are very dangerous.

Thinking we will do good works in the world by functioning from our lower brain, we are misguided and lost.  If we don’t elevate ourselves to higher brain functions, we are condemning ourselves not others condemning us, but we condemn ourselves through our ignorance. We have not returned to the great potential that rests in our minds and our hearts.

Intention is only important to the individual to get to manifest right-action in the world. Thought is the essence. That is where it starts. Where it ends is what matters. Natural Law only cares about the results, not your best wishes and wants. I don’t like the word intention, it is being abused.

Those who put intention of doing good above the actual action of doing good or not are deluding themselves about how to manifest reality.  Suppose there is someone who wants to run for class president (Control) because this has been conditioned into them as a good social thing to do.  They have good intentions, but the result is same old system of control while others abdicate personal responsibility.  The same with police, military, politicians, economics. money, stocks, etc.  Does anything ever change from the good intentions of people who are mislead, fooled, duped into thinking this is the good thing to do? Even if thats is what they think they are doing, the fact of them being ignorant and unaware of the true causes for this action of repetition — because they do not question, they accept things as they are because this is how it has been for them previously — is no reason to accept intention as the important thing, when its the actual action that matters in the end.  The intention/thought is where it starts.  You need to be well equipped in understanding things before you can accurately choose what to do, no matter your good intentions.  Stuck in boxes.  They lack imagination and creativity to imagine a different life because their identity has become attached to grossly illusory false aspects that are not them, and letting go is hard to do.  Change must be embraced, not stubborn dogma about maintaining illusions of the great way current models work and for their necessity to continue to exist as manifestations in our world from our minds ideas.  We need to change from the inside, how we think and feel, stop being deceived and deceiving ourselves.

“You start with something pure, something exciting, then come the mistakes, the compromises.  We create our own demons.”
– Iron Man 3, 1h:56m

You have a thought, an intent, and you run with it without understanding what you are doing. Paving the road to hell. The compromises are the sacrifice of Truth for that intent. Then we create our own demons.

“Half the harm that is done in this world is due to people who want to feel important. They don’t mean to do harm. ­ But the harm does not interest them. Or they do not see it, or they justify it. Because they are absorbed in the endless struggle to think well of themselves.”
– T. S. Eliot

aldous-huxley-novelist-hell-isnt-merely-paved-with-good-intentionsIntent matters, thoughts matter, for they are the foundation to action. But in the end, pale in comparison to the resulting action that produces manifested results in the world. People like to use “intention” as a cop out for the manifested results they produced. Einstein was a moron blinded by intent, not having the necessary holistic consciousness and knowledge of foresight to understand nuclear power anything is anti-life. Stop messing with Nature’s potential and breaking up units of creation. An atom is not meant to be split. That is why it has formed into an atom in the first place! Stop playing god idiots! Then later, Oppenheimer knew the mistake, Einstein I think also realized it. But you see the action was already done, your intent fooled you, misled you, because proper understanding of holistic aspects of universe were not in hand. The road to hell! The only good intention is one that aligns with right, accurate and correct thought based in truth and not erroneous beliefs, the thought that is actually right and not wrong, that will produce, create and manifest into right-action and not wrong-action. Then you have wisdom, because your thoughts are in alignment with what is right, good and true, with Natural Law, with higher Self, higher Will, Love, God, source, all, etc., and your actions and behaviors will be that of right-action.