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A subset of the belief systems we get attached to and base aspects of our identity upon, are the institutions that relate to them. There are specific institutions that sustain, promote and often control the belief systems they are based upon. Banking controls the monetary system. Religion controls a spiritual aspect. Corporations control businesses that produce and service. Education controls what people learn. Marriage controls how couples live within the system. The medical establishment controls our health. And government controls many aspects of how our lives function. Ultimately, we are the ones who control it all by choosing to give power to the belief that they need to exist, and give our energy and time towards maintaining their existence.

The institutions shape our way of thinking and we in turn perpetuate and protect them through our identification. The belief system or ideology will continue as long as the institution and people supporting it continue to promote and perpetuate the false notions that pretend to be philosophies. To bring about lasting effective change we really want to have, requires detachment and dissolution of these deceptions and illusions we have bought into and given power to.

Many people require a great shift in consciousness. To think one can effect real lasting change within an institution of the system, is not to understand what is happening. The system is what keeps things this way. As long as we support, consent and participate in the sustainment and perpetuation of these institutions they will continue to exercise varying degrees of control and influence over our lives.

Most of us have many boxes of identification based on various belief systems, not based in truth. When our sense of “I”, and who we are is based on these deceptions and lies, it leads us astray. The sense of “I” gets calcified, and concretized, into a specific program ,or condition, constructed from the many boxes we accept as true and identify with. The “I’ in this solidified state becomes an ego that believes whatever it wants to, in order to substantiate a particular belief or makes it feel-good about itself. The ego has a hard time saying “I am or was wrong”, in order to learn from mistakes and change.

When we have our initial awakening to awaken, revive and resurrect Care out of the grave of apathy, and choose to seek knowledge instead of remaining in ignorance, we think we can get others to understand what we understand by simply presenting them with the same information we came across. We think the facts will speak for themselves and people will be willing to see the truth or look into it further for themselves. But this seldom happens due to the ego-personality-identity conditioning we are immersed into all of our lives. People are attached to a certain way of seeing the world and themselves in it. We accept certain things and maintain their viability in order to maintain our own identities that are based on the prior acceptance. Admitting wrong is very difficult when it will force us to reevaluate and change how we perceive many things in order to make sense of it all again. The inability to learn from mistakes keeps consciousness in a low modality of being where lies and deceptions are held onto as accurate perceptions of reality. Giving up the attachment to hardened beliefs can be too painful or dissonant to go through. Instead of reassessing our worldview to align our perceptions with reality, truth and what ‘is’, cognitive dissonance has us holding onto our current delusion and entrenching it deeper into the clasps of our ego. Our sense of “I”, the ego, holds on so tight that we become more attached to the illusions as part of who we are, instead of recognizing the deceptions for the lies they are.

root of evil, not symptoms effectsDistinguishing truth from falsehood is necessary to increase, expand and evolve conscious awareness of reality. The inability to differentiate truth from lies, right from wrong, is why we continue to create self-inflicted suffering in general. It is the reason we fail to understand the root causal factors to why we have arrived at our current condition. Failure to understand the nature of the problem, and instead applying band-aids to the effects is like cutting at the leaves of the tree of evil instead of targeting the roots to prevent the evil from regrowing in our lives. The whole illusion of change within the system plays upon the desire for immediate change within existing structures and constructs of living that are familiar and comfortable. Rearranging the chairs on a sinking ship won’t do anything. The system wants people to believe they can rearrange things, cut away leaves and branches that get too deformed and corrupted in a vain fantasy, that next time the branches and leaves won’t be a part of the problem. Next time they grow, they won’t be a part of the tree of evil.

Many of us recognize the need for things to change, but unless we understand the causal factors, we are just banging on a screen, hoping for change, because we don’t like what we see. Action is required to change things, but Right-Action, not action taken without knowing the root causal factors of why and how our current condition has manifested. Acting ignorantly will most likely have us repeating the same mistakes because we have not truly understood the nature of the problem. Things will not change until each one of us changes. We are collectively choosing how to live our lives and each of us has an effect on the other.

As more people learn to unify their thoughts, emotions and actions, as they express their consciousness, as more people choose to align with what is right, good, true and in harmony with Natural Law, we will reach a critical mass where our New Way of living will become the overarching general common way of living. Discovering, recognizing, understanding and uniting with the principles of Natural Law, will bring about freedom, peace and order. Chaos is created by trying to externally control the free will of others who are not violating Natural Law. The external control is a result of ignorance and confusion, which all stem from fear.

The imbalances in our consciousness relate to our use of imagination. If we are left brain imbalanced and have a heavy materialistic physical identification, we can become locked into linear modalities of thought. Today was like yesterday, tomorrow will be like today, and each day will always be the same, nothing can really change, we are powerless, etc. This is a form victimization and learned helplessness. This is also the lack of imaginative potential. The right brain imbalanced modalities of thought can produce excessive imagination where anything and everything is possible and sought after, without critical thinking and discernment as to the likelihood or probability for the possibilities to occur. Imagination makes it possible to see what can be, to envision difference from what currently is, and understand that things do not have to be as they currently are.

There are results and consequences for our actions. We are accountable for the choices and decisions that result in specific actions and behaviors we take to manifest in the world. Cause and effect interconnects many things. What everyone else is doing affects what we do, and we are a part of the “everyone else” that affects each other individual. We are all engaging in choosing what way of life we lead collectively, and will collectively feel the consequences of negative actions applied on such a large scale. Everything we do adds up to a “quantum” (amount) effect of resulting in what we collectively experience as daily living conditions and acceptable ways of being.

The consequences and suffering for maintaining allegiance and attachment to the illusions, deceptions and lies we believe in, will continue to be felt until we recognize why and how we keep getting what we don’t want. It is possible it will require chaos and much more suffering before people will snap out of the fantasy dream they have bought into. Most people are so trapped in various barriers to self-knowledge, self-realization, consciousness, etc., living out conditioned paths with predetermined restricted choices to ensure certain outcomes within acceptable limits and margins of error or deviance to the established program of life. Things keep marching forward in the direction of those who influence our minds and exercise certain amounts of control over our lives, the direction of institutions and various belief systems.

When we realize things are not right and things need to change, we need to delve into and discover the truth, no matter how dark are uncomfortable it is. By understanding the truth we will understand what needs to change to produce what we want. There are requirements to producing certain results. Certain actions or causes are required to produce specific effects. If we don’t want to suffer, but be happy and free, then we need to engage in certain modalities of being in order to produce that reality. We can be truly free, but it requires energy and effort on all of our parts. It doesn’t just happen on its own, willy-nilly. We can continue to be as we are and continue to perpetuate this condition, or we can learn to change and better the collective general condition of humanity. If we state we want to be free, then we shouldn’t be creating controlling institutions that are antithetical to freedom. We state certain goals for life, but due to ignorance of the causal factors of our current condition, we fail to understand the nature of the problem and are not in a position to be able to remove the true cause of the problems to produce what we want instead of what we don’t want.

We are mostly ignorant of how to create those positive things we want. We continue to engage in modalities of being that will not produce those things. We don’t want to admit we don’t know and are wrong. We don’t want to learn. We say we don’t like what is going on, there’s nothing we can do about it, that it can’t be changed, or act in preconditioned limited choice paths that give the illusion of changing things while actually perpetuating what we don’t want. Few of us are willing to face the truth, and to change and align, harmonize, and unite with the principle of Truth and Universal Cosmic Natural Moral Law, and then also few of those who do actually are willing to spread the word and teach others what they have learned. This failure to learn Natural Law and spread an understanding of it, is why we are here. We are steadfast rolling down towards a condition of living where Right-Action will be disregarded in favor of the mindset of control, domination, etc., as prescribed and ordered by man’s law.

Institutional belief systems are shared amongst many people that act in certain ways that are conducive with the goals of the institutions. The belief is so ingrained in the modalities of consciousness of people in society, that no one questions why the various institutions exist, but are simply believed in unquestioningly. People lack the imagination required to see how we can possibly live, and in better conditions, without the controlling institutions in our lives. Believing in institutions, mind controls someone into thinking things cannot be another way.

Any adherence to the validity of institutional belief systems, is a result of mind control. Mind control is what keeps people under the thinking and belief that the intuitions are necessary and must exist. “Why… without institutions our world would descend into chaos and destruction!” The extermination of the imagination to fail to envision anything being different, is mind control. We are convinced institutions are required to continue taking the actions they take, otherwise chaos would emerge.

In English, the word ‘institution’ has another meaning, of being “committed to an institution”, committed to an insane asylum. In reality, when one is committed to and believes in an institution of the system, they are walking the path of insanity by following, subscribing and supporting something based in lies, deceptions and illusions. Belief in lies, deceptions and illusions invariably creates schisms in the mind, psyche and consciousness. Being “committed to an institution” of the system and being “committed to an institution” for mental healing, are indeed linked in truth. The former institutions are what create breaks from reality by adherence to lies, deceptions and illusions, while the latter institutions are allegedly there to heal us from the condition induced by the former. If you are “committed to an institution” of the system, you become invariably “committed to an institution” of insanity (untruth) and eventually will need to heal from that poisoned state of mind.

When a criticism, attack or dissolution of lies, deception and illusions is engaged in, someone who adheres and is attached to this erroneous belief they hold sacred, will see this as an attack on their own identity. If the institution is doing wrong, and you are a part of it, what does that mean for you? You have to reevaluate what you are doing with your time, attention and energy, and figure out if what you think you understand is accurate or not.

We don’t understand ourselves. We don’t want to understand. We want to waste time on watching sports, reality shows, playing games, concerts, drinking beer, taking drugs, escaping from the reality around us and submerge ourselves into something that targets a sensory perception for us to be aesthetically drawn towards in an effort to engage in frivolous pursuits of pleasure gratification. The pleasure principle rules our lives without our attention to the consequences of these pleasure driven choices and actions.

For those that do care to seek and learn about truth and themselves, this information will assist in serving that purpose. Spreading the truth is the force of Love. Not watered down Truth or compromised in any way, but straightforward, forthright and honest Truth. Facing the hard-truths again and again helps to break down the barriers to conscious awareness and expansion. None of the truth anyone expresses is theirs to command and own. Truth belongs to no one in particular. We can all discover and find aspects of truth if we take the time, effort and energy to do so. There are no gurus, advisors, leaders, etc. We need to be those things to ourselves. We can all be teachers. Elevating oneself with an illusory identity title to hold above others as some form of authority, is another ego trap.

When we engage in the roles of institutions, we identify with the roles we play. We don’t want to believe our involvement in institutions participates in perpetuating a negative condition. We don’t want to accept the harm we are a part of. People want to believe what they are doing is right and not wrong, “good” and not “bad”. They don’t want to face the facts they are involved in something wrong, that they are a part of what creates the negative and wrong by simply being a part of it. People want to do “good”, and convince themselves that all they need is the intent and thought to do “good” in a controlled, hierarchical and compartmentalized institution that creates the opposite, evil. We will never be able to effect real positive lasting change at a higher level as long as we are working with institutions and erroneous belief systems.

Staying within the confines and boxes of institutional belief systems, is not walking the spiritual path of truth to gain greater understanding. Many people are very satisfied with the explanations and answers given to them in life, they do not seek or question further. Some people never start the journey. They stay on the ground and toe the line, walking the preselected conditioned paths/choices set before them. They are uninitiated, unawakened and never start the journey or path. Other’s do start, but become tent-pitchers deciding they have gone far enough and don’t need to go any further. The path is scary and uncomfortable to go on further than where they currently are. They turn to the preselected conditioned paths set out before us, and engage in the institutions, thinking they will promote “good” this way.

Many people think they will vote the world into changing.  As if no one needs to think for themselves and be responsible for their own lives; we just need to keep abdicating our personal responsibility and choose to have someone else represent us in life.  We just give up our power and decision making ability for our own behaviors to live in harmony, alignment and unison with Natural Law, and instead have someone else decide for us what we can and can’t do. To control us, because we don’t want to control ourselves, because we don’t want to be masters of ourselves, because we don’t want to become true sovereigns united within ourselves and united with what is right, good and true. Only wrongness, badness and chaos can come about through this process of trying to give away something granted to each of us. Free will choice and personal responsibility for the actions we choose to engage in are the ways in which we gain Truth, Love, Freedom and Peace. Giving over these powerful capacities we have, is to give away ownership of ourselves.

Until we learn how to be responsible for our choices and actions in alignment with Natural Law, we will keep repeating the same mistakes and creating more collective self-inflicted suffering through our choice to be ignorant, apathetic, lazy cowards, living in a trance-like fantasy reality. We need to admit wrong so that we can learn how to solve our problems and get things right. We can’t force anyone to change their way of thinking, but we can influence others to help them gain an understanding of the many truths, so that they may in turn choose to change themselves in alignment with it. Most people are trapped in ego-personality-identity correlations with lies. Perhaps an increase in negative results for everyone (chaos) will bring us to a point of realization, to accept we are the problem, and point the finger at ourselves, to realize that thinking the same ways and doing the same things will not achieve the expected different results than what we are currently getting. In the end, institutions fool us and destroy consciousness.

We can become conscious co-creators of our collective shared existence, instead of unconscious co-creators following the predetermined, preselected and limited plans, paths and choices set before us by others who wish to channel our energy into vehicles of their choosing. We can choose one thing from the many possibilities. This is what discernment, differentiation, evaluation, judgment, etc. are for. The tools we have access to function properly and accurately depending on our knowledge, and previous use of the tool, to improve our understanding and ability to use the tool. The more we use something, the better we get at it. Discernment, evaluation, judgment, etc. are about learning what we need to do to create a certain result we want to achieve. If we want a different result, we need to choose a different action.

life, being becoming, like love, truth, etcBe the change we want to see in the world. To create a better world we have to be-come and be better versions of ourselves. Many people focus on wanting something to achieve a particular desired condition. We want happiness, so we think we need to “do” something in the world which will allow us to “have” something, and once we have done or acquired this something, then we will “be” happy.  “Do, have, be” is not very effective. Instead, if we choose to “be” a certain way, that is to embody and become certain expressions of consciousness, then we will recognize the conditions to “have” what we need and “do” what we want to do. To be and become, embody, align, harmonize, etc. more with one polarity, than the other, involves doing work on ourselves. In effect, being is indeed doing, and doing is an aspect of being. It may be confusing at first to grasp, but the distinction is with focusing on the order and the level.The Do-Have-Be is from the external to the internal. Be/Do-Have is working from the internal to the external.

We need to do the inner-work to get ourselves to a position of understanding (the inner and outer reality) in order to achieve what we want outside of ourselves. To bring about peace in the world, we first need to bring about peace in ourselves to a certain extent. To not have violence engaged in throughout the world, each of us needs to not engage in violence as part of the way we live, to remove ourselves from involvement, participation, consent and support of violence. To think peace, non-violence or anything positive can be had in the world without first having attained this state of being and doing for ourselves is foolish thinking. The reality we collectively live in is a reflection of the sum total individual expressions of consciousness. As each of us changes, we in turn influence and affect others to change, and eventually this leads to everyone changing.

When we are being a certain way and seeing the conditions to do what we want, we have the responsibility to act in the world in morally upright ways that will influence and affect others towards the positive spectrum of being. Live by example, be the change. “Being” isn’t simply thinking it, but is actually doing it through the Wisdom of Right-action in alignment with what is right, good and true.

We all share this common purpose to help each other create the world we all want to live in, that is truly in alignment with what is good and right. Otherwise, we just do what we want and keep going on the selfish, self-preserving, and pleasure-seeking comfortable gravy train towards more self-inflicted suffering.

Our society has institutions that run various functions. These institutions influence, maintain and perpetuate certain belief systems. We are immersed in a reality that conditions us to engage in a certain modality of living. Our identity, personality, ego and sense of self are based upon the various influences in our experience. We have a false self-image and self-concept of ourselves taken from the many attachments we have made to erroneous beliefs we base our sense of self upon. Institutions are based in control, hierarchy and compartmentalization which is not conducive to our freedom and progress forward in evolution. We don’t need these deceptions and illusions of control in our lives, that we use as anchor points to base our identity upon. Facing who we think we are and our attachment to various beliefs, can be scary with avoidance, denial or cognitive dissonance kicking in as a defense mechanism to preserve the current self-perception, self-image, self-concept, etc. the ego is attached to.  Know thyself is partly a negative process in that it is apophatic, it’s about looking at the negative and letting go of attachment to that which is false, wrong or bad for our overall positive evolution, and working towards aligning ourselves with what is right, good and true. Let go evil and attach to good.

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Information mainly sourced from: What on Earth is Happening