Mark Passio Quotes on Forcefully Speaking Truth

[*Although I may not agree with everything Mark Passio says, or even with 100% of everything quoted here, the overall message is very accurate for everyone to consider about what is required to create change.*]

From the interview with Bob from Cincinnati, Alchemy 2:

“Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to turn ” ‘a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law– a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.’ Anyone who loves his father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves his son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me; and anyone who does not take his cross and follow me is not worthy of me.”
– (Mat 10:34-38)

This describes the great work, it is about Truth. Jesus is representative of the truth in this allegory. The way to be in the world, of knowledge, understanding, wisdom. He is explaining that his Christ form of consciousness is not here on earth to make everyone pacified, to calm everyone down. It is here to shake things up. It’s here to drive a wedge and create conflict between those who are doing evil and those who are trying to explain that it is unacceptable for them to continue to do evil and we are not going to tolerate this anymore. We are not going to take this bullshit anymore.

[*You will ONLY accept the truth of this Great Work if you have Care for Truth developed to that degree where you can recognize this truth about truth itself and the importance of truth being spoken.*]

This form of consciousness is coming to turn family members against each other, literally. You have to keep bringing the truth up in the face of other people, persistently, with will and force, into their attention, without allowing them to escape from it. Not by tying them down or locking them in a room, but by forcefully speaking the truth out into the world, every single day of your existence, to anyone, whether you think they are ready to hear it or not, because they need to hear it, because they are actively involved in supporting and condoning false religions that cause harm to other individuals. As long as that continues the overall consciousness on this planet will continue to degrade into slavery and bondage. The universe is spoken into existence. This is an alchemical truth, a concept that we deeply need to understand and integrate into our lives. The people who are putting out information with the loudest and most forceful voice winds. That is unpopular, but that is how it works. Why is evil winning? Because evil is continually speaking its lies and deceptions into the world through the media. That is why evil is winning, that is why the worldview of evil is dominating, that is why people are engaging more and more evil be. Goodness is losing because we are not acting in our proper role as the vehicle for its propagation, vehicles for the propagation of truth. Truth does not have a voice on its own, we need to be that voice. When we speak the universe is change, when we speak consciousness is changed, and therefore action is changed for the better and the manifested result we get in the aggregate society is changed for the better, [i.e. universe changes].

This takes enormous knowledge about how these dynamics work. Courage is required to step out of your shell of what other people think about you because it will make many people feel uncomfortable. Persistence is required. It will not happen overnight. We have to work at this constantly. Labore et constantia. Work and constancy. Willpower is required in addition to courage. True care is required. We have to care enough about making this change happen to motivate ourselves to go out and actually do it, instead of sitting on our asses and not speaking this truth to other people. Knowledge, care, courage and ultimately persistence.

It is our responsibility at this time to help awaken others by continuously speaking the truth, even if we feel burdened by this task, even if it makes everyone involved steel uncomfortable. Mark feels burdened by this task, he knows it makes people feel uncomfortable but he will speak it anyways because it is the right thing to do. It is the only thing that can change this reality, the deep understanding of natural law and how we have been living in complete opposition to it up to this point. Yes it’s a burden, no it should not be necessary.

Podcast #127

One’s responsibility once you have this kind of knowledge is to then communicate it to others. Forcefully communicated to others, not violently communicated to others. Force means you’re standing within the force of truth and you are not going to just baby spoon feed it back off the person shows you there are going to be resistant to you. You are going to say “this is your belief right now but you are still incorrect, there is a reality to this that does not involve how you currently believe, you’re still wrong you are still causing harm to yourself and others.” When people who are asleep and are giving a lot of resistance to truth then you should not sugarcoat it. You are doing disservice to others by sugarcoating the way things are. You are keeping them babies. Don’t worry about what their sensibilities and ego are, hammer them with the truth. The more you baby spoon feed them, the more they are going to stay attached and think that what they are doing is okay by staying in the level of ignorance they are staying in and believing in the level of illusion they believe in. They will continue to think that they are not really causing any harm and that was just one person with a quirky idea and I told them that I absolutely believe otherwise and now that person isn’t saying anything anymore about it so must just be BS so I’ll continue to go on believing what I want.

When we teach, we need to be dispassionate and cold about it. In engaging the ego, it has the person. Everyone says that everybody has an ego, but that is wrong, the ego has everybody, or nearly everybody. The point here is to destroy the hold that the ego has over the being because that is what is keeping them in that broken state, that enslaved state. Don’t be gentle on their ego. We can be gentle on the amount of information we are feeding at one time. You don’t have to be forceful with the amount of information you’re giving at one time but you do need to be forceful about a particular truth that you are giving at one time.

Respect is the first thing one ultimately needs. If you do not have self-respect than you cannot begin to teach others because you then do not have any respect for the other, the student. Not false respect for others where you baby spoon feed them and are afraid to offend their egos. Respect is to look at again, to re-examine. In the true development of respect you are re-examining the self. You are taking another look at yourself. The meaning is right in the word. Real respect means you have taken a look at the truth, have taken another look at yourself whether you are in alignment with that truth or not, and now you are working with yourself to bring yourself in alignment and accord with that truth. Unless you are embodying the truth then you do not have true self-respect. If you are not living the truth in your own life then do not try to become a teacher because that means you are ultimately hypocritical.

Podcast #137

Evil is winning right now because they keep putting their message out there forcefully, over and over again is an act of there will. The world is this way because more people want it this way then don’t want it this way. The world wouldn’t be the way it is and we wouldn’t have the slavery we do if more people didn’t condone it. More people condone acts of theft, violence, slavery than don’t. If overall there were less people who would condone it and we wouldn’t be living this way.

This is how retarded we are collectively as a species. We are retarded, we have been slow down, our progress has been slow, blocked, held back, held back, thwarted from forward progress. We have been retarded. We have been held back from truth. Who is ultimately holding us back? We are. Because we won’t give up the attachment, the egoic attachments. We want to say the various forms of theft are okay and it won’t result in us ending up in a cage. The earth does not have to be like this. It can change. Anytime we want to step out of the ego, give up our ways that are attached to theft, and stop supporting violence, stop supporting wrongdoing in wrongful action which are all the various forms of theft, and learn one spiritual law of creation.

Podcast #143

This is the great work, the great alchemical work. To help transition people out of the darkness and into light, out of ignorance and into knowledge, out of slavery and into freedom. It is done by forcefully and unapologetically putting the information before people’s eyes and their ears, whether they want to hear it or see it or not. It is about influencing the darkness, those who are in darkness become awakened. It is an act of will, it will not happen automatically, is not a process that happens automatically without work. It requires constant work. It requires sustained willpower. Above all it requires courage, getting out of fear.

[*If you do not understand the importance of speaking truth, even if people do not ask for it, please go through Mark Passio’s and my work to help facilitate that understanding. It is not a moral violation to speak truth people do not want to hear, it is more of a moral obligation to speak truth people do not want to hear, because they need to hear it to help them heal. There is no guarantee they will take the help or appreciate it, they may even hate you for it. So be it. That is the burden of serving, sacrificing and standing for truth instead of our selfish egoic desires, wants, wishes and “needs” to “feel-good” and maintain comfort in relationships. Truth and morality are first, the foundational axiom for truer, higher, realer living. That is the whole concept of the “Living” into the “afterlife” in Ancient Egypt, related to Ka and Maat, Ka-Maat, ka-maa, kamma, karma, with truth or falsity as your guide to life being truer or falser, higher or lower, realer or illusory. “Getting along” with other people and social interaction are for basic survival and “needs”; truth of reality and moral living is for evolution of consciousness, a higher “Living” beyond that of a focus on survival as a foundation for living.*]