Universal Cosmic Natural Moral Law (Natural Law)




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Natural Law Etymology


1. Present in or produced by nature
a. Not acquired; inherent:
Synonyms: innate, native, characteristic, indigenous, inherent
[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin naturalis, from natura, nature; see nature.]
[Middle English, essential properties of a thing, from Old French, from Latin natura, from natus, past participle of nasci, to be born; see gene- in Indo-European roots.]

Nature is inherent and exists outside of a cause by humans. Nature is the universe, not simply green nature, the animals or the environment of the planet.

Also, the Egyptian word ntr (Neter) can be seen as the original source for the word nature, and Neter has the meaning Divine, God or Spirit. Natur-al then means “related to Spirit”. It is the Law who’s essence comes from the spiritual domain and manifests in the physical reality.


From freedictionary.com, most definitions are related to human legal reforms, but this is the sense of the word being discussed here:
10. A code of principles based on morality, conscience, or nature;
14. A principle of organization, procedure, or technique
[Middle English, from Old English lagu, from Old Norse *lagu, variant of lag, that which is laid down; see legh- in Indo-European roots.]
Literally “something laid down or fixed,” from Proto-Germanic *lagan “put, lay”.

Law with a capital ‘L’ is something laid-down and put into a fixed position in existence, immutable, unchanging.


From late 14c., “origin, source, beginning; rule of conduct; axiom, basic assumption; elemental aspect of a craft or discipline,” from Anglo-French principle, Old French principe “origin, cause, principle,” from Latin principium (plural principia) “a beginning, commencement, origin, first part,” in plural “foundation, elements,”
From prince, which is from prime, late 14c., “first in order,” from Latin primus “first, the first, first part,”
1. an accepted or professed rule of action or conduct.
2. a fundamental law, axiom, or doctrine: the principles of physics.
3. principles, a personal or specific basis of conduct or management: to adhere to one’s principles.
4. a guiding sense of the requirements and obligations of right conduct: a person of principle.

1. in principle, in essence; fundamentally.
2. on principle,
a. according to rules for right and moral conduct.
b. according to habit or self-imposed regulations.
Synonyms: morals, standards, ideals, honor, virtue, ethics, integrity, conscience, morality

Natural Law or Law of Nature does not mean the “Law of the Jungle” of our environmental condition. Natural Law is not the imitation of the functionality of plants or animals in nature. Each species has its own Nature to follow, not to imitate the Nature and evolutionary development of other species (more on this truth later). Neither is Natural Law the “natural law” from early 15c or natural order as ‘apparent order in nature’, from 1690s. Natural Law is based in principles of truth about the reality we live in. Principles are first and foremost, at the root, the most necessary and important, a foundation to build upon. The word “principle” expresses Natural Moral Law in the very way we use the word itself, such as “in principle” and “on principle”. Natural Law is an essential property of existence; it is born into being and is forever there in our reality without human causality. Our goal is to put these principle first-things first in our lives, to recognize and align with them because they are based in truth, not belief. Man’s society is not putting original, generative, beginning, foundational principles first, but trivialities, lies, and deception. Therefore, Natural Law is not man’s law.

“The Liberty of man consists solely in this, that he obeys the Laws of Nature, because he has himself recognized them as such, and not because they have been imposed upon him externally by any foreign will whatsoever.”
– Mikhail Bakunin


Natural Law Alternate Terms

Natural Law (Universal Law, Cosmic Law, Spiritual Law, Moral Law) is also known under other names. These terms use different words but essentially express the same concept once we understand what is being said.

The Law of Cause and Effect
Effect follows cause.
For every action there exists an equal and opposing reaction.

“Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its cause; everything happens according to Law; Chance is but a name for Law not recognized; there are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the Law.”
– The Kybalion

Law of Attraction
The energy you emit is the energy you attract.
Energy flows where attention goes.

“Not what he wishes and prays for does a man get, but what he justly earns. His wishes and prayers are only gratified and answered when they harmonize with his thoughts and actions.”
– James Allen

You reap what you sow.
As you sow, so shall you reap.

Golden rule
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

The Seven Hermetic Principles
The Principle of Mentalism
The Principle of Correspondence
The Principle of Vibration
The Principle of Polarity
The Principle of Rhythm
The Principle of Cause And Effect
The Principle of Gender

Natural Law is Hermetically sealed. Nothing can touch it. It is always going to be in operation and will not change, sealed forever. There are consequences to our actions. If we choose to align ourselves with dogma, false beliefs, lies and deception we will create suffering. If we choose to recognize truth and unite with it by embodying principles of Universal Cosmic Natural Moral Law we will create freedom, peace and order in our lives. Doing what is false, wrong or bad creates more falsity, wrongness and badness. Doing what is right, good and true creates more of the same. We can choose to align with the forces of creation in reality as it is, the truth, or align with the fantasy illusions of man-as-god dictums of believing whatever we want.


Natural Law and man’s law

Natural Law is based on principles of truth while man’s law is based on beliefs and claims to authority. Embodying, harmonizing, complying, aligning and living according to principles of Natural Law has been done by people like Gandhi who had recognized this knowledge, while most of us are living in the illusion of a myriad of law volumes that we are expected to understand. They fabricate nonsense into existence with rules and regulations to confuse and complicate our lives. We comply for fear of punishment if we do not. We can choose to become enlightened through an understanding of the forces of the universe as they are, or we can stay out of the prison cell of punishment by complying and basing our actions from the lowest modality of consciousness: fear. Man’s law is based on the dictates of men given power to create rules of conduct. These laws can be different from one time to another or one place to another, so how are they supposed to be based on right and wrong if they are always changing? Choosing what is right and wrong instead of recognizing right from wrong is moral relativism. Universal Cosmic Natural Moral Law is sourced from the cosmic forces of creation. Which force do you want to align yourself with?

In society there are some who are punished and lose their freedom for not having harmed another, while others who engage in harm against another are never acted upon and stopped. In order for someone to violate Natural Law, another must be violated or harmed, and then action can be taken against them to stop this harm. No imaginary rights can be invented or granted to individuals or groups where they did not exist for every other individual.

For example, can you imagine giving someone a right you do not possess? If one person can’t steal from others, who then can take from the labors of others? No one. No amount of people collected into a group can assume or grant such a right that does not exist. If 1000 people don’t have the right to take the labor of others by threats (which is what taxation is), then a group of those 1000 people calling themselves “government” can’t invent or assume a right that does not exist. Granting something you do not possess yourself is an illusion. A right cannot be assumed if it does not already exist. So why can’t we write laws into existence? Because we are not “God”.

Man’s law is irrelevant in light of the revelation and recognition of Universal Cosmic Natural Moral Law. If man’s law is in contradiction with Natural Law, it is false and immoral and not binding upon anyone, otherwise it is in harmony with Natural Law and is redundant.


Consciousness as Natural Law Expressions

This flow-chart made by Mark Passio explains the whole dynamic of life very accurately:


I have also made my own chart of Natural Law coupled with the Trivium and Levels of Consciousness:


The following has been previously looked at in Consciousness and Polarity. Please read it for additional detail. Below is a summary of the expressions.

Generative Forces

There are two basic polar forces available for us to choose from to generate or create what we manifest in reality: love and fear. Many people consider the two polar forces to be love and hate, but this is due to a certain perspective that lacks deeper understanding. Hate manifests from fear.


Initiative Expressions

Knowledge – Seeking Truth

The initial expression of love through Natural Law is seeking truth and the desire to know, which eventually manifests as knowledge and understanding of certain truths. Love is the force that expands consciousness and wants us to look at the truth contained in reality, what ‘is’, and allow us to expand our conscious awareness. Love is seeking truth. Love is truth.

Ignorance – Refusing Truth

The opposite or negative initial expression of fear through natural law is the ignorance of not wanting to know and actively refusing knowledge and truth. Ignorance contracts conscious awareness. Ignorance is based in fear, knowledge is based in love. Ignorance prevents an understanding of Natural Law and the root causal factors of our condition. Freedom comes with knowledge of truth and ignorance leads to enslavement.

“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.”
– Thomas Jefferson

Internal Expressions

There are essentially two states of rulership: a monarchy of one ruler or anarchy of no ruler. The internal expression of the expansive force of consciousness manifests as internal monarchy. This is known as sovereignty, self-control, self-dominion, self-mastery, self-governance, self-ownership, and self-rulership of one’s own thoughts, emotions and actions. The contractive force of consciousness manifests internally as anarchy. A person is in oppositional duality consciousness that does not rule themselves and is not sovereign because they are in confusion due to ignorance of the truth.

Sovereign – Internal Monarchy
From Latin super meaning ‘above’ or ‘over’; and regnum meaning ‘rule’ or control.

A sovereign is being a ruler over no other but our own kingdom of self. Our thoughts, emotions and actions are in unison, harmony and non-duality. Our thoughts are in a state of intelligence. Our emotions are in a state of care. Our courage has given us the will to act in proper moral ways in the world. We become united, whole and one within ourselves so that we are not in internal contradiction, opposition, conflict, etc. A sovereign exists in degrees as well because it is difficult to become a being that is completely unified with truth and act in harmony with it and themselves. Society is currently constructed to ensure we are not fully capable of uniting with the truth and ourselves by having us agree to live in a certain way that is contrary to principles of truth in order for us to survive in this current modality of living.

Confusion – Internal Anarchy

Confusion is a state of being fractured and broken up internally as we are not in harmony and unison with ourselves. This condition is a result of not knowing and understanding what is going on inside of us because we have not looked at ourselves in full honesty and self-respect. We do not know our own psyche and consciousness and so we act and behave in contradiction to our thoughts and emotions which is an internal oppositional state of consciousness. Ignorance breeds confusion through a lack of acquisition of truths to bring greater clarity and understanding in one’s life.

Acting against truth is the same as acting against ourselves because what is right, good and true is what is best for us; our freedom, prosperity, peace and everything good. We are in opposition with our own self. Internal disorder creates external disorder. The internal is reflected onto the external through the Hermetic Principle of Correspondence. The state of internal anarchy is someone not ruling themselves and their own house; a condition of internal confusion, opposition, contradiction, adversity, non-accordance, inconsistent, incoherent, incongruent, nonintegrated, disunited, disharmony, and duality.

The less we are in a capacity to rule ourselves (lack of knowledge, internal opposition) through attainment of truth to bring us the clarity and understanding to make right-action decisions and choices, the more easily we can be manipulated from without into taking wrong-action and choices.


External Expressions

The external expressions of love and fear through Natural Law manifest as freedom and control in our lives.

Freedom – External Anarchy

Freedom is external anarchy where no one is a ruler of anyone else; there are neither masters nor slaves. Everyone has equal rights and expresses their consciousness by living in harmony with Natural Law principles of truth. No one accepts the false beliefs of ownership over another living being. There is no delusion of thinking one has the right to control the actions of others who are not violating the Natural Law rights of another living being such as is currently manifested through the institutions of police, military and government. Those who work for and support these institutions are violating Natural Law every day.

Control – External Monarchy

Control is based in the force of fear that results from a contraction or limitation of consciousness. Consciousness is prevented from expanding through the force of love when people choose to be willfully ignorant and refuse the truth. This creates a state of internal anarchy and confusion leading to a desire to exercise external control over others. As more people accept a fear-based consciousness and desire control, this centralizes power and external monarchy manifests. We are heading into this one world government of one external monarchic force ruling everybody.


Manifestations of Natural Law in our World

By moving through each positive expression of the generative force of love we arrive at the manifestation of order or everything we recognize and experience as good. Truth and love bring forward freedom, order, peace, harmony and goodness. Love expands consciousness.

Contrarily, using the force of fear to generate our experience through ignorance, confusion and attempting to externally control others is the current condition we have manifested known as chaos or evil. Fear contracts consciousness. Fear puts consciousness into a grave. This condition can be changed by helping people to understand Natural Law principles.

Using the positive generative polarity does not create any of the negative expressions. The ever expansive force of consciousness known as Love or Truth can only create positive expressions. Embodying Truth/Love and expanding conscious awareness does not foster ignorance. Developing knowledge does not create internal confusion. Becoming a Sovereign does not create external control. Living in freedom of anarchy and personal responsibility of self-governance and self-rulership does not manifest as chaos in the world. Believing we are generating from the force of Love or Truth while we actually manifest ignorance, internal opposition and confusion, or attempt to impose external control on others is an indication that we are actually generating from the force of Fear which is a contraction of consciousness and limitation of knowledge and understanding. Desiring control, being in internal opposition and confusion with one’s self or the Truth, and willfully ignoring Truth, are due to a lack of attaining certain truths that would bring one to an understanding of the importance of aligning with Truth and what manifests as a result. Employing a particular generative force will create the relative expressions with respect to that force, and not the opposite. These are polarized principles because they work in mutually exclusive ways.

This is how Natural Law and life function. Understanding this deeply will resonate with our core being and we will recognize the veracity of Natural Law and how it operates in our daily life to manifest the conditions we experience. This is the real Law of Attraction, not the “New Age” one as espoused in “The Secret” where you only have to imagine something and then it will manifest. That is not the way it works, but so many people have bought into the “New Age” feel-good, believe whatever you want deception. Actions and behaviors seem to fly out the window in terms of importance to those who want to deny their involvement in wrong and bullshit that keeps us from going forward in evolving consciousness together. They want to play their little mind games, use some flawed foundational premises for logical conclusions, imitate animal behavior, imitate cavemen behavior, and other absurdities that are not foundational principles of truth by which to base right-action upon and live our lives according to.

Choosing to align ourselves with the expansive force of consciousness, which is Love and Truth, is how we manifest what is right, good, and true which is what we should want to create instead of our current condition resulting from Fear, ignorance, confusion and control. Love embraces truth. Fear rejects truth. Evolving consciousness is embracing Truth. Increasing our conscious awareness expands our consciousness and our embodiment of Love/Truth. Truth leads to greater “love” and Care to expand and evolve consciousness through acquiring more Truth that continues to expand that force that feeds-back on itself to perpetually grow and evolve, as long as we have the will to do so and choose to remain in alignment with that force. The Kybalion expresses this understanding in similar words as well, describing it in aspects of alchemical transmutation:

“And it is this fact that enables the Hermetist to transmute one mental state into another, along the lines of Polarization. Things belonging to different classes cannot be transmuted into each other, but things of the same class may be changed, that is, may have their polarity changed.
And it will also be noticed that even to those unfamiliar with the Principle of Vibration, the Positive pole seems to be of a higher degree than the Negative, and readily dominates it. The tendency of Nature is in the direction of the dominant activity of the Positive pole.”
– The Kybalion

Note the “class” aspect that is mentioned, is what I am talking about in my Dualistic Conceptual Framework represented by the Frequency of Truth, Love, Good/etc. for understanding and navigating reality. Dualities are polarities. Class is what is being used as a basis for measurement, i.e. Truth, Good, Love, etc. There are varying degrees of Truth and less Truth in the form of falsity, wrong, etc. Please read what I wrote about this framework to understand more of what I am talking about, and it will also create more correspondences and connections for a bigger-picture holistic understanding.

We have the choice to align with varying degrees of Love or Fear. This determines the quality of our collective shared experience as we co-create and manifest in reality through the totality of our actions, behaviors and ways of being of each individual. This is the real way we create our reality that we choose to live in, not the “New Age” notion that you yourself create your own world reality and can manifest whatever you want. Truth is always Truth no matter the false beliefs and perceptions someone has about what ‘is’ reality. Real eyes realize real lies. Aligning perceptions with reality is right, good and true, and expands consciousness, the force of Love. Trying to be a “God” to force reality to conform to our erroneous belief constructs is false, wrong and leads to badness created by ourselves, such as the current collective condition of the beings living on our planet. We did it to ourselves and to others.

We all experience and perceive reality in varying degrees of relative similarity and difference to identify and recognize what ‘is’, but at the core of it all is the same thing, the Truth, what ‘is’, reality, only, it is being viewed from different angles. This does not mean all perceptions are valid and true. We have two realities in our current manifested experience in the universe; the manifestation of the universe as it ‘is’, and that of conceptual frameworks and belief constructs to evaluate, asses, discern and judge what we are experiencing. Our way of perceiving the way we live and operate in the 3D physical reality is shaped by how we perceive ourselves and the external world and others. If we are manipulated into accepting and buying into lies and deceptions, then our way of looking at ourselves and the world will be altered from alignment with an accurate perception of reality as it truly ‘is’. We create illusions of fantasy to live in. This is some serious magic of mind control going on. Our course in life is then being guided by unseen hands manipulating our consciousness because we are ignorant of how we function and ignorant of the importance of aligning with Truth and Natural Law principles.

The way that we can potentially individually create our own reality is when we accept degrees of fantasy illusions based on deception and falsehood. That is called a reality bubble of living in a make-believe world of believing whatever we want or wish to be true, solipsism is home to that modality of consciousness, and is not based in reality and the truth of what ‘is’. That is inventing our own reality that only we ourselves can break free from because only we are the ones who accept the beliefs that shape our way of perceiving things. These are self-imposed delusions. They are ultimately self-imposed chains that prevent us from facing the truth of reality, instead preferring to feel good and comfortable about our current way of living based in deception. None of this changes the actual objective reality that exists. Alignment with reality is the key, not attempting to force reality to comply with our preconceived notions and concepts of how we want or wish things to be, but acting in the wisdom of right-action to manifest the change and betterment that can be.

Right and Wrong

Understanding Natural Law enables a deeper level of comprehension of the objective difference between what is right and what is wrong, between what is true and what is false. Unfortunately most people have a hard time distinguishing the difference because of the degree of moral relativism in our civilization.

Right = Correct = True = Moral = Natural Law = No harm done = Good

Wrong = Incorrect = False = Immoral = not Natural Law = Harm done = Evil

What is right is correct, accurate, true, moral and based in Natural Law with no result in harm. What is wrong is incorrect, inaccurate, false, immoral and not based in Natural Law which does harm. Right, good and true brings the clarity of understanding. Wrong, bad and false brings the obfuscation of confusion.

Something based in truth can be represented through the words right, correct, accurate, etc. 2+2=4 is true, right, correct, accurate, etc. Right is also used to represent moral action: “that was the right decision to make.” A decision or action is right and moral when it is based in Natural Law and not harming another living being. Actions are right to take when they do not result in harm. Conversely, wrong is associated with what is not true such as 2+2=5 is false, wrong, incorrect, inaccurate, etc. An action someone does not have the right to take is a wrong action because they result in harm to other living beings. A right is most easily understood in the negative apophatic sense to demonstrate what we do not have a right to do because there are far too many actions which do not result in any harm to bother listing them all. Understanding what we do not have a right to do enables us to understand what we do have a right to be. Defining what we do not have a right to do enables us to understand and affirm what we do have a right to do.

It is simple to understand once you have all the pieces to construct the puzzle or paint an accurate picture. Something based in truth is based in principles, Natural Law and will not result in harm. Something based in non-truth or falsehood is not based in principles of Natural Law and will result in harm. The simplicity of how this functions can only be expressed and spoken about, we cannot force anyone to accept it if they are not at a level of conscious awareness to be able to understand it.

To test if an action is in compliance with Natural Law, imagine this scenario where there are only two people, such as the previous law and tax example. An action that is wrong for one being to take against another is the same as one person or group of people having the right to take that same action in a world of 7 billion people.

A conscience is the ability to distinguish right from wrong. From the Latin com meaning ‘together’ and scire ‘to know; to understand’. Conscience is to know together, to be mutually aware of. In other words it is common sense knowledge, a sense of right and wrong that we all share in common. We’re supposed to recognize right and wrong by having a developed conscience, but our conditioning into falsehoods, deceptions and believing fantasy as reality distorts our innate capabilities to align ourselves with what is right instead of what is wrong.

“Under analysis a person discovers that situations consist of elements, some of which are wrong and others right. If he sorts out and examines those elements, truth is easily separated from error. Some tasks of sorting are more difficult than others, but only because they are more complicated. They have more elements; therefore, they take more time to analyze, or perhaps the individual lacks knowledge of how to deal with them.

Often it is hard to collect all the pertinent facts. Some facts must be filled in by speculation, and here it is important that the speculation be done by a scrupulous person. If those analyses are continued long enough, there finally emerges a clear pattern of distinctions between right and wrong. Those who act before a clear pattern emerges are the persons whose irresponsibility is causing much of society’s trouble.”

– Right is Might by Richard W. Wetherill, pg. 23


Is Force the Same as Violence?

There is obfuscation and confusion perpetuating society regarding what force means and how that differs from violence. This confusion leads to an inhibition and pacification of the Sacred Masculine principle of self-defense in alignment with Natural Law.

What is Force?
– strength or energy
– exertion against something that resists

What is Violence?
– force exerted for the purpose of violating, damaging, or abusing
– unjust exercise of power

You can force people against their will/volition, forcibly hurt them, take from them, etc. You can also apply force to a ball and make it move, build a house, etc.

The difference is one is violent, against someone’s volition, making it a violation. Force in itself is not violent. It is just a force that creates a change in position, state, etc. This is how the universe exists. Without force, there is nothing. This is how we move our bodies, how we get any work done, etc. Note the root of violence and violation. Viole is rape in French.

The Latin word violare (violate, dishonor; outrage). Note we have violare linked to a violation. Violare is in turn derived from the Latin (and Italian, Portuguese, Spanish) word vis (force, strength). Note force is not derived from violence. Violence is derived from force. This is important to understand. Violence requires force, force does not require violence.

So if someone initiates violence against someone out of the blue, for no reason and against Natural Law, they are acting in violence, against someone’s volition, they are acting in a way to violate their Natural Law rights.

When someone uses force against another who is violating (with violence) another being’s volition and rights, that first person is not being violent; they are correcting a violent act against Natural Law rights, with the use of force. You are indeed “exerting against something that resists” which may result in “damaging” effects, but you are not violating the violence (evil). It is a just use of power, energy, and strength. The initiator of violence using unjust (against Natural Law rights) force is the one violating and being violent. That is also a violation of the Sacred Feminine principle of nonviolence and nonaggression. Using force to stop that violence is not violence, but right-action based in Natural Moral Law to stop a wrongdoing from continuing unabated. This is the Sacred Masculine being rightfully used to defend and uphold the Sacred Feminine.

It does matter who initiates the first act which they did not have a right to take. They are the initiators of the violence, the undue use of force, violating someone else’s free will and volition to not be harmed. The Sacred Feminine is being crushed, destroyed, broken, etc. and the Sacred Masculine needs to step in to set right-action into manifestation. When someone violates someone else’s rights, they lose their own rights. If you choose to violate someone’s Natural Law rights, you are giving up your own rights under Natural Law.

Force is protecting and defending Natural Law rights against a violation of those rights. Dark occultists, dominators and controllers don’t want people to step up and physically defend themselves against being violated. They want to pacify the Sacred Masculine of self-defense. Our current society’s growing police state is demonstrated by Alex Jones and others where we see state sanctioned thugs using violence against those who exercise their right to free speech. This is the case at the G-8 and G 20 summit protests. There are people who protest the political scheming of the power structures in the world and are harassed, pepper sprayed, tasered or beaten for exercising the force of their voice and speaking information that other people should know about

We have failed in our personal responsibility. We have not morally educated our young, so there happens to be criminal tendencies that develop in various people and then we demand a controller clean things up in society because we don’t want to handle it ourselves. We have handed over our personal responsibility by creating institutions and forces of control because we don’t want to deal with our own house or be bothered and hassled by the problems around us. So people or groups end up with imaginary rights that no one possesses, such as stealing through taxation, violence and coercion that result from noncompliance with taxation or other dictates of man’s law that are not followed, and it is all sanctioned through tacit acceptance into indentured servitude. Proper education is key, not the fear and need to control by having institutions of control to save us from our own ignorance.

Force is voluntary, based in Natural Law and morality to take an action that one has the right to take because it does not violate the Natural Law rights of another sentient animate being. The Sacred Feminine principles of nonviolence and nonaggression is being sustained, aligned with and embodied. Violence is coercive action not based in Natural Law and morality, to take an action one doesn’t have the right to take because they are violating the rights of another sentient animate being, stepping on the Sacred Feminine, without Care.

Another topic is the difference between killing and murder. Let me know if you have objections to the definitions I have set forth, as they make sense when you trace back their original meaning that they are to used to represent.



Is Killing the Same as Murder?

To murder is to kill, but to kill is not necessarily to murder. The same direction is applied with force and violence, violence is force but force is not necessarily violence.

Kill vs. Murder


Kill = to end a life.

Interestingly, tue, tuer in French which means to kill, comes from Latin tutor: I guard, protect, defend

It would seem kill/tue in French derives from guard/protect/defend-ing.  We can infer that killing is only killing when it is used to guard, protect or defend oneself, whereas murder is not. This is the causal factor. Initiation of violence vs. defense against an aggressor.



Murder = “unlawful killing”

from PIE *mrtro-, from root *mer- “to die” (see mortal (adj.)). The spelling with -d- probably reflects influence of Anglo-French murdre, from Old French mordre, from Medieval Latin murdrum, from the Germanic root.

In which law is it unlawful?  Natural Law!  There is such a thing as lawful killing in Natural Law. When the Sacred Feminine is disregarded, nonviolence and nonaggression are violated and someone violates another to the point where they try to end their life, the self-defense of the Sacred Masculine is allowed to use force to end that unlawful violence and violation of rights, with whatever force necessary to end that violence.

Further validation comes from the Old Testament 10 Commandments. The translation of “Thou shalt not kill” is intentionally false, as it is really “thou shalt not murder.”

Even in the Strong’s Concordance they do not want you to understand this truth fully,

Exo 20:13  Thou shalt not(H3808) kill.(H7523)

raw-tsakh’ (H7523) (R-Tz-H)

A primitive root; properly to dash in pieces, that is, kill (a human being), especially to murder: – put to death, kill, (man-) slay (-er), murder (-er).

But in a dictionary that uses etymology, we can see the difference between kill and murder yet again.


To murder (to deliberately kill).

Murder: the crime of deliberately killing.

That is the real meaning of the Hebrew word R-Tz-H

Killing isn’t necessarily immoral. We can kill in self-defense if it comes to that. Murder is a form of killing, but it is immoral, as there is no right to do so. The Sacred Feminine principle of nonaggression and nonviolence has to be violated, a violation of rights, a violation of Natural Law, in order for self-defense to be enacted. Murder is initiation of violence by taking another’s life that caused no harm to anyone, did no aggression or violence towards another being. Killing is a causal response (self-defense of the Sacred Masculine) to an effect and violation brought upon you against your will (violation of Sacred Feminine nonaggression and nonviolence).

Understanding the applicability of Universal Cosmic Natural Moral Law for our nature of sentient animate beings is different than the Laws of other sentient animate beings. We have a unique element of consciousness where we can create things that did not previously exist, for the better, or currently for the worse it seems. With great power comes great responsibility. We have great power to affect the external world, our actions and behaviors collectively produce the ways in which we live on this planet. We have Morality with our manifestations of consciousness. Actions have consequences. We can and must learn the Cause and Effect mechanism to Natural Law to recognize right from wrong, and live as moral beings.

Our actions and behaviors towards other innocent sentient animate beings are a part of us, and Universal Cosmic Natural Moral Law applies in everything we do. If we enslave other innocent sentient animate beings, then we are not truly living and embodying Natural Law, Higher Self, Higher Will, Truth, Love, Good, Right, etc. If you think your actions of support, consent and participation in the enslavement, exploitation, harm, suffering, violence or murder of other innocent sentient animate beings is not part of what you do and who you are currently choosing to be, then you do not understand yourself or Natural Law.

We can create wonderful good, and we can also create tremendous evil. There are also grades in between. So long as we embody aspects of wrongdoings and evil towards other innocent sentient animate beings, we are merely living in partial embodiment of Natural Law and are still supporters of slavery. Only Truth can allow you to cross the divide of apathy, ignorance, cowardice and denial about what you participate, support and consent to in your actions and behaviors. Our minds are powerful, and we can delude ourselves about what we are actually participating in.

We are very good at lying to ourselves, better than our ability to lie to others. It is time to let go of illusions by seeking out and embracing the Truth in all matters. Murder and enslavement of human actions applies to all sentient animate beings. The Laws of Cause and Effect, Karma and Behavioral Consequence are specific Universal Cosmic Natural Moral Laws that apply to human beings alone, according to our nature as a species, just as other species have their own Laws. We are not meant to imitate other animals. We have our own path, as they have theirs. Our path includes morality, knowing and living by what is right and wrong to become more integrated, awakened, self-actualized, self-realized, self-governed sovereign beings living in true freedom and prosperity on this planet and universe.


Responsibility – Response Ability

Our ability to respond is enhanced by becoming more of a sovereign being. A sovereign, self-governed, self-ruled and self-controlled person takes personal responsibility over their thoughts, emotions and actions which are the only things we have a right to control. Creating institutions of power and control to govern our lives and do things for us is abdication of personal responsibility. Taking personal responsibility for our thoughts, emotions and actions is the basis for discovering and understanding Natural Law. We have to be honest with ourselves to face what we are currently choosing to be through the three manifestations of consciousness.

Taking a paycheck to violate other people’s rights is not acceptable. Currently our economic system and basis for survival promotes such positions to be filled in order to survive, but it is not simply just a matter of doing a job. Following orders is not an excuse for violating the Natural Law rights of others when you do not have a right to do that.

“They must find it difficult… those who have taken authority as truth, rather than truth as authority.”
– Gerald Massey

This same story has happened many times in our recent history and further back. There are those who accept claims of authority over other living beings and usurp their Natural Law rights. Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, and going back every century into the Roman times and even before that there have always been people who have claimed imaginary rights of authority over others. Those who line up and take orders are automatons imagining that they can give up their personal responsibility for the wrong-actions they commit and claim it’s all just a job and they are just following orders. Excuses, justifications and defensive rationalizations are always employed by those who need to validate the wrongs they are engaged in. People want to claim that they are not responsible for what happens as a result of their actions. But the truth is that they are, they simply want to be irresponsible so that they can continue doing what they are doing without pointing the finger at themselves. Instead, pointing the finger at someone else and claiming someone else is responsible for their behavior.

“Accept responsibility for yourself and your actions, thoughts and words. You alone make choices. You alone are answerable to the consequences of your behavior. The feeble excuse that your boss required it, the establishment expected it, holds no truth or justification.
What is the point of having principles if you allow others to dictate your behavior? At the end of the day, you will judge your performance and the contribution you have made to Creation. It will not be based on what another expected of you, or what you did because you felt trapped.”
– David Icke

We have the free will to choose to integrate with the current system we are living in or to refuse to cooperate with this system that is enslaving people. We either do not follow Natural Law or we follow Natural Law regardless of the deception people are living in. The responsibility lies on our shoulders, each one of us as an individual is the way out of our current condition of suffering. We need to understand principles of Natural Law, right and wrong, claim personal responsibility and stop making excuses in order to develop true sovereignty and self-governance. The answer is in the mirror. We are the answer through the expansion and evolution of our consciousness in true education. Spending our time and paying attention on raising ourselves because we were not properly raised, to raise our conscious awareness and understanding of ourselves and reality. This is the requirement for us to advance, change and evolve as a species up the ladder of consciousness and breaking the chains of our current condition into a new world peace, harmony and prosperity.

  • Living in Harmony with Natural Law leads to:
    • Freedom
    • Peace
    • Prosperity
    • Survival
    • Evolutionary Progress
  • Living in Opposition to Natural Law leads to:
    • Control
    • Enslavement
    • Poverty
    • War
    • Evolutionary Stagnation
    • Extinction


The Choice is Ours

We have much to learn and face in ourselves if we are to alter our current course.

“Human sickness is so severe that few can bear to look at it. But those who do will become well.”
– Vernon Howard

Our current condition does not need to be this way. The solution to the virus infecting our hearts and minds is us. Mark Passio has accurately used four terms to describe part of a process to help us get out of our self-created suffering: recognition, respect, responsibility and reconciliation.

We need to re-cognize, “to know again”, by examination and identification to determine the similarities and differences that various aspects share in common. In this search we can recognize and know things as they are and relate to each other, and come to “look back again” at ourselves and see if what we are doing is the right thing. Self-respect, looking at ourselves again and again, is how we develop true responsibility to respond in moral ways to our situations in life. When we have faced ourselves in true respect to change our ways in alignment with what is right, good and true we can reconcile and move towards each other again in the spirit of courage to do the right thing and let go of our attachment to the psychopathic institutions manipulating our way of living. Truth unites. Lies divide. The only way to move towards each other and unite is through truth. The more we are divergent in our recognition of reality as it ‘is’, the more we diverge from unity with truth and each other.

Recognition through examination and identification with what ‘is’ increases our awareness, widens our worldview and scope to encompass all suffering that is occurring. Concern only for ourselves, our own suffering and the negative consequences that affect only our personal lives is not a good enough reason to want to solve the problems we face. For real change to occur we need to change our perspective about suffering. We need to widen our identification and viewpoint to understand that as any being suffers, all beings suffer.

Even the controllers and manipulators that create havoc and cause others to suffer are suffering themselves. These psychopaths fear and therefore seek to control. The ideology is that if you can control everything around you then it cannot hurt. They are in fear of being discovered as people who are incapable of feeling the normal range of human emotions. They fear how others would react, so they seek to control in order to survive and protect themselves. They are hurting and take out their aggression on others in complex ways.

Things can be different if enough people care to do the work to understand the causal factors of suffering that originate from within ourselves and care to change. Change is the action that requires courage to overcome our fears. We have free will choice to make decisions even if it leads to more suffering and is against the goals that we want or wish to have. What we create for ourselves is based on our alignment with Natural Law or ignoring it.

Next up will be a deeper look into aspects of our psyche and consciousness relating to our self-image and self-concept as expressed through our ego-personality-identity construct and the worldview we hold.


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Information mainly sourced from: What on Earth is Happening #036