Caring for Right Over Wrong

When we’re living in falser ways, we don’t care or want to hear the truth of our errors or wrongs. When we live the “way” and “path” of truth (Jesus was symbolized as such, as with light and other symbolism), we care for truth, and that’s caring for what’s right. When we love truth, we want to know our errors, mistakes, wrongs, evils and darkness, to correct them, stop them, to heal, purify, sublimate, transmute, change, evolve, better, improve, etc.

The Self-Examined Life to Know Wrong-Doings and Align with Truth

An ego-based rule
DO NOT mention matters that are avoided and denied.
DO NOT bring consciousness to your mate’s delusions.
DO NOT bring consciousness to the state of the marriage.
DO NOT call attention to the folly of trying to make an unloving, unconstructive marriage “work.”
Why, in ego-speak, true means UNtrue
To be true to someone, as ego understands it, and as convention requires it, is the opposite of being true to someone, as spirit understands it. Heaven is fine with truth. Spirit loves truth. But conventional society, ruled by ego as it is, is not fine with truth.

To be UNtrue. To be dishonest.
That’s right. In ego-speak, to be “true” to your mate or friend is to be true to his or her ego, and untrue to his or her soul — because everyone knows that the soul of any person is hurt by avoidance, denial, and collusion.

To be spiritually true to them is to be the opposite: to be honest with the person about things that matter, even if they resist being honest about those things; to bring up things they need to hear, even if they don’t want to hear them; to be conscious around a person who very much wants unconscious companionship. 1

Non-examined people focus on themselves and what they want, wish or desire regardless of what is demonstrable in the truth of reality. Many people don’t consider truth important and they instead focus on making friends, being likable, getting people to like them, and don’t seek to remove the untruth, the wrongs, that are existing in the world and in themselves.

I seek to become consciously aware of the wrong in myself. When I encounter wrong in the world around me, I point it out, because I care for truth more than I care if people like me or not.

Bringing to light errors, wrongs, etc. is not comfortable. It is controversial. It usually evokes conflict due to those receiving the message being too attached to false conceptions of what is happening.

“It is harder to behave like good people when we are busy defending our status as good people.”

Thank you for your time and attention! I appreciate the knowledge reaching more people. Take care. Peace.