Bullies, the Tyranny of Authority and the Abuse of Power

There we are, doing our thing. But then someone doesn’t like that others like what we’re doing. They don’t want someone to challenge what they want. Some people do things that challenge the self-view and worldview of others who want to keep things as they are so they can keep their positions of power and control. They will attack others who are a threat to what they stand for or what they want. Enter the bullies of the world.

Why do some people bully or abuse others? Why do some people enjoy trolling, harassing or mistreating others? Why are some people looking to create meaningless conflict with others?

Power Over Others – Might Makes Right

It comes down to a lack of respect for others (and for themselves ultimately). They lack the ability to honestly look at themselves in the mirror and see what they are doing, which means they lack the ability of self-respect, to look back at themselves.

They live in a self-deception where anything they do is “good” for them and their interests, such as controlling others. They don’t care about their intentionally malicious and hurtful actions towards others. They enjoy mistreating others. They are a bully that harasses people for the enjoyment of it, just because they have the power to do it and get away with it.

It’s all about power and it’s abuse. Think of the school yard bully. He was a bigger kid, tough guy, who had more strength power and liked to pick on those deemed weaker with less strength power. Bullies revive and keep alive the dead and degenerate ideology of “might makes right”.

When bullies get to make the rules and have no accountability just because they are stronger, the governance is a kratocracy where the strong seize power through force. The bully controls the whole school.

When the corrupted psyches of underdeveloped adults have money as power, it’s a plutocracy of rule by the rich.

Those who want and try to dominate others by strength of power have no real power other than the fear they install on the masses through their corruption, abuse, and harassment of those who have less power that a society is based upon. Getting away with abuses of power only happens when a community is corrupted as well. The rulers get to act with impunity where no consequences are applied to their wrong-actions.

The Tyranny of Authority Supported by Fake Communities

Abusers generate misery and suffering. Their degenerate and devolved consciousnesses often revel in it as a source of joy. Everyone who is honest sees this how an abuser of power enjoys continuing to abuse their power, especially if their power and abusive authority is challenged. How dare anyone challenge their rule they think, so they seek to punish them with more abuse and misery. This is how the authorities in the feudal systems worked, and how other tyrannies of authority work. Any disobedience to the lord master was seen as threat to their power which they swiftly dealt with in order to keep the rest of the people in fear and in the chain of obedience. Even many bosses in jobs operate this way because they have the power and they get the power-trip of authority that corrupts their psyche.

People remain cowards unable to stop the abuse because they fear the power and the misery and suffering that can be laid at their feet instead of someone else’s. As long as it’s not us being hurt, mistreated, abused or harassed, we tend to let things go on as they are because it doesn’t affect us and we don’t want the trouble or hassle of standing for what’s right. Getting involved puts a target on our back so that the misery and suffering gets placed on us, and we don’t want that at all. It’s safer to just let the tyranny of authority and abuse of power continue to mistreat, harass and abuse others.

But the abusers only keep their power over others if others let them. This is why they have no real power. The people of a society give power to others for them to mistreat and abuse that power. If people stood up against the tyranny of authority then things could change for the better. If the people in a society will do nothing, then the tyranny of authority and the abuse inflicted upon individuals will continue.

The community is a sham and fake from being corrupted into following the tyranny of authority. The community let’s harassment, mistreatment and abuses of power and authority continue. There is no unity against the wrong-doings to stop it. There is only unity to allow it to continue. The community is united to support the mistreatment of others, not to stop it.

This is when a community is a fake “community”, where people only look out for their own personal self-interests and don’t want to get involved in the hassle and trouble of standing for what’s right. They keep standing for what’s wrong by letting the wrong persist, and this is what the overall society represents.

It gets really fake when a community only wants to see itself as “good” with a fake positivity mask, while they ignore and deny issues of abuse of power and authority. That’s when you can see the overall state of mind of a community and how much people are lying to themselves (i.e. lack of honesty and self-respect).

United in common truth and justice we stand to create a better way, or divided by personal self-interest and fear of power we fall into a corrupted society of plutocratic rule.

Abusers of power (bullies) like to validate, justify, excuse and rationalize that what they are doing is “right”. Anything the ruler in power says is automatically “right” because they said so. If you challenge them, they can hurt you economically or physically. Dominating others makes them feel good. Making others feel bad makes them feel good. They lack self-love and self-worth in addition to self-respect.

Driving people into a lower consciousness state of fear is a constriction on consciousness to render conscious capacities unconscious. When a society lives in fear, they are living as falser selves, unable to realize and actualize greater ways of living. The society or community is false or fake, and acts as a support to perpetuate the abuse of power. Few people want to get involved for fear of being the next victim. And the abuse-victim cycle continues… on and on, until people stand against it.

When a community lets abuses and the tyranny of authority and power dictate what happens, then that community is living in fear and in a constriction of consciousness to change things for the better. A fake and false community ensures more living in the fear of a falser self that is afraid to stand up to the tyranny of authority.

Misery and Suffering

The abuse of others is often a compensation for the internal misery and suffering they live in. Why would anyone willingly choose to mistreat and abuse others and create misery and suffering for them, if they themselves were not already a broken and damaged psychological being? Psychologically healthy people do not go about mistreating others, abusing the power they have, and creating misery and suffering for others.

There is a saying you might know: “misery loves company”. They are miserable, and they don’t want to be the only ones. They want to make other’s miserable.

The sad part is most of them aren’t even self-aware enough to understand their own miserable internal psychological composition. Deep down somewhere they feel like a victim, but they don’t realize this. They want to make other people into victims by abusing them so that they aren’t alone in a suffering world. They can target one person, a few people, or many people to try to be purposefully hurtful towards.

Think about how demented you have to be to gain pleasure from hurting others, just because you can. Bullies and abusers of power are very damaged people, be they children or adults. Though I would say the adults that do this are the most damaged of all; still broken children somewhere in their psyche, unable to heal and grow up into a mature adult. They are broken and can’t fix themselves for the most part, since they lack so much self-knowledge, self-analysis, introspection and reflection upon their lives. They are on autopilot, recreating their trauma by passing it on to others through their mistreatment and abuse. They automatically do this as part of their being, as who they are now. They are unconscious and “dead” to themselves, just doing evil to others as was done to them.

Trolls and the Prison of their Own Making

On the internet it can be a large waste of time to deal with trolls. Trolls feed on attention. If you keep engaging with them it feeds their need for attention that they desire from you. It means what they are doing to try to irritate you is working out for them, because you give them what they want. Feeding them keeps them coming back for more food, attention. This is the sad internal state they are in. Their psyche and consciousness is suffering, and they seek attention in malicious ways to keep themselves entertained. The best way to deal with trolls, is to not feed them. Don’t feed the trolls. Starve them from the attention they crave.

Some people have underlying issues in themselves, in their lives, in their psyche, and want to project their aggression and feelings of inadequacy out onto other people even if they don’t have greater power to abuse others . Many seem to enjoy doing this. It makes them “feel-good”. They are so confused internally, that abusing, bullying, harassing, trolling or being malicious to other people is “fun” for them. They are a psychological abuser. They enjoy spending their time and energy to purposefully make things up and try to take people down to their miserable level.

Instead of spending time, energy and effort looking at themselves in the mirror, they take their time, energy and effort to purposely try to put people down, make fun of them, insult them, call them names, and they enjoy it. It feeds their negative ego-“I”-self construct. They don’t want to deal with their own internal issues and be a more positive ego-“I”-self. They don’t even see and recognize what they are doing to others, nor see the deep issues within themselves. They don’t want to see clearly, they don’t want to look honestly. They are in denial about themselves. They lack the ability to look at themselves honestly, they lack self-respect.

Respect means to look at again. Self-respect is to look at yourself again and again, deeply, within yourself, your consciousness, psyche, etc. This is not about literally looking into a mirror. This is symbolism, analogy and metaphor. Look beneath the facade of who you pretend to be to others, the fake duplicitous projection you hide behind, and see who you really are by your actions across the board. Take a hard look at yourself, the real you inside, and heal yourself with self-respect.

People can’t heal if they don’t look at themselves honestly. Most of us don’t like looking at our broken and shattered reflection of self. Excusing all your bad behavior as justifiably good for you keeps you locked in a prison of your own making.

You can start to respect others after you deal with your own internal mess to some degree. Find the root causal factor that has you engaging in these actions to harm others. It usually comes back to a lack of self-care and self-“love”. If you deny there is even such a thing as a range of emotions characterized by words like care or “love”, then you are stuck in denial and will never heal. Learn to have more respect and responsibility for yourself and your actions. This requires care, courage and will-power to honestly face the mirror.

Stop subconsciously seeing yourself as a victim that needs to lash out at others who did nothing to you. This is creating a cycle of abuse and victimhood to justify and excuse your actions towards others.

People don’t often want to get involved in dealing with trolls or bullies. Sometimes they can be ignored, but sometimes they need to be stopped by people who care to get involved and do something about it. If people care about what’s right — more than the fear they have of losing money from the wealthy ruler, or of being the next victim in their campaign of abuse, misery and suffering — then they can unite and stop bad people from continuing to do bad things. That’s when a real community forms around the common unity of what is right and good. No longer is the tyranny of abusive authority tolerated.

Healing the Psychopath Within Us

Psychopath etymologically means suffering of the psyche, mind or consciousness, from psyche (mind) + pathos (suffering). Most of us are suffering from the condition of this world (within varying comparative degrees). We all have some level of issue in our psyche/consciousness, don’t we? But some people are more visibly “psychopathic” — more visibly in a state of deep suffering — than others, because we can see it from their actions.

We are socially engineered, conditioned, programmed, brainwashed and indoctrinated into a falser ways of living, to be a falser self than the potential we could be, influenced into a delusion of illusions and appearances that prevents us from realizing and actualizing our substantive, authentic, truer, realer, higher potential we can become.

People who don’t suffer, don’t create suffering for others to suffer by their actions.

It’s people who are suffering that willingly create more suffering for others, and even enjoy it.

We suffer ourselves and then we continue to create suffering for others, as an abuse-victim perpetuation cycle.

If we create evil and suffering for others, it can be ignorantly and unconsciously. Unconsciously, because we are not consciously aware nor evolved enough in consciousness to know the reality of what we are doing and therefore live in a false reality, an unreality. But some people know what they are doing and create a bad reality for others.

Honesty, Respect and Responsibility

If we create suffering we are suffering, and we are suffering from a lack of self-knowledge. The lack of self-knowledge is from a lack of self-respect to look at ourselves in the mirror, a lack of self-“love” to care to do that work on ourselves, and a lack of self-responsibility to own up to the actions and behaviors we create in reality.

This lack of self-knowledge, self-respect, self-love and self-responsibility creates the self-inflicted suffering and self-imposed enslavement we live in and continue to perpetuate for ourselves and others on this planet.

We’re all on one space-ship Earth and are all affected and prevented from evolving and bettering ourselves as a species.

As long as we harm others we have no right to harm (who did no one any harm), then we create suffering, trauma and abuse, for them and ourselves because we are in a state of suffering in consciousness. We lack conscious awareness of ourselves, and lack care, compassion, empathy, conscience and morality. Healing, growing, evolving, changing, etc., takes time, attention, energy, effort, dedication, determination and persistence.

You can try to reason and argue with some of these people that are suffering, but denial is strong and they won’t hear any of it. They can’t face themselves int he mirror honestly because they don’t have self-respect nor do they care for truth or what’s right. They keep persisting in their self-delusional justifications of how “right” and “good” they are to mistreat, harass, and abuse others.

If we want things to get better — for ourselves and the world — we need to face our fears to stand against the wrongs and stand for what’s right. Without this deep truer self driving force in human history, we would not be where we are. We would still be living in plutocracy, or in feudal systems, or other tyrannies of authority like still having slavery as a legitimate thing to do. It’s because of people who stood against what was wrong that the world was made better. A person often can’t change things on their own, but they can ignite a passion for truth and morality so that people can work to change things for the better.

Thank you for your time and attention! I appreciate the knowledge reaching more people. Take care. Peace.