The True Self Seeks Truth & Morality

Most people try to live by their idea of the “good”, but their ability to actualize the Real Good is limited by various barriers. Many falsities are accepted as “truth” and this creates a delusional perceptual reality framework that blinds us to what is actually happening. Once we dig deeper into the false reality we have been conditioned into, we begin to uncover the hidden reality that exists outside of the normalized vision people are made to see with. Only by knowing the ways you are being deceived and made to believe in falsity, can you begin to progress in evolving consciousness and actualizing the True Self, living in the Path and Way of Truth, Love, Good, Right, Morality, Natural Law, Higher Will, Higher Self, etc.



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The conditioning into falsity has the True Self inhibited from being, from living out what is Right, Good and True to the fullest potential. It is there at the core of our being, but has been masked and overridden by subsequent programming into the conditioning of false living that preexists in society. The current conditions are the template we use to copy and conform to society and its normalcy. The falsities of society then become false proxy substitutes for the real things (Truth, Morals, Values) that we deeply long to live, exemplify and embody deep down to our core being, but are denied the greater realization, actualization, individuation and fulfillment of that True Self. The consciousness-self, in this existence as the ego-personality-identity construct, is programmable, and as such, can receive input from different sources to develop it into what it becomes. Garbage in, garbage out. Quality in, quality out. Where does our time, attention, energy, effort, determination, dedication and persistence go? We need to prioritize learning Truth and Morality and making it the default way of living.

Social normalcy describes the acceptability provided by the conventions of society. Successful integration into social constructs is dependent upon the compliance and conformity with the normalcy of that social subsystem. Each successive subconstruct is more “individuated” towards a particular conditioned form or image. This is seen in duty and responsibility towards false ways of living that are believed to be legitimate. This is obvious in the degrees of devotion of various constructs man creates, such as fashion groupings, particular activities people group themselves around, in-group vs. out-group identifications of other kinds, police, military, elitism, and other favoritism for social acceptability.

These subsystems/subconstructs set themselves apart from the greater aggregate collective of the culture-civilization and provide directed avenues of structured “variability”. This so-called variability is a false proxy of “individuality”, and leads one to become attached to a pseudo-individuality construct. These are pathways and avenues of so-called “freedom” for people to allegedly “choose” from in the process of forming their self-images and identities. For the most part, these preselected paths also provide a re-channeling of the energy of each individual unit into a “free-market” allocation of their universal constructibility.

We are universal constructors, capable of performing an almost infinite number of tasks and operations to sustain, maintain, procure, preserve, protect and project the system of control and enslavement. We sustain the system by being interchangeable universal constructor pieces capable of fitting themselves into a particular avenue or pathway of energy generation within the system, as a replaceable cog in the machine. In the scientific dictatorship of pure utilitarianism and systems thinking, we are essentially just numbers, human resources, energy units to be used to accomplish specific goals, controlled in a similar way to the hive mind of queens in insect colonies.

We have to work to remove the falsity in order to let that which is, Truth and Morality, shine through unadulterated from our core being. It can be viewed in this negative pathway of removing falsity, or as actively bringing in what is right, good and true in order to realize (real eyes realize real lies) and identify the falsity to remove it.

To demonstrate how the True Self is the embodiment of Natural Law, the Higher Will, the Higher Self, which is the True Self, we can look at how others have spoken similarly regarding the inherent aspect of our core being and the effects of falsity:

Humans can be literally poisoned by false ideas and false teachings. Many people have a just horror at the thought of putting poison into tea or coffee, but seem unable to realize that, when they teach false ideas and false doctrines, they are poisoning the timebinding capacity of their fellow men and women. One has to stop and think! There is nothing mystical about the fact that ideas and words are energies which powerfully affect the physico-chemical base of our time-binding activities. Humans are thus made untrue to “human nature.” – Manhood of Humanity, pg.53

“Theory and practice show that healthy, well-balanced people are naturally ‘moral’ and ‘ethical’ unless their educations have twisted their types of evaluations. … [W]e train students in consciousness of abstracting, consciousness of the multiordinal mechanisms of evaluation, relational orientations, etc., which bring about cortico-thalamic integration, and then as a result ‘morality,’ ‘ethics,’ awareness of social responsibilities, etc. follow automatically.” – Science and Sanity, pg. xxxi

As a result of conditioning into falsity and living in the false self, our sense of good gets corrupted. Our true self is greatly diminished as a result of true Care for Truth and Morality being so dim within us. The compass of care, compassion, empathy, conscience is out of whack, out of alignment with the inherent magnetic force of the True Self.

As a result of our attachemnt to the falsity we use as a basis to form our ego-personality-identity construct from, there are very few true measures of conduct anymore. People don’t live by the objective Right and Good, they live their deeds based on what they can get away with, with what is subjectively “right” and “good” in their delusional morally relativistic framework.

The subconscious knows the conflict and absurdity of man’s laws contradicting Natural Law. Therefore, people don’t obey the ludicrousness of man’s law in this semi-awareness, but yet never learn Natural Law correctly, they just do whatever they can get away with within man’s law, while Natural Law is not even considered. “You can do what you want as long as you don’t get caught” becomes the life motto for conduct.

If we want to realize, actualize and individuate more of the True Self, we seek out the falsity in us and the world, and seek to remove it. The True Self is called the True Self for a reason. It is about being a Self in alignment with Truth and Morality, and it represents the Higher Self of Truth and Morality we are at the core of our Being, essentially our “true nature”, which would be the natural state if the false self and false living were to be removed. That is why standing for Truth and Morality is standing for ourselves. The True Self is the authentic self that underlies all consciousness motivations and functions, but is being suppressed, constricted, and made unconscious by the various manifestations and expressions of the Force of Fear acting upon us. We do not go all the way in fear and evil, for most of us, because we still have the underlying core essence influencing our sense of self and choices in life, despite it being masked and overridden in the current system. Many people develop mental schisms and fall into depression as a result of the conflict between their conditioned false self and the inability to realize and actualize the potential of their True Self that is being stifled, constricted and suppressed by the aggregate way of living we are immersed into.

Care for Truth and Morality, as the expansive blossoming Force of Love, is what has us develop our True Selves by successive embodiment of Moral attributes and values. This is our True Self, not the false self we are conditioned into adopting into our identity constructs. The True Self is based on Truth and Morality, not on Falsity and Immorality. The latter are corruptions to our core being that we have imposed upon us through the programmable aspect of our consciousness-self. Often, apart from impositions of direct conditioning, those false ways are also adopted into us through indirect conditioning of our shape-shifting, chameleon ability to copy the environment and learn from it. We are influenced by other’s behavior and the overall environmental condition we live in, and they become impositions on our ego-personality-identity construct that was essentially a blank slate upon birth. Other people, and the social normalization programs, reinforce or diminish certain developments in our behavior to have us conform to an image or form they are trying to re-present as authentic and legitimate, while in truth, it is only a false proxy substitute. We become conditioned with many different characteristics that make up our particular ego-personality-identity construct, and most of them are barriers of falsity that prevent self-realization and self-actualization.

It is time to stop living in darkness of falsity, and live in the Path and Way of the Light of Truth. First we admit wrong, then we can imagine better.