Interaction, Friendship, Relationships & Getting Along is Based on Ignorance for Most

We get along with people for the most part because we don’t confront people on their wrongs, errors, incorrectness, and false ways of living. That creates conflict, tension and controversy. Most people avoid this. They prefer to build relationships from ignorance of what other people do. Ignore it, and just focus on their “good”, right? Ignore it, and just focus on what you do have in common, right? Ignore the moral schisms between you and others, right? This is how we are trained by society. That way you can remain friends, remain in a relationship, and not have to risk any fractures and disconnection that would occur if you spoke up and Stood for Truth. We are so focused and attached to our ego-personality-identity construct, our sense of self, our self-image, and the way people perceive us, they way people like us, etc. that we cower from speaking Truth to falsity around us.

We are all victims to sacrificing Truth in varying degrees, because we are afraid of how others swill react, and rightly so in some cases! I still do it too in some cases. As I posted yesterday: , the level of ego attachment and apathy for Truth that others have can result in them harming us for speaking the Truth they do not want to hear. I do not fear those I do know, but those I don’t know. On Facebook, you can’t hurt me physically. My family members will not hurt me physically. If they did, they would lose a family member. I am careful about strangers in real life, because they can use their body or other tools to hurt my body.

Many people do however stand up for themselves when they “feel” “offended”, “insulted”, “judged”, and wronged personally. But when the Truth is wronged with falsity that is produced and perpetuated in front of them, well… that doesn’t matter as much, because it’s not “personal”, so they ignore it and let it slide. That is a demonstration of Apathy for Truth, not Care for Truth.


Aversion to Truth, Attachment to Falsity

The aversion people have for Truth can be demonstrated emotionally through physiological reactions, and by how they treat the messenger of Truth. When they ignore the Truth, they often ignore the messenger, and view them in a negative light. The messenger becomes the person who is “intense”, “aggressive”, “unkind”, “impersonal”, “cold”, “uncompassionate”, etc. If the message does not conform to their expected or desired delivery message, such as tonality, pitch, volume, placating their delicate sensibilities and ego attachments with buffer bypassing phrases of pleasing so-called “compassion”, then you are not “compassionate” enough, “kind” enough, etc., in dealing with their attachments to falsity. Emotional Mind Control runs their life, not Truth.


“Compassionate Words” are More Important than the Unadulterated Hard Truth?

Really? Do you think when someone Cares for Truth and tries to get others to let go of their falsity, that they don’t care or have compassion? Then why do you keep telling me the same things from this infatuated emotional mind control conception? Do you think you care and have more compassion by letting people get away with believing in the falsity they do, just so you can “appear” “nice”, “kind”, “gentle”, and “compassionate”? If you say “yes, you are lost.

It seems most people who believe in this conception of “compassionate words”, are really into obfuscation and euphemisms to placate to people’s delicate sensibilities. They are infatuated with having people feel-good about their message or having others like them. They are being fooled (infatuation does this) by the false definition of words they have taken into themselves and formed their reality from:

com┬Ěpas┬Ěsion (km-pshn)

n. Deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with the wish to relieve it.

from com- “together” (see com-) + pati “to suffer” (see passion).

Co-suffering. To suffer together.

I have an awareness of how we all suffer, even an awareness of how people are suffering without them even knowing how they are suffering. All the work I do, on my website, on facebook, and trying to speak Truth to the few people in my life, is all because I truly do Care for Truth, and for them, and want to relieve their suffering, if they will be willing to face themselves in the mirror and understand how the suffering is there through their ignorance and apathy. If I didn’t care or feel the suffering others are in, I wouldn’t be doing what I do, now would I?

There is so much bullshit about focusing on “kind” words, “compassionate” words, all in efforts to bypass the delicate sensibilities and ego attachments to create a buffer between their perceptual lens and the reality they can’t bear to face honestly. This is focus on pleasantries rather than focusing on Truth. It is jumping through mental gymnastics in order to get around someones conditioning, mind control and belief in falsity. You end up going to the moon, around Pluto and back just to explain something because you are so worried about “offending”, “insulting” and appearing “mean”. The straight road to the Truth, vs. the winding, twisted, palatable restriction of Truth.

You have two paths:

1) 1 is straight and simple, you speak Truth as it is.

2) the other is curved, crooked, winds from side to side avoiding the center of Truth, going along the peripherals in order to appease their level of understanding. So, for each person you encounter, you have to go through the laborious process of learning about their current level of consciousness, and placating to their lower minds and hearts, that differ from person to person?

So instead of speaking the level of truth I know for others to learn from… no no no… I have to water it down, massage it, twist it, convolute it in order to fit another persons inability to Care for Truth in the first place? No thank you. They need to give a shit, and then they can accept the Truth they don’t want to face. People don’t care, so they hide and turn away unless you make them “feel-good” about themselves. I don’t play that game.

Sorry, I will just stick to the Truth as it is. Whoever can’t handle it, not my problem, it is there problem. The shock of Truth may be the catalyst they need to begin the alchemical spiritual journey on the path towards Truth themselves. The shock catalyst of Hard Truth is what did it for me. It shook me to my core, and showed me how wrong I was, how fooled I was. Then you either keep living that delusion, or you make a commitment to learn and get rid of all the foolishness and bullshit you have taken in.

The New Agers I have met were into “I use my feelings not my thoughts (my ‘heart’ not my ‘mind’)”, “I’m pure-hearted”, “live life, enjoy”, and were so mesmerized by their acceptance of pseudo-spiritual conceptions that they did not Care for Truth, nor had the ability to honestly face themselves in the mirror.

Go make a program for entry level beginners if you want. There is already Alex Jones and many others out there for them to get mad and angry at what is happening and then care to learn. Then it is up to the person to find the other stuff that goes higher. Go harp on Alex Jones to be this “compassionate” and “kind” word-smith taht you are so focused on, and see if he cares to conform to your illusionary “needs”. I am nowhere near Alex Jones in my temperament, but I certainly wouldn’t expect him to change his way of delivering the lower level physical geopolitical understandings that he does deliver. It would only serve to make it more palatable for those with the focus on “feeling-good”, nice tones, emotional mind control, pleasantries to their ears, and delicate sensibilities. TerrorStrom was my initial catalyst into Care for Truth, and without it, I would not be here. Alex Jones gets you to feel the initial anger you need to give a shit! Those of weak character, of weak “mind” and weak “heart”, allow their emotions and desire to “feel-good” dictate their sources of information.





Interaction, Friendship, Relationships & Getting Along is Based on Ignorance for Most

Aversion to Truth, Attachment to Falsity

“Compassionate Words” are More Important than the Unadulterated Hard Truth?