Hell is where you forget who you are. That is what hell is, when you live as a falser self, not a truer self. Knowing who you are is knowing your sovereignty and self-responsibility under Moral Law, knowing you are not a police officer, military member, corporate executive or other controlling or enslaving role, because those things are against being a truer, realer and higher self. There are too many people who don’t know who they are, who then follow orders for how to live and perpetuate the standardized normalized acceptability of our current way of living. Living without self-knowledge, as a false self, creates a hell where falsity propagates and is protected under the veil of good. We can co-create a heaven or a hell as an external reflection of who we currently are as a consciousness-self-soul, falser or truer in alignment with what is right, good, true, moral, etc.

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