Degrees of Relativity and the Chains of Learned Helplessness


This is a contemplation about universe, multiplicity, diversity, variability, similarity, separation, difference, distinction, relative, relation, relationship, correspondence, comparison, with respect to acquiring an understanding of reality, universe, what ‘is’, truth, with discernment, evaluation, assessment, judgment, identification, etc.

This is pretty much to explain how various tools we have work to our advantage and should not be viewed as a negative when engaged in correctly, especially to the New Age adherents. Conceptions of “don’t judge!”, “don’t compare!”, “you’re dividing things!”, “you just want to look superior!”, etc. because noticing the negative and pointing out how it’s different from what they want or wish things to be is not something they like to hear. Truth unites. Lies divide. Sometimes the truth is blinding when we are entrenched in darkness.

At the end I have the etymological breakdown to help develop an understanding of how these words/terms/concepts are linked if you don’t understand my prior explanation.

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Everything is relative around us.  I am relative to you, I am relative to the environment, etc.  We are in relative degrees of identification, similarly, difference, sameness, etc. with various things in the universe. This a result of the variability, multiplicity and diversity in the universe.  Everything is relative and so comparison is a necessary tool to determine the degree to which things are similar or dissimilar, same or different, joined or separate; the degree to which we are identifying with things; the degree to which we are in harmony or disharmony with things; the degree to which we are like or unlike other things.  Usually, the more we are like something in universe, the more we identify with it, and conversely the less we are like something in universe the less we identify with it.  Likeness is determined by commonality, similarity, sameness, etc. or through apophasis in the negative by distinction, differentiation, dissimilarity, etc. We also tend to care more about those things in universe we identify with, and care less about those things we identify less with.

We can apply comparison in many ways to help determine things.  It is a basis for the law of identity. For example, an apple is an apple, an apple will never be an orange. A is A. B is B. A is not B. We can compare the human animal and other animals, compare the human animal, other animals and plants, and compare all of previous with the base materials and elements and the earth.  We can even compare things and realize that they have far more in common than they do not in common, and are so similar that they can essentially be associated with each other within relative degrees, yet remain not purely identical. Comparison is a tool to be used, effectively or ineffectively, and the efficiency of its use lies not in the tool itself, but in the beholder who operates it.  If you fear using comparison or view it in a negative way, that is your own choice to view the tool this way and will only limit your own capabilities in using as many tools that are at our availability in an accurate way to gain greater understanding of ourselves and that which is outside of us.

I would like to clear something up before continuing.  The fact that everything has a degree of relativity to everything else by comparison does not mean “moral relativism”.  Thinking that whatever actions others or yourself commit can be justified or dismissed in solipsistic validation is incorrect.  Moral relativism is a fallacy and a convenient brainwashing/mind control (i.e. mind fuck) to make people accept or “feel-good” about what they have done or what is going on around them and engenders a sense of learned helplessness, a type of self-victimization.  Learned helplessness can be exemplified by the following experiment:

An animal was put in a spot, free to move, and then an electric shock was sent to that location thereby shocking the animal and it would flee from the pain.  As you repeat this the same thing occurs, pain in the animal induces a response of physical motion to get away from the source of the pain.  The animal was then tied to the location, and shocked.  The animal tried to escape but could not.  Then next shock came, and it tried to run away but could not. The animal could not move from the location.  Eventually after enough shocks, the animal just sat there and took it.  It did not try to move.  It did not yell.  It became habitually conditioned to recognize that it could not affect any change against what was being done to it, i.e. run away from the pain in this case.  This is when learned helplessness has emerged.  The animal is then untied or unrestricted from freeing itself from the pain, and shocked.  The animal does not move.  It is shocked again and again as when it was tied down, but it does not move.  The animal has learned (i.e. conditioned, brainwashed, mind controlled) a state of helplessness.  It is as if the animal has constructed a belief, a world view about its reality that it cannot seem to break from.  They may or may not even be aware that they are no longer “chained”, but now they are putting their “chains” on themselves by being unable to break from a conditioned state whereby you see a current condition you are in as permanent, unchanging, and unchangeable by you no matter what you do.

Many people are in this worldview, this poisoned conditioned mindset and cannot see past its folly.  They accept the wrongs being done around them, and even justify them with solipsism or moral relativism which has been inculcated through the change in behaviors of society to continually accept the assault of wrongdoing from the leaders and so-called elites that they allow to control society.  Over and over we get screwed, but we keep on taking it because we don’t want to face the reality of the current condition, the current state, the current situation we are in, both in the world and society, and in ourselves.

Learned helplessness is also when you stop being objective and looking at reality honestly and begin to tacitly accept the wrong that you do or others do, or maybe even justify these wrongs as the way things are. It is the thinking that this is the way things are and you can’t change them, that people don’t change, that what is wrong will continue because “I don’t want to look at it. I’m a helpless victim to the circumstances beyond my control, no point in judging it because that would cause me to create negative feelings inside and that will cause disease in my body, so I better not judge, discern etc. I can even begin to justify the wrongdoings, otherwise I would have to admit they are indeed wrong and are actually occurring to me too! That, I cannot bear with! I prefer to be comfortable, feeling-good about myself and my place in life, things are perfect!” We have been conditioned to accept a wrongdoing being committed against us, others, or by us, and may justify it as right, and are not facing the reality, the truth, what is actually the current condition.  We have been screwed over and conditioned to take it and repeat this cycle without knowing it.  It will continue so long we don’t realize the chains are put on by ourselves.  The conditioning is imposed by others, but sustained and maintained by us.  To sell something, someone has to buy it.  They sell us bullshit and screw us over continually, but we are the ones who first bought, and continue to buy it, even after we see the results over and over.  We keep the chains on, we keep thinking its pointless to try to change it. We fail to face reality and look at it honestly, and see the cause and effect relationship that occurs as a result of our and others actions, behaviors, and habits.  We are co-creating this bullshit by tacitly accepting it, and even attempt at making, inventing, creating “rights” from wrongs when such a foolish thing cannot be done. These are the false justifications and excuses, and this is what keeps it going.  We are the ones who chain ourselves.  We are the only ones who can free ourselves.  Not someone from the sky as either God, Jesus or aliens or anything else.  Our fate is up to us.  It is all in our hands.

Now we come back to comparison and the relative degree of similarity things have from one another.  We can easily see that a chair is not a table.  But they both have legs and may be made of the same material, etc., but they are different, and they are similar, in varying degrees.  Similarly, this applies to all facets of existence in the physical, non-corporeal and conceptual realms.  When we look at certain right and wrong actions, such as which streets to take to get to a certain destination, everything that we do can be applied to a relative degree of similarity or dissimilarity from one another. Some things are more right, some things are more wrong. In morality, something is either good/right or bad/wrong, and we apply comparison further to see what is worse or better.

For example, stealing property vs. stealing a life. They are both wrong, bad and false ways of living and one is worse than the other; one is more towards the end of evil in the scale than the other. This is how the actions of right and wrong, good and bad are relative to each other. There is objective morality, and we can better determine an accurate conception of it if we choose to use the tools at our disposal, and that means actually using them to learn how to then better use them and integrate, correspond, correlate and find more interlocking patterns from the use of all the tools we choose to use to determine our reality, within and without. We can breakdown one morally wrong action we recognize, and see how a constituent causal factor is identical or related to another action we previously did not recognize as a wrong because we failed to identify the components of grammar to that thing. We may have identified who, what, where, when, but failed to properly look at how and why to see the root causal factors. After a breakdown and analysis and with correspondence, integration, relation, comparison, etc. we can see how it is actually a wrong-action. This is thanks to our tools we use.

If one attempts to dismiss, deflect or disqualify that dual conceptual frameworks are valid tools as well, by negatively associating all “dualities” as invalid (as I would imagine an adherent of New Age ideology would suggest), then you are dogmatically refusing to engage in a tool at your availability, that of comparison, correspondence, etc.  The dualistic framework envisioned is only valid if it is valid, based in truth. A person may envision a comparison between two things that is absurd and irrelevant. We can compare a property or characteristic such as the size of a car and an apple. We cannot compare a property or characteristic something does not have, like the speed of a car and a house. Comparison at its most basic level is done between two things, a comparison of more and more things leads to greater integration, correlation, correspondence and pattern recognition interlinking everything into an evermore cohesive web.

Also, to attempt to dismiss all dualities as false because you conceive that the only relevant consideration is that of “non-duality” and everything is a singularity/monad/unity at the “core” of reality, and anything that divides and separates is bad and should not be done, and therefore conclude every other conception that is not singular/one/joined/united is false and incorrect, is a folly.  We are not at the “core” unified/all-encompassing source of realm or dimension of reality, we exist in different realms that permeate reality: physical, conceptual, emotional, spiritual, etc.  The attempt to invalidate dualistic frameworks because they are simply “dual” is a conditioned thought process that prevents one from being able to look at reality honestly and see the similarities and differences that exist amongst all facets of creation. This is how there is variability, diversity and multiplicity in the first place. It is a recognition of what ‘is’, reality, the truth.

When we view discernment, assessment, evaluation, correspondence, relation, comparison, etc. in a negative way and refrain from using these tools to our advantage we limit our ability to determine what things are, to define and understand one thing from the next. We are then less aware of the different aspects of reality, universe, what ‘is’, how they interconnect, and where we relate amongst them.

darkness conscious, jungWe have a choice.  We can change things, but it starts with ourselves before it can effectively happen on the outside.  We can choose to face reality, within and without, in all of its beauty and horror, in all of its light and dark, good and bad, having the courage and strength to face the negative, dark, shadow, demon within and without and realizing (real eyes realize real lies) with true honesty and self-respect our current situation, not fighting against it in denial or resistance, but being honest to see things as they are, seeing what is.  Then we can choose to change, heal, sublimate, transmute or purify that darkness we no longer desire to embody and no longer let it be an influencing factor in our lives.  “Sometimes you just have to die a little inside in order to be Reborn and Rise again as a Stronger and Wiser version of you.”  ego phoenix rebornThe act of the phoenix was to burn and from its ashes is reborn anew.  The fire is about purifying in an alchemical view, and from that purification we are reborn anew.  The phoenix can do this many times, as we can continually look at ourselves in honesty and purify ourselves and heal from those conditioned and programmed patterns of thought, action/reaction, habits and behavior. It is a process of dissolution, deconstruction and disintegration to no longer be attached to those things we recognize and realize never assisted us in our positive evolution in consciousness but in fact kept us locked in the grave, unbegun, uninitiated, unawakened. It’s about letting go of the attachment to false beliefs and illusions used as a basis for a sense of identity and self. Those attachments to deceptions and lies prevent us from understanding the truth, and they keep us from caring about the truth, what is going, and even ourselves.

Our habits, behaviors and actions are in our hands, and we can better ourselves through change if we have the courage, strength, honesty and self-respect to face ourselves in mirror and see how what we do (actions, behaviors, habits) and what others do  affects us and the reality around.  We have great power to alter our world as we can obviously see through the current reality we are manifesting by our actions and behaviors.  We have great power to cause an effect and manifest vast changes in world — positive and negative capabilities are in our hands, it is our choice what we do. Morally wrong action doesn’t exist if we don’t do morally wrong things. We choose to do wrong. There would be no wrong behavior if we chose not to do wrong. With great power comes great responsibility. Being consciously aware of ourselves internally and the resulting world we co-create through our thoughts and emotions, either unifying in harmony together, or being in conflicting internal opposition (Satan) with each other, to produce the actions, behaviors and habits that manifest the reality we choose to live in.  Being consciously aware of more and more is what creates greater interlinking and pattern recognition, integration, correlation and correspondence to enhance and provide greater degrees of accuracy in understanding reality within and without.  eliminate dark negative transform, lao tzuThe more aware we become, the less conditioning we have.  We break off chips and blocks of indoctrination, conditioning, mind control and brainwashing that we are inculcated into from an early age and become more aware of what actually is as opposed to the illusion of society and reality that has been fed to us.  The more we become consciously aware, the more we break away from our false-identity attachment to illusions, and the more we can choose to act in different ways than we have previously been conditioned to act. This is how we can heal ourselves and the world.  Healing, bettering, improving, changing and breaking free form our self-imposed chains is all related.  They are all positive evolution.  The world is far from perfect and we are far from perfect.  The society that is manifest is a direct result of what we think, feel and do.  We need to do inner-work before we can accurately and effectively create and manifest the reality/society we want to live in.  To get a certain degree of freedom without, we must master ourselves to a certain degree within.  We are all in this together.  One spaceship earth spinning in a vortex through space.  Let’s start doing a better job with ourselves. We need to use the tools we have to see. Real eyes realize real lies.

Evolve consciousness, care, compassion, empathy. Truth is love, love is truth. Truth unites, lies divide.



Etymology Break-down to Further Explain

Let’s break down comparison, comparing, compare and relative, relation, relate, and additionally some added terms I thought up while looking into the etymology: correspond and reference.

Understanding the true meaning of words at their core fundamental root helps us to understand more about the words we use to represent what we think, feel or do.

Relative, relation, etc.
= to carry, bear, bring; back/again

Compare, comparison
=  produce, procure, bring forward, bring forth
bring forth together

Relative is “bring back”, and compare “bring forth”, sounds like they are talking about bringing things…

They both have ‘refer’ in their root tracing as well.

= “to assign”, relate, refer

The words relate, compare, reference are all rooted in the same meaning.

The roots for compare and relate are both related to referencing something with something else. When we relate and compare, we assign, and this is to create a reference. And to continue this process in life, then when we find more things of greater similarity, when we find increasing qualities of relationships, relations, relativity of degree of similarity and difference in greater quantities, we can develop greater correspondence between everything and understand their interconnection more accurately.
Correspond, correspondence
= to be in agreement, to be in harmony with

When recognize more and more patterns of interconnecting similarity and differences we can integrate, correspond, and harmonize things together more effectively and accurately.

Additionally, to tie those tools above into our ability to make sense of reality :
1. To perceive with the eyes or intellect; detect.
2. To recognize or comprehend mentally.
3. To perceive or recognize as being different or distinct; distinguish.
late 14c., from Old French discerner (13c.) “distinguish (between), separate” (by sifting), and directly from Latin discernere “to separate, set apart, divide, distribute; distinguish, perceive,” from dis- “off, away” (see dis-) + cernere “distinguish, separate, sift”

The intellect discerns, this is part of life.  Good luck lying to yourself if you think you don’t discern anything, as if you see everything as the same thing: an apple wouldn’t be different from an orange, or a banana, no words would be different, no thought would be different, life would not exist if there was no diversity, variety and multiplicity, which is only possible through discernment, differentiation, etc. If you need more help understanding, look into the law of identity to understand how A is A. A is not B. A and B are both letters. Judgment, evaluation, assessment, discernment, differentiation, and comparison, are all a part of our ability to live in this existence as individuals. Shun the tools at your own detriment; be willfully ignorant to not understand reality.

Further, identification of something (apart from our own identity) can also be done through an association, and an association is originally meaning things coming together, “joining with”, “united with”, based on a similarity. Two things associate because of what they have in common. Relating, corresponding, comparing not only looks at similarities to make identification and associations, but also the differences to see distinction from one thing to another so that we can identify how much one thing relates with another thing, in degrees of similarity or difference.

And yes, there is a difference between animals and plants, wake up you delusional idiots who try to validate exploitation, enslavement, harm, violence or murder of innocent sentient animate beings by trying to equate them with plants in “sentience” or “consciousness”. Get real, get grounded, stop making bullshit excuses.