Don’t Talk About Veganism?

So, you don’t talk about “veganism” much in discussing morality? You don’t think its at the root of evil in our society? The obvious slaughter and murder of over 50 billion land animals each year…no? Do you think that people will be able to stop harming each other fully without recognizing the obvious harm they are doing in the choice of behavior they pay others to do for them. The behavior of creating dead bodies, carcasses, cadavers and corpses from former living animals, taking their life as death-dealers over the planet.

Participation in this direct kind of predation on the animal kingdom makes one embody the predatory dominator mind-virus. It is around people everyday, dead bodies, parts of legs, and asses, and tongues and all manner of depravity. Some people have corpse chunks at every meal! Everyone thinks this is OK! They already recognize that human murder is wrong, for the most part in general they do, they agree rape is wrong for the most part, as well as assault and theft as wrong, for the most part. All for human animals alone though, not other animals. Very few people are eating human animal legs, arms, asses, etc. That would be another level of predatory dominator depravity, but just under the human animal eating depravity is the nonhuman animal eating depravity. It is direct taking of life and enslavement that everyone accepts. This is a deeper, more closer root causal core foundational negative knowledge block of bullshit that affects other accepted beliefs and further dissociation and deidentification with other human animals since they already dissociate to such a degree with nonhuman animals.

If we can correct the this root causal fault, of the more distant connection to nonhuman animals and that obvious wrong, it will reverberate into the understanding of any harm we still do to other humans. Why target the human animals particular sphere first, then the all-animals general sphere later, when you can do it all by targeting the general source from the start that includes humans? Yes, it may be easier to get people to focus only on their specific kind, humans, but it still leaves the predatory dominator mind-virus in play in our actions and behaviors and does not root it out. True, you could then try to tell people about the animals, and they may trust you more. Starting with animals and human slavery and evil together may be too much for people to grasp since they are so living in such deep falsity. But, Truth is Truth, and I target the root causal factors, even if the root causal Truth is the hardest Truth for people to accept and they don’t want to hear about it.

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