The Power of Consciousness – Empower Yourself with Truth

Why don’t things change in our lives? Why don’t things change in the world?

Most people don’t learn from their mistakes, and keep repeating them. Most people lack an accurate understanding of truth about the current condition of reality.

Most people don’t seem to want to learn, as most people (in general) lack real Care for Truth, busy with work, surviving, having fun, etc., yet we dream and hope to do the right thing to fix our problems in our ignorant state.

Dreams can be fantasy unrealities and blind us to reality. This is wishful thinking, a “positivity” mask placed over reality with rosy colored glasses that prevents us from seeing things as they really are. Some of us are too fixated on the pleasure trap of “feeling-good” about ourselves because we fear, avoid, deny, reject and deflect most negatives in the world and ourselves from being acknowledged. We just want to believe “it’s all good” and “things are as they are supposed to be”, “no need to do anything”, “let it flow”, etc.

Many people are polarized against the negative and this hinders their accurate perception, conception, understanding and navigation of reality, leading them astray, wandering lost and fooling themselves into acting foolishly.

How do you empower yourself to change when a problem arises? How do you learn what the right and better thing to do is, that will fix and resolve the issue? You learn. You learn how to learn better, and you learn how to think better. Understanding of Knowledge is the Power to generate the Force of Will that can move you to Change.

If you are not doing what needs to be done yet (or maybe you don’t even know you are doing wrong), then maybe you lack knowledge and need to learn more truth in order to develop the motivational power to engage in the change that is required. Make mistakes, that’s life, but learn from them.

Here are some methods of processing the issues, problems, situations and effects we encounter in reality in order to truly empower ourselves with knowledge and understanding, and finally to act wisely, instead of foolishly ignoring reality.

Empowering Change – Break Free from the Shackles that Bind You from Progress

Free Will Choice to Care and be Empowered to Change Yourself and the World with Understanding (why) of Knowledge (what) to Act Wisely (how)

  1. Situation / Issue / Problem
  2. Empowered (Level I)
  3. Care, Courage, Choice & Will to Change
  4. Knowledge, Grammar, Input
  5. Understanding, Logic, Processing
  6. Empowered (Level II)
  7. More Will-Power & Wisdom, Rhetoric, Output
  8. Change in Your Life and the World!

#1. Situation / Issue / Problem

Acknowledge the issue.

See the uncomfortable, undesirable, painful truth as it is, and don’t avoid, ignore, deny, reject or deflect it.

Realize and recognize reality in its current condition. Face both the positive and negative, light and dark, beauty and horror, good and evil, moral and immoral, the truth of truth and the truth of falsity.

Have the courage and care to look into the mirror and see the darkness, negative, “demon”, shadow and wrongs that you may be involved in that you previously ignored being a part of.

You can do it. We all have this ability in consciousness. We can all start to see reality for what it is if we choose to let go of our fears and face the truth as it is.

#2. Empowered (Level I)

Feel the empowerment to do something now that you faced the problem. Now you know about it, and that you have the power within you to do something to change the conditions around you.

#3. Care, Courage, Choice & Will to Change

Choosing to change and the drive to do it.

You know you can and need to learn more, and you can care more, and develop the courage to use your will-power to engage in deeper learning and thinking about yourself and reality.

The only way forward, is by overcoming the problem. You need to Care to do that. You need to have the Courage to want to do it. And then you need to engage in the Will-Power to do something about it.

You need knowledge and understanding to do the right change, and not the wrong change, or change ineffectively. Because that just means more mistakes, but you can always correct them too. The point is to take the time to learn properly so you can avoid making more mistakes.

Feel the flame burning within, the care and courage feeding you. Time to collect some knowledge fuel and then ignite your potential to change the conditions in your life, and possibly, the world.

#4. Knowledge, Grammar, Input

Collect information and data on the situation.

Learn about the problem in order to later understand the core foundational root causal factors that created it. You can only affect proper change of the problem, condition, situation or issue, when you deal with the root, not the leaves, when you deal with the actually cause, and not the effects that are symptoms of the cause.

Cause and effect is a universal law that applies everywhere, even in human behavior and the human world and way of life we have created for ourselves.

What is happening? Learn about the basics of the situation or problem.

What, Who, When, Where. This is the basic Knowledge that needs to be gathered, collected and Input. This is also the Grammar phase in the Trivium Methodology.

Now that you have figured out the basics of what’s going on, you can progress to Process that information and Understand it.

#5. Understanding, Logic, Processing

Process the information to determine the root causal factors. This allows you to Understand with clarity of precision and higher definition detail. You now understand the meaning, purpose and value of the knowledge that will help to empower you to finally act to change the condition in reality.

Why is this happening, really? Use Logic to remove contradiction, errors and filter the truth from the falsity.

You correspond and integrate all the information without contradiction. You validate it by filtering, discerning, judging , analyzing, diagnosing and evaluating the information. Take in quality truth as a foundation for making decisions.

Get down to the root of the issue, the real cause, and deal with it from the source. You now see and understand how the root causal core foundation is the reason for the secondary symptomatic effects to have manifested. There are thousands of effects that can be chased over and over, but until the common root is dealt with, it will continue to generate the same effects over and over. Stop applying band-aids and actually heal the wound.

#6. Empowered (Level II)

The solution is understood from seeing the problem clearly, from gaining clarity. You’re vision has been optimized.

Now you’re REALLY empowered to do something! You learned about the problem, got down to the root causal source of it, and now you understand what you need to do.

Feel that truth flowing through you and giving you the energy to change. The fire and flame of truth is burning within and ignites you to ACT! Keep that care and courage going, and use the truth to ignite your actions.

#7. More Will-Power & Wisdom, Rhetoric, Output

Actualize, Realize, Generate and Manifest the Wisdom of Right-Action.

How are you going to change what you do in order to resolve this situation, problem or issue?

You understand the root cause, and now you understand how to fix the problem. Target the cause that created the effects you don’t want.

This can involve direct action, or speaking, teaching or preaching the truth of reality, or writing about it. These are all Outputs that are guided by the Wisdom of knowing what is the Right things to do. This is the 3rd phase in the Trivium Method, known as Rhetoric.

Use the empowerment, care, courage and truth fuel to ignite your Will-Power and get things done.

Now you are acting and doing something to get a change to occur. Even if it isn’t instantaneous, you can act, and learn, and refine your understanding of what to do. This process can be applied over and over, and needs to be, continually.

#8. Change in Your Life and the World!

See results manifest.

Maybe there is more to do. We are always learning. That is life, to learn. If you stop learning, then you stop taking advantage of the power of your consciousness, and it goes to waste. Use that “muscle” and make it stronger as time goes by.

This is the power we have. We can continually remake ourselves, continually self-renew and be reborn as a phoenix from the ashes. We can be malleable, highly adaptable, and wanting to change and evolve to higher heights. We can be the most fit for survival and optimizing our way of life. Become the change towards more moral truth, don’t fight it.

Whew! Done! Not so hard was it?

Take a break, lay back and reap the rewards that you sowed. You earned it!

The next time you have an issue, or the next moment in your day you need to think about something, use this process. This is how we optimally process reality around us, and within us. This is the Trivium Methodology. Truth is truly empowering and you can change yourself and change your life!

Learning is life. Learn how to learn better, and learn how to think better.

We are all in this together in the end. The world is the way it is because we ALL make it this way. It’s time we all step up and own our personal responsibility to do something about it. What we do matters. We can create more freedom, peace, prosperity and live in an anarchic (no masters, no slaves) way of life.

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