Is the human body a killing “machine”?

The “machine” that is our body is not a good killing machine. That is not in its design. A wolf, tiger, lion, has better capabilities for doing so. We are not designed to end the life of other animals for our survival. We have been conditioned into a predator mind-virus. Hence, according to our kind, our Nature, our design, we are not meant to be predatory killers. Additionally, less in our design is anatomy similar to carnivores or omnivores, but more so similar to those of folio-frugivores. Our design and comparison can lead us to understand more about how we are made and help expand the correspondences, correlations, and interconnecting pattern recognition to see more of the big picture, the great pattern, etc. so that we can see how much we have diverged from our Nature and Natural Law, and where to go to course correct ourselves and get on the correct path and way.