Alchemy, Spirituality, Morality & Right-Action

[*Written in Summer 2014]

Bettering through removing falsity, untruth, evil. We don’t need to try to be better so much as we need to stop doing what is wrong, false, untrue, evil. You automatically self-improve that way. You can know truth by knowing what is untruth.

Destructive, acidic, process of removal

Spiritual, Moral, Natural Law, same thing. The more you remove wrong-action, the more spiritual you become. If you have less wrong-action that someone, you are more spiritual than them, no matter what delusions in their mind they want to think of. Otherwise, we are all the same spiritual, and there is no more or less spiritual, if you want to remove morality from the equation.

I have written about this before in a comment on facebook:


It’s all about the Wisdom of Right-Action. Do all the inner-work you want, if you don’t stop the wrongdoings, wei wu wei, action through non-action, then you aren’t getting anywhere. That is the whole point of Natural Law, Truth, Love, Good, Right, Morality, etc. To not engage in wrongs against other innocent sentient animate beings.

“So many people believe that we are going to come out of this situation we’re in, the condition we’re in is a species without any real action being required. Is all just going to be about doing some internal work on ourselves and magically becoming enlightened and not even understanding the control system, not understanding the wrongs, not understanding the occult, not understanding natural law.”
WOEIH # 143 New Age BS

And again in a status update:

“You can be immoral and paint great art. You can be immoral and create music. You can be immoral and be happy. Immorality has no bearing on false pseudo-spiritual imaginations about how “connected” to “source” or “spirit” you are through a causal relationship with the effects you manifest. That means, just because you manifest a certain effect such as painting or create music, this has no bearing on your actual embodiment and living by the Higher Will of Natural Law and True Self. The true spirituality has to do with embodying Truth, Love, Good, Right, Morality, Natural Law, True Self, Higher Self, Higher Will, Spirit, etc. Real spirituality deals with causal understandings to manifest the Wisdom of Right-action. That is when you are becoming more spiritual, when you become more moral. Spirituality has nothing to do with any effective science, such as art, sculpting, painting, mathematics, physics, etc. These are methods of e,pressing certain understandings, but that is it. Spirituality has to do with the science of morality, the science of truth, etc. Everyone has some spiritual component, even the mass murderers, but does that make them “spiritual”? Spirituality is the increase of the spiritual factor in life. To be spiritual, you need to be concerned with doing the right thing, and work towards doing the right over the wrong, continuously, your whole life. That is true spirituality.”

If spirituality is not tied to, or synonymous with, Morality, then what the fuck is the point of being spiritual? Who cares if your spiritual then, I sure as HELL don’t! Everyone is spiritual to the same degree since there is no qualification to determine any degree of “spiritual” embodiment. Go ahead, be spiritual, and engage in the foolishness of wrong-action, that will sure create a real, effective lasting future of True Freedom and Peace, won’t it? Oh wait, NO IT WON’T! Spiritual has nothing to do with “spirit” itself. If it did, then the understanding that matter is spirit, they are one thing, would mean that rocks are just as spiritual as humans. Follow me? If Spirituality = Spirit = Matter, then everything is just as spiritual as everything else. Therefore, if spirituality is equal to spirit, then everything that exists is just as spiritual as everything else, and there is no point in talking about someone having or not having spirituality whatsoever. Evil people can see beings, and manipulate energy, and do creative things. None of that makes you “spiritual” in my book. True Spirituality is based in Morality, Natural Moral Law.