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The Concept of the Biggest Lie

Let’s see what two infamous people from history have to say about the effectiveness of lies and deception.

“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”
– Adolf Hitler

“The bigger the lie, the more it will be believed.”
– Joseph Goebbels – Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda

They both say the most effective lie is the biggest in the sense that it is the most all-encompassing and ever pervasive. Imagine creating a lie that deals with general concepts people value, accept, take in, and base their lives upon. Imagine how powerful and immense that would be. Imagine people accepting that lie.


Solipsism – The Anti-Truth

From Latin solus – “alone” and ipse – “self”. The view or theory that self is the only object of real knowledge or the only thing that is real. “The identification of one’s self with the Absolute is not generally intended, but the denial of there being really anybody else” – etymology online

Solipsism is the most dangerous ideology that exists and is the biggest lie ever told. This mind-virus is so prevalent and insidious that it has infected the consciousness of many people. Solipsism is the primary deception manipulators use. They want people to unknowingly accept the tenets of solipsism, even if it is in the back of their minds at a non-conscious level. In its extreme form, one becomes unwilling to accept anything else no matter how much contradictory evidence is brought to one’s attention. Some people are adherents to solipsistic forms of thinking without realizing it.

solipsism-all about meIn general and at its core derivation, solipsism is the notion that one’s own mind is all that really exists. One’s mind and perceptions are equated with truth and reality. The most common worldview that develops from solipsistic-based consciousness can be summarized as “there is no truth”, or “there is no such thing as truth”. This is a manufactured ideology brilliantly placed in the information flow to dissuade people from ever really awakening and embarking on the spiritual journey towards truth. Even if we began the spiritual journey on the path of truth at some point, when we have come to accept solipsism we have halted that journey.

The spiritual journey is about seeking truth. Solipsism is accepting as truth what you perceive, believe, think or feel to be true regardless of whether it is actually true or not. Someone in this modality of consciousness can progress into various ways of being. “The truth isn’t something to be discovered but something to be made up based on my own personal preferences, what I’m comfortable with, whether I like it or not, how I feel about it, or what information I have at a given moment. Nothing exists independently of the individual who is observing. There is no external reality. There is no truth. Whatever I decide is the truth is essentially what I’m going to live my life according to. There is no objective truth out there, only the subjective truth in me. What I believe, is what is true. You become an arbiter of truth. ” They dictate truth from the fantasy of whatever they want to believe to be true. They tell the universe “screw you, I’m god, I decide what truth is, reality doesn’t exist, things don’t actually occur outside of my belief in them, I create reality.”

To be convinced that there is no truth — it is all relative and based on one’s own perception no matter how contrary and oppositional that may be from what ‘is’, reality, truth, Natural Law principles —is a modality of consciousness and conditioning where you are open to have your sense of reality manipulated.


Three Central Aspects of Solipsism

1. The most extreme delusion is that nothing really exists: there are no actual experiences; it’s all just one’s perception. If my mind ceases to exist then the universe ceases to exist. The only thing that exists is the moment between when I am born and when I die. Nothing really matters.

2. If the first is demonstrated to be false there is still a second delusion to fall back upon. Even if we can prove that something actually exists, we can’t know anything about it, we can’t understand anything about it in fullness. There is no knowledge. Truth does not exist.

3. If the other two tenets are recognized as false, and you could know truth about something that exists, you still could never express it. Knowledge and truth can’t be communicated because it’s too complex. The limitations of language can be used as an excuse for believing that truth can’t be expressed, thereby allowing us to accept not caring or searching for truth since we can’t do anything with that truth anyways even if we do find it, as we will only be able to understand it, not express it. Either way, it kills or stifles right-action.

To summarize: nothing exists; if something exists, you can’t know anything about it; if something exists and you know something about it, you can’t express that understanding to someone else. Manipulators and deceivers need people to buy into this lie to prevent them from beginning the awakening process. Accepting any of the three aspects of solipsism will dissuade you from setting foot on the path towards truth that is found on this great journey/quest. Believing there is truth to find is the only leap of faith required for the initial awakening process to begin. If you believe there is no truth or you are not capable of understanding truth, then you are not going to look into things for yourself to find any answer. If you don’t believe you can express or communicate what you understand, you will never begin to speak truth. The dark occultists continue to speak their lies and deceptions into existence and more people buy into them, meanwhile, the truth is not being spoken into existence by enough people. Now it becomes clearer how and why we are in our current condition.

Accepting that there is no truth outside of yourself leads to anti-intellectual attitudes whereby any demonstration of knowledge, reality, and truth is deflected, dismissed and disregarded in favor of one’s own ignorance: what they prefer, want, and wish to believe in opposition and contradiction to the objective truth.


Alternate Terms for Solipsism Relating to the Spiritual Journey

Dark occultists have other terms for those who subscribe to solipsistic modalities of consciousness such as “there is no truth”. Those who have not begun the spiritual journey and the path towards truth are also called the un-begun or uninitiated because they have not taken the initiative to begin the quest and journey for greater understanding which can only be provided with truth and not lies. There is also another term which is a reference to the Freemasonic tradition regarding Hiram Abiff, the dead. They are dead in their coffins because they have not risen; they have not awakened from the death and darkness of ignorance towards the light of truth and have not taken upon themselves the initiative to begin the spiritual journey of understanding themselves and their reality. Dark occultists want people in this state of mind. They have succeeded. Truth is spoken of in many ancient traditions in regards to spirituality, but it seems that so few recognize the value of truth despite claiming to be on a spiritual path. Now we can understand that they are no longer on the spiritual path but in a cul-de-sac trap that only they can get themselves out of.


The Ideologies Solipsism Leads To

The belief that there is no objective truth is also the acceptance of there being no determinant capacity for objectively distinguishing right from wrong, good from bad. This inextricably leads to an ideology known as moral relativism. What is good for me is good, and what is bad for me is bad. It does not matter how it affects someone else. The result is people taking immoral action that violate the Natural Law rights of others, especially when there is a paycheck involved, and certainly when they think they can transfer the responsibility to someone else. From moral relativism we can get to social Darwinism. If there is no right or wrong then people can just make up truth from falsehood and get others to believe in nonsense.

The dark occultists are the inventors of fantasy and they have gotten us to accept fantasy as reality. They conclude they have the right to do whatever they want to us, enslave us, kill us, because essentially we have not used our will, care, and intelligence to determine fantasy from reality. We are easy prey for whatever system of control and manipulation they wish us to accept. Totalitarianism and tyranny are a few steps away with the justification for ever more restrictive forms of social control. Solipsism is sold to all people where a tyranny wishes to oppress and kill. Solipsism is the foundational mind control upon which all tyrannies are based. A tyrant has to get someone to accept a false understanding of truth: you can’t know the truth because it is so complex; you don’t have the ability to understand what is taking place around and within you; don’t even bother seeking or searching for truth.

Accepting there is no objective truth is often related with God in some way based in a misconceived absolutist dualistic framework. This can lead one to atheism, or atheism lead to solipsism. If there is no God then there is no absolute truth or morality, if there is no absolute truth or morality then there is no God. So, if there is no such thing as right or wrong then nothing that anyone does to anyone else really matters. Now we see how this can lead to nihilism. If nothing anyone does matters, then there is no point to anything.

Solipsism can lead to a psychological state of learned helplessness and victimization of not being able to change your circumstances or condition because you lack an understanding of how to do so, or don’t even think it is possible, i.e. inaction, non-action. We just sit there and take it and come up with whatever justifications and excuses that allows us to remain unchanging and set in our current ways. This is the death of imagination and hopelessness, the death of the truth and the death of correct right-action to change our conditions.

People can end up believing nothing matters, all is an illusion, so just watch it all go by. Don’t do anything to change the condition. There is no good or evil, just let it all happen and live your life, seek happiness, pleasure, enjoyment, amusement, satisfaction, etc. It’s too difficult to know anything with degrees of certainty, so don’t even bother to do the work. They choose to believe it can’t even be known anyways, that way they can feel more comfortable  in their ignorance, apathy and laziness.

If you cannot face yourself, your shadow, darkness, demon and negatives that has you manifesting wrongdoings and evil behavior, or face those of society, then you are not doing the Great Work, the real hard inner-work to figure out the root causal core foundational factors that have created the reality of the world we currently live in. Getting to the causal source emanation essence of our current condition is the only way to produce the real Wisdom of Right-Action, instead of the foolishness of wrong-action we are currently creating. The central underlying source for our enslavement, is the predator mind-virus of death-dealing, which stems from the disconnection, separation, devaluation and non-identification of others. We first committed violation of rights against other innocent sentient animate beings, nonhuman animals, that progressively degenerated and progressed into more disconnection towards greater degrees of similar human beings. Slavery against other human animals first started with accepting the master-slave relationship, the poisonous diseased ideology, against other nonhuman animals. The only way to true freedom and peace that will last is to eradicate the predator mind-virus at its source. We cannot create true freedom and peace so long as as our other hand is participating in creating evil. We need to fully integrated with the Truth and live connected lives. Believing whatever you want because you don’t want to face this Truth, is solipsism. Enjoy your ignorance, denial and rejection of Truth, Love, Good, Right, Morality, Natural Law, etc., if that is what you choose.


The Way Out of the Cul-de-Sac

Someone may not currently know there is truth, but in order to begin to search, seek, and find, they need to believe it is there to begin with. The belief that truth is there for you to find on the path is the only required leap of faith to be taken on the spiritual journey. Denying there is objective truth prevents one from caring about truth and prevents one from being on the path towards truth — the spiritual journey. Refusal to accept the existence of objective truth will make it difficult for one to achieve higher states of consciousness. Attachment to this belief prevents one from seeking the truth and growing closer to the truth through the acquisition of knowledge and experience. By aligning ourselves with truth we become more knowledgeable and truthful and become more like those spiritual goals we seek to attain. The quality of our experience is relative to the degree of alignment and harmony our perceptions have with truth (what ‘is’, reality) in order to not engage in fantasy and not ignore what is really happening around us and within us.

Those in power know there is objective truth, and they have been and are succeeding at keeping important principles of truth from people. They keep people’s minds in a rat maze, a hamster wheel of looking at anything else except themselves, their consciousness, and the negative aspects of the psyche to understand why and how we are creating this current condition of suffering for ourselves.

The only way for someone to escape this cul-de-sac delusion they bought into is to care to understand what is going on in their own consciousness and use their will to come out of that poisoned modality of being.


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Truth (the solution)
– Consciousness (the solution)
– moral relativism
– mind control
– suffering (all lies create suffering)
– This relates to New Age thinking like ‘you create your own reality’, ‘what you think and believe is what there is’, etc.
– non-action, passivity, let evil take over the earth


Information mainly sourced from: What on Earth is Happening #001 and #002


  • KrNel

    A few years ago when I got out of the nihilistic, moral relativist, solipsistic (although I had not come across the specific concept or term of solipsism I now recognize that that was a modality of consciousness I had gone through in the past) and other ideological traps, I came to realize that due to peoples lack of care for truth they ultimately believe whatever they want to believe. It doesn’t matter if it is true or not, they believe in nonsense because they choose to believe it. That realization is one of despair and hopelessness to some degree and takes some reinvigoration and inspiration to get you out of it. The information Mark Passio shares has helped reinvigorate my care and got me back out of my coffin of being dead and back on the journey again.

  • SVenose

    I am a solipsist and I find this offensive. There is a lot about solipsism that only a solipsist would know. Hit me with a reply and I’ll gladly engage in an argument with you. I am always searching for interesting arguments that will allow me to alter the foundation of my self so don’t presume that my mind is made.

    • yes this is kind of offensive,Im a solepsist but I respect and care what other people thinks.The one who wrote this is very stupid and does not have any basis or evidence in his claims,we might not yet understand this feeling of a person maybe alone in this world but it doesnt mean that just because we feel this doesnt mean we treat other people as non existent,there is no way to find out if solepsist I dea is true but we feel that theres something more than meets the eye.

      • Joseph Cucchi

        Additionally, every critique is subjective here. Opinions. They can’t actually disprove a single thing they attempt to here, but the wording is put to seem like solipsism was disproven when it started and was carried out by some sinister, egotistical, manipulate people. I see myself as more of an epistemological solipsist so I am open to the idea my consciousness is all there is. This author just seems a bit close minded. I don’t see myself as the center in my solipsistic lense, however, just the only thing that I know to exist. I hate the common belief that believing you may be all there is automatically makes it impossible for you to care for others in any way.

        • The Archivist

          So which, one of you guys is the one in charge? And hey if you hate then you have no one to blame but yourself, if you are right.

      • Xain

        You guys realize that you both can’t be solipsists right?

        I will agree that this isn’t a take down of solipsism. But the important thing to note about solipsism is that there isn’t proof of it and you can’t get any proof. Plus it has GAPING holes in it’s logic that it can’t solve, and the fact that it essentially negates itself. Plus it assumes you exist, which you can’t prove.

    • Cain

      I feel the need to remind the people out there who are solipsists how pointless it would be to post on here or rely to others or to disagree.

      I mean, if you are IT then it makes no sense to pst this stuff or try to argue for solipsism. Hence why they say there is no such thing as a true solipsist.

  • A Moral Relativist or Solipsist will tell you that something you say is simply your “perspective”. But in actuality, what is required are many perspectives in order to grasp Truth and Morality to the required depth, which is what the Moral Relativist lacks.

  • sonny

    It is so pathetic that so many half wits subscribe to this complety self obsessed ideology called solipsism.

  • joachim

    I like the fact that the image shown on the video is a conceptual mess. Solipsism is all about the SELF, not the “ME” or EGO, there’s a difference. What is the self? Good luck to answer that question! Oh wait, you don’t know. 🙂 It seems that nobody knows clearly what consciousness is, and so on for the “SELF”. That war against solipsism is understandable when the misconception is rooted on the confusion between the self and the ego, otherwise it’s an experience of life, to discover your self. And for some, the more you dig your self, the more you understand that there is no difference between “you” and the “others”. And if you take car of your SELF, THAT IS “ACTION” TOWARDS OTHERS, and that is a very old thing to experiment! Endless debates on solipsism brings nothing new but division between people

    • The Archivist

      Well if you take hard solipsism then by its definition, it is a small jump to narcissism, softer versions are not really solipsism so much as they are extremes of other theories in a different coat of paint. Either way, I know this world is not made by me. Language, learning and the fact that there are things I do not and perhaps can not understand, and that I am not who I want to be, along with, a litany of other issues have shown me this. Additionally, the fact that the mind can be affected by environment and physical things, and the fact that anxiety exists as it does, for me disprove the theory many times over. There are other issues, but I do not care enough to say more so please do not reply to this message as it will be ignored.

  • Chuck

    Joachim hit the nail on the head. The author mistakes solipsism for narcissism because he sees it from an egotistical viewpoint, which misses the point entirely. There is certainly no selfishness in solipsism as I understand it.
    Furthermore, the Three Central Aspects of Solipsism proposed by the author don’t match my understanding of it at all. The first proposition is not too far off, until the last sentence, which is completely incorrect. The second and third propositions are entirely incorrect.

  • Jason Gosnell

    Dark occultists and “mystics”…same thing?

  • For such clear thinking I would love for you to be also clear about the difference between a ‘tenant’ of a building and a philosophical ‘tenet’.
    As we all know, such possibly pedatic details count.
    If you did’t like what I just intentionally did twice, then you understand my poi…t.

  • Gloria Fox

    Hi Kris,
    Wondering if it is possible to get the Solipsism image on either a poster or T shirt??? It is best visual I’ve ever seen about Solipsism

  • how do you reconcile Weininger’s view of solipsism then ? taken from “On Last Things” (copy and pasted). I mean Weininger is a pretty profound thinker, not to say he is infallible. :

    Perhaps we also now understand that oft-quoted line of Spinoza’s: “Sane sicut lux se
    ipsam et tenebras manifestat, sic veritas norma sui et falsi est.”8 (Ethics, Part II, prop. 43,
    cor.) If I give up the idea of truth, I also give up the measure by which I can determine that
    something is false; where there no longer is law, there is nothing but arbitrariness. Neither
    can the idea of truth be demonstrated; for if it were to be demonstrated, then I might have
    wanted the truth for the sake of something else. Likewise my own existence, the “I”, if it is
    to have value, cannot be proven; and likewise the “you”, when it is not the consequence of
    a reason and is not to be used as the means to an end, cannot be demonstrated. The refutability of solipsism is no more compatible with ethics, than is the possibility of proving the
    existence of one’s own ego. It is therefore contained in the idea of the self that neither one’s
    own self nor that of another can be demonstrated. If it were deducible, it would not be
    ultimate. Refutations of the thesis of solipsism are constantly being sought; not one year of
    the last twenty has passed without bringing at least one attempt at its refutation. Obviously
    people do not understand at all the pathos that underlies the sentence, “The world is my
    representation.” It means, something will be altered when I do not exist. I become
    substance, and “duae ejusdem naturae substantiae non dantur”.9 (Spinoza, Ethics II, 10,
    To recoil from solipsism is to be incapable of independently giving value to existence, to be
    incapable of rich solitude, it is to need to hide in the crowd, to disappear into a throng, to
    perish. It is craven

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