Dark Rhetoric Addendum

The thing about Rhetoric is you don’t need to learn it if you do Grammar and Logic properly. Rhetoric is automatic. We all output. If you input and process properly, the information is there to learn how to output correctly. Rhetoric as an art is concerned with effectiveness over the bare truth. It is about manipulation of the target reception in order to have information accepted. The target can be manipulated in a positive sense, where you go on a long, wandering, wavering road that twists and turns to bypass their ego attachment and mental gymnastics and get them to see the truth without running into all the many barriers they have set up in their consciousness, in the “mind” and “heart”.

Someone may get a person to go “vegan” based on health issues, because the person isn’t being targeted on the moral aspect of doing the right thing. The goal is the only thing in “mind”: to get someone to go “vegan”. The truth is not in “mind” and “heart” first. This is only one example, and of “veganism” because I have seen this problem. This is to focus on the ends with ignorance or justification for whatever means used, and not the means as the ends, the journey being part of the goal. People only want others to accept some position taht they are attached to.

Another example, getting someone away from statism to anarchy. You can try to get someone to become an anarchist (no rulers, no masters, no slaves) by avoiding the moral issues and trying to convince them its better for their health and survival or some other thing. But that is avoiding the central Truth and Morality of the issue: slavery, evil. This is the problem with Rhetoric, and the ends/goal focus over the means/journey of standing for Truth. Focus on the root causal core foundational factors to get someone to truly understand a problem at its core and empower themselves to change. By all means try other roads if the simple truth doesn’t do anything, but don’t waver too far or too long from the core central issue that is hard for people to face, for them to face themselves in the mirror honestly.

(*I forgot this note from a while back when I released the Dark Trivium article, sorry…)

Means are the End
Dark, Negative and Limited Trivium – Language and Reality Pt.4